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“Guess what mom? I survived Blizzard Ann!

I got to see the trailer for Tim Burton’s new film, The Corpse Bride. Got it from poufywerewolf’s journal and it looks great! It has the same sort of animation as The Nightmare Before Christmas and “The Hall of the Mountain King” is playing in the background! ( here.

I’m going to be getting a cell phone this weekend! I’m really excited, I can call anyone in the US for FREE on weekends and after 9 on weekdays! WhooOOoo! It might apply to Canada though too, I should check into that. But yes, I want to get a cheap, sexy flip phone and then can enjoy putting everyone’s numbers in. ^^ “I love technology.”

After school yesterday I caught a ride with Shannon to the grocery store to pick up cheap snacks then returned to her house. I played with Rattiekins ( I can never remember her pet rat’s names so I make up dumb ones for them XD ) while she cleaned the bathroom and did Van Halen karaoke with the toilet plunger. Vogele came after awhile and we sat downstairs to watch two hours of Stargate SG 1. I didn’t really like it, but didn’t say anything because Vogele probabbly would have left if we didn’t watch it. XD While we were eating downstairs Shannon’s mom came down to see if we wanted to spend the night since the weather was getting really bad. It was okay with Vogele but my parents wouldn’t let me because Shannon had been sick on Monday and yet they wouldn’t pick me up even though it was blizzarding out. So we watched Napoleon Dynamite, which I loved, and then walked home boot less through Blizzard Ann and knee deep snow so I wouldn’t catch a cold. There’s logic for you.

I was still pissed about not being able to stay over when I woke up this morning and confined myself to watching a bit of TV ( I don’t watch a lot of TV ). and although it probablly isn’t teaching our children political correctness when it comes to wiccians or pagans, I thought it was a pretty sweet show. I like the art, and it seems like something Casey and Caroyln would have watched when they were younger. So I guess now I have three shows to watch!

I did go out to the mall to look at phones today, but saw that the Norwegian/Swedish shop was having major discounts so I got two pins that said “I’m Swedish, but I’m taking pills for it” and “Pray for me, my wife is Swedish”. XDD YESS! Not to mention I finally got to stop my the grocery store to get a money order for my Harry and the Potters shirt. My sister also forbade me from Napoleon Dynamite impressions because I sound to much like him. I got to wear some new clothes and I felt really in tune with all my classes. Several friends were gone for sickness among other things, but at least Ryan was there in Math. He’s my genius that gets us extra credit while I joke around and draw pretty pictures on our papers. He’s cute. My dad also surprised me this morning with several pins he got from the DC Comics booth at his work convention. ( Talk about random. ) They’re awesome. Johanna and I started our Web class today, I have a feeling I’ll have a lot of free computer time. Now all I need to do is find Monica and time when she can teach me how to crochet. Oh! And my mom got me two new journals last night,
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very pretty little things. I’ll have fun with those.

Killer Angels is a very sexy book.

EDIT: Lord, so nice to have the speakers working again. I’ve been missing my playlist like crazy. And did anyone see Lost this week? I time recorded but still missed the last couple of minutes. I’m rather glad we went the time of year we did, I don’t think the city would have been as beautiful in the summer or spring. There was a gray, wet feeling over the city, I loved it. My favorite days were the first that we were there, we took the subway to the hotel and when I caught sight of the melted snow dripping down the subway stairs I knew I would love the city. The grey sky and light snow on the ground made the trees look back and turned the whole place into a black and white picture of a city of rain and fog.

Boston Public Library: Stunning murals, there were great archways and even a courtyard! There was a room upstairs with wood paneling and all around the top was one of my passions, the story of the Holy Grail. Arthurian legend fascinates me.

Museum of Fine Arts: There were some great displays on olden day dresses when we came through. I didn’t get enough time at this place either, there were some Indian displays that I didn’t even get to look at. They did have several impressionism paintings, although none of them were the De Ga dancer paintings I liked.

Boston Aquarium: My sister and I cooed over the penguins and seals for most of the day. What can I say? I’m a sucker for most animals smaller than a breadbox. And seals are one of my favorites, mostly because I’m so in love with selkies.

Gargoyles Grotesques Chimeras: A really beautifully gothic little shop on Newbury St. I wish I could have more time to sort through everything in the shop. I only had a couple of minutes and picked up some wonderful black and white photos of gargoyles on Notre Dame.

Boston Commons: I would actually have liked to see this park in the summer. When the fountains hadn’t been drained and the pond wasn’t frozen. I’ll bet it’s wonderful. It was nice while we were there though too, and one night when I looked out it was covered in ground mist, such eerie beauty.

Freedom Trail: I mostly liked the cemeteries on the trail. The headstones were so lovely and old. Not only that, but I loved the cobbled streets that ran around the Green Dragon.

Subway: The Boston Subway was much better than other public transports I’ve been on, and there was a train called Wonderland! Riding around on it seeing signs reading “Transfer here to go to Wonderland” was really fun. It also had a tone that none of the other cars had.

I looked at some thrift stores while I was there and was disgusted at the high prices. I mean really, there was nothing under $60 in either store. And when we looked for left over merchandise from the LoTR exhibit at the MoS we found: two busts of Sauruman and some BBC recordings of the books. And then on top of all that, when we were both on our way to Boston and coming back, our first flights were delayed and very nearly missed our second plane. We were literally running through the MN airport trying to get to our gate, the response of the man scanning our boarding passes was: “Wow. You made good time!”

The trip really ended Sunday night when my sister and I got dressed up and went to a fancy schmancy party at the Ritz Carleton. The bellman in the lobby that directed us upstairs was quite possibly one of the most handsome men I have ever seen. I wandered around the party ( ’twas full of librarians ) with 7up in a champagne glass. After a couple of hours we turned up our hoods and walked back to our hotel through the light snow, full of fancy finger desserts and strawberries. XD

B) I don’t seem to be able to keep up with my LJ flist as of late, sorry if I’ve missed anyone’s important entries.

C) I’m leaving for Boston, Wednesday after school,
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let’s home it doesn’t turn out to be an episode of Lost. I might be online for a bit tomorrow though.

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uggs slippers uk Selfridge air show provides peek of new F

Attendees to the Selfridge air show this weekend are getting a rare, teasing peek at the military s next generation fighter jet, some of which could end up being housed at the Harrison Township base.

An F 35 Lightning II was flown in from Utah for display among dozens of other aircraft on display at the 100th anniversary air show at Selfridge Air National Guard Base.

Three versions of it will replace the current F 16 and A 22 for all of the armed services. Selfridge is in the running to be one of the two bases that will house the aircraft, of which about 2,400 will be built over about 30 years.

Air Force Lt. Colonel Mat Miller, an F 35 pilot, said he believes Selfridge would be an ideal location because of the open air space above the Great Lakes, along with the base s long history.

I personally think as an individual I m not speaking for the Air Force that Selfridge would be a very good place to station the F 35 because of the phenomenal air space that Michigan has, he said. You need a lot of air space to train, and there is a lot of space here to work with.

Selfridge is a historic place. I love the history of it. It has a sense of history of mission, and that s critical. Tradition and history is an important part of the military for recruitment.

The F 35, which costs about $80 million each, is touted for its versatility with the ability to fire missiles and a gun, and pull very high angels of attack, Miller said.

Larry Dean of Brownstown Township was one of many F 35 admirers taking photographs of the jet in a roped off area under pavilions.

It s the most important airplane that will ever be built, and the most expensive, Dean said.

It s the wave of the future, added Stan Goodman of Farmington Hills. One of these equals two or three of the other guys planes.

Thousands of people converged on the base for the show to also view a dozen or more static displays of planes and military vehicles and watch more than 20 air performances, including the highly anticipated Air Force Thunderbirds Jet Demonstration Team, whose pilots received a police escort to the base.

Plane watchers spread out on the large grassy field in chairs and on blankets to watch smoke, metal and noise to fill the partly cloudy sky.

Tina Bowen of Capac brought her son, Anthony, 7, who loves airplanes and wants to be a pilot.

This is his first air show, she said.

Greg and Carol Engels of Richmond attended after Carol heard the planes Friday at home.

Greg Engels, an airplane enthusiast, was excited about seeing a handful of old World War II fighter planes on display, including the P51 Mustang and Supermarine Spitfire as well as an old Russian fighter jet.

You don t get to see them too often, he said, adding he was looking forward to seeing the Thunderbirds, A 10 Warthogs and B 17 s fly.

Goodman became an avid fan of military aircraft after he saw the movie, Top Gun, in 1986.

Father and son bob and Mark Plourde arrived at the show carrying portable, fold out chairs over their shoulders and caps on their head for shade. Mark also had binoculars.

It s a beautiful day, not too hot and a little breeze, said Mark, 59, of Grosse Pointe Woods and a graduate of the old Brablec High School in Roseville. We try to come to every show.

Bob Plourde, 86, of Macomb Township, served in Korea in the Air Force during the Korean War in the early 1950s. He was a boom operator on refueling missions.

I just like to be around airplanes, he said.

Dean said he also came to visit an old friend, one of the 223 C 17 military cargo planes that he said he helped build in Long Beach, Calif.

I just hadn t seen one in a while and wanted to see it, he said.

The show also featured hands on exhibits, such as an Apache helicopter flight simulator and Army team building exercises, as well as tours of a Thunderbird and CH 47 Chinook helicopter.

Kelly Alexander was one of the volunteers from the Moose Lodge 1278 in Mount Clemens who ran a souvenir stand.

The toys are the most popular, the die case airplanes, said volunteer Kelly Alexander. And then the hats.
classic tall ugg boots uk Selfridge air show provides peek of new F

ugg shoes sale Selfridge a finalist for new Air Force fighter jet

tall leather ugg boots Selfridge a finalist for new Air Force fighter jet

Selfridge Air National Guard Base in Harrison Township has been named a finalist to serve as the home base of the nation s newest fighting aircraft the F 35 Lightning II.

According to Tech. Sgt. Dan Heaton, 127th Wing Public Affairs, the Air Force conducted a review of all existing Air Force bases in making the selection for the locations of the F 35, ranking the bases on criteria such as existing infrastructure, environmental concerns, training opportunities and cost factors.

The other base finalists include Dannelly Field Air Guard Station in Montgomery, Ala.; Gowen Field Air Guard Station, Boise, Idaho; Jacksonville Air Guard Station in Florida; and Truax Air Guard Station in Madison, Wis, Heaton said.

A review team will now visit the bases selected as finalists and submit a final recommendation to the Secretary of the Air Force by spring 2017, officials said.

We re excited about this initial selection. Selfridge clearly represents the first, best choice to house the world s most advanced multi role fighter, said Brig. Gen. John D. Slocum, commander of the 127th Wing. Couple that with the proven war fighting capability of our Michigan citizen airmen battle tested pilots, maintainers, and support personnel and Selfridge is the clear choice for this new mission. Air Force s latest fifth generation fighter. Air Force s aging fleet of F 16 Fighting Falcons and the A 10 Thunderbolt II s (currently based at Selfridge), which have been the primary fighter aircraft for more than 20 years, according to military officials. Additionally, it will bring an enhanced capability to survive in the advanced threat environment in which it was designed to operate, officials said. With its aerodynamic performance and advanced integrated avionics, the F 35A will provide next generation stealth, enhanced situational awareness, and reduced vulnerability for the United States and allied nations.

GOP Congresswoman Candice Miller, a Harrison Township resident who once served as the township supervisor, was thrilled to hear Selfridge is a finalist for the F 35A.

Throughout my entire career, I have fought to ensure that the A 10 fleet was not retired until the Air Force could put forward an equally capable follow on platform, and there is no better place to host this follow on platform, the F 35, than Selfridge Air National Guard Base, said Miller, the Macomb County public works commissioner elect.

If Selfridge is selected as a home station for the F 35, the aircraft would likely begin to arrive at the base in 2022 and replace the A 10, an attack aircraft flown at Selfridge since 2009.
ugg shoes sale Selfridge a finalist for new Air Force fighter jet

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ugg chestnut boots Seething over dog’s banishment to basement

I have wonderful Vivian, the vizsla mix shelter dog I adopted in November. Vivian is a great dog and great companion for me. I work out of my home, and she curls up under my desk and is always ready to go when I need a walk around the block to clear my head or get some exercise. I take her to a nearby reservation where she runs. She is also housetrained and has a calm disposition.

I’m single and am close to my large family. But my sister in law, whom I always thought liked animals, banishes Viv to the basement whenever we visit. She also forbids her children to visit the dog in the basement. I seethe, but it’s her house. What can I do? Tina

Quietly seethe under the dog draconian law. Don’t make a scene or push for a “big talk” with your sister in law just yet. As you point out, it’s her house. She has every right to set down the rules for Viv’s visits, even if they do seem extreme. Over time, as she inevitably experiences more of you with your new companion, your sister in law should become more relaxed in your pet’s presence.

womens classic short ugg boots Seething over dog's banishment to basement
the spring and summer will provide excellent opportunities to visit outdoors. Viv will fit in more comfortably outside. The kids will have a chance to get to know her.

I have a 4 year old beagle/basset hound, Muggsy. He is perfect except when it comes to food. He is a terror and will jump and grab food out of people’s hands and off the table, counter or wherever he can. I have to hold him on the leash while we eat, or if there is company over and they are eating. How do I correct this behavior? Any advice would be helpful. Leigh (from Facebook)

Sounds like you’re doing the best you can by keeping Muggsy on the leash and supervising him when food is around. Muggsy is indeed a terror if he’s jumping and stealing food out of peoples’ hands. Thank goodness you are not in denial about this bad behavior and you are wise to keep your dog corralled when guests are over.

Don’t be surprised by Muggsy’s food craziness, because the urge to eat is the passion consistently driving dogs to do all kinds of nutty stuff. In fact, if your dog is so food motivated, you could train Muggsy with grub rewards specifically dog treats given for good behavior, such as not jumping up to steal food.

Make sure you have a high reward treat in your pocket not run of the mill dry biscuit but freeze dried liver chunks, boiled chicken to bestow on Muggsy for sitting, staying and focusing entirely on you off the leash. Your dog will learn to behave when you take the time to train him.

The training exercises require time and work on your part. Yet the joy of having a well behaved dog that doesn’t steal dinner from guests will be priceless.
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I’ve been to see JLS and.: it was fantastic , i think its great because all of them are so talented ; i absolutly love oritse’,Marvin,Aston and JB ! aslo i think DianaVickers Chipmunk were great too ! the atmosphire was amazing ! loved it ! i had a saw throught the next day though (:

I’ve been to see JLS and.: they were AWESOME!!!! they looked pretty fit when they took there shirts off!! unfortunatly we were at the back :(I’ve been to see JLS and.: OMG it was amazing. i didnt want to leave! when they sang everybody in love, i screamed. Got home that night. couldnt talk in the morn :L they were amaziing. I love JB and aston!! their gorgeous. Can wait to see them again Ellie

I’ve been to see JLS and.: they were awesome! I saw them at Quex park and they were so good! since then I have been absessed with them . Me and my friend Gemma went to quex park and we was right near the front, got some really good piccyt. Jls are totally talented and fit esp aston mmmm. Cant wait to go see them again in december, just hope the time comes quick. Also i must not forget chipmunk he was wkd to and dianna vickers was good. Love jls loads xx

I’ve been to see JLS and.:i went with my friend Rosie and mum and sister, jls were absolutely amazing!
ugg online seen JLS
my best birthday present ever! i waited 180 days for it and it was well worth it! july 15th, best concert i love them so muchGrace

I’ve been to see JLS and.: I took my daughter to quex for her 9th birthday. We didnt see jls as hayleigh had two asthma attacks. It was my Dream to see JLS and it came true, I Love them Kimberly

I’ve been to see JLS and.: i loved seein jls it was a great day out and wanna do it again. jls i love u and ur amazing. i absolutly love oritse from JLS he is my favourite, i just wish i could see them again. they were brill i just love them all so much hehe. i think the best ones were chipmunk and JLS. x :)I’ve been to see JLS and.: i love you and i want to snog you.

I’ve been to see JLS and.: Ive been to see JLS and i thought it was amazing i absolutely loved it. the croud was so alive when the supporting acts were on but everyone (including me) went crazy everyone jumping and screaming like mad. it was so alive always on they go and 4 very lucky girls got a rose from either Marvin Aston Jb and Oritse!!!! They were never out of energy once and they were on forwhat bout 45 minutes!!!

I’ve been to see JLS and.: they were amazing! the second time was at quex park, and they never fail to disappoint me! I’m absolutely in love with all of them! they can sing and dance! I LOVE JLS!! xxxxxxxxxx

I’ve been to see JLS and.: I absolutly loved it. Twice this year now I have seen them. Once at T4otb then again on Sunday at Quex Park. Roll on Decemeber and January so I can see them again 😀 Thank Heart for putting on a brill show. PS. Love you Marvin 😀

I’ve been to see JLS and.: it was well organised. I went with my friend and our daughters aged 10 and 11. It felt safe enough to let the girls go it alone to the front while we stayed at a vantage point where they could easily find us again. Fab, fun day for everyone!

I’ve been to see JLS and.: they were absolutely amazing!!!
ugg online seen JLS
!!! i love all of JLS!!!!! JB, Oritse (sorry couldn’t find the other e), Marvin and esspecially Aston!!!!!! Aston. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!xxxxxxxx

I’ve been to see JLS and.: it was amazing!!!!!!!!!! they were sooooo good!!!! they blew me away!!!!!!! i went to peterborough!!!!! when they sang the club is alive i screamed like mad!!!!!!! when i got home i felt sad!!!!!! i miss JLS!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxx

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We watch on television as the dead bodies of innocent children are carried from the rubble left by Israeli airstrikes on a building in Gaza. Whether it is a school, mosque or a family home, pictures of innocents are being used in a most despicable way by terrorists who are trying to sway public opinion. They’re difficult to see. Human beings naturally want the killing to end.What is harder to watch, though, are some in the American media who have allowed themselves to be blinded by the difficult pictures and choose to obscure the facts. Facts, whether we like them or not, must control our actions, no matter how much our emotions scream otherwise.Most Americans, though, are not fooled, even though some might allow themselves to be played so easily by biased reporting and the politics of the right. I realize, though, that this may not last forever.That is why we should step back and make sure we really understand what is happening. People are dead because of a callous and calculated disregard for human life the calling card of the terrorist led government in Gaza. Parents in Israel and the Palestinian territories (including Gaza) cannot sleep peacefully for fear that their children may not live through the night.First, Hamas is a terrorist organization. Sane observers of the facts have made that clear. Terrorists kill innocent people to make a point, grab a headline or, obviously, to scare people into submission.Second, the people of Gaza elected Hamas to govern them, which means they are responsible for the good and ill that Hamas does.Third, Hamas uses homes, mosques and schools to hide the rockets they have secreted into Gaza. They fire those rockets from those homes and schools knowing full well that Israel will defend itself by firing back at those launch sites. It doesn’t matter to Hamas whether the women and children who are in those buildings are killed in the defensive fire from Israel. In fact, the more gruesome the pictures the more effective the propaganda.Fourth, don’t take my word for it, but it is well known that the United Nations is a bastion of Israel bashers and Hamas lovers. is too much for the single, Jewish state to overcome when it comes to a vote. schools that are demolished following the rocket attacks on Israel, then you know that what Israel claims is true, really is. It doesn’t stop the killing, but it certainly places blame where it belongs.It wasn’t that long ago when Israel refused to allow cement to be imported into Gaza because it claimed the cement would be used to build tunnels for suicide bombers to attack the Jewish state. The rest of the world condemned Israel so what else was new for trying to stop Gazans from building their homes, schools and mosques with the cement. Israel relented under the withering pressure from her “friends.”Today, dozens of young Israeli soldiers have been killed because Israel is in Gaza destroying the tunnels built with that cement. (Tunnels that would have been used by hundreds of suicide bombers in two months to infiltrate Israel on Rosh Hashana with the intent of blowing up hundreds of Israeli families as they celebrated the Jewish New Year.)Israelis value human life. It is in their DNA. That is why Israel risks her soldiers to go into the deadly streets of Gaza to destroy tunnels rather than doing it remotely from the air, which would cause many more civilian casualties.From what I see, Hamas values nothing other than a public relations victory. Dead children fuel their madness as they lust to broadcast more pictures that the rest of the world cannot bear to see.For some reason, though, there are those in the American media who fall into the trap of keeping score with human lives, as if a similar death toll on each side will somehow confer an equivalent moral position. It won’t. All it will do is encourage more death.The facts are clear. Hamas is sending rockets from homes and schools, inviting an unfortunate yet deadly response from Israel. Hamas needs to stop.Americans, many of whom hate the pictures we’re seeing, still support Israel while she protects her people, even while she searches for a lasting peace. Whatever argument the terrorists are trying to make to justify what they are doing, the American people just aren’t buying.
ugg sale clearance uk Seeing the facts in a world of death

metallic uggs See where Alaska hunting winners and permittees were issued

real uggs cheap See where Alaska hunting winners and permittees were issued

Marsh says that anyone who submitted Tier II applications needs to recheck their permit status. According to the press release, an email notification will also go out to Tier II applicants, in order to notify them of their permit status.While apologizing for the Tier II hunt error, ADF says, “[The department] is taking action to ensure similar issues do not occur in the administration of future hunts.”This data processing error did not impact the results of the draw, Tier I and community subsistence harvest.The interactive data visualization has been updated to match ADF Tier II permit correction. A screenshot of the original Tier II permit winners map of Feb. 17 can be viewed below:Original Story Friday, Feb. 17:On Feb. 17, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF released the drawing results for the 2017 2018 hunting season. And the total sum of applicants was nearly 1.5 times more than last year.According to Ken Marsh, public information officer of ADF the department estimates that they received over 287,100 draw hunt permit application entries, this year. While last year, ADF reports that approximately 199,000 applications were submitted.Marsh says that this year’s larger sum of applications is due to the fact that, “People could apply for up to six hunts for each species. And for the first time ever, rules this year allowed people to apply for the same hunt more than once.”And in regards to moose, Marsh says that while applicants could only apply for three total bull hunts, they could apply for up to six total cow moose hunts.Currently, ADF says that it does not have the compared percentages of resident applicants to nonresident applicants available.However, according to the department’s Draw, Tier I/II, and Community Subsistence Harvest Application Lookup tools and data: Of the approximate 12,250 draw winners, most tags were issued to residents in Alaska; however, four tags were issued to residents in Hawaii. Of the approximate 8,460 Tier I permittees, fewer permits were issued to residents in the Lower 48, compared to the main drawing. Of the approximate 990 Tier II permittees, all were issued to Alaskan residents. And of the approximate 4,120 Community Subsistence Harvest, most were issued to south Alaskan residents, while a few permits were issued to Nevada and Washington residents.
metallic uggs See where Alaska hunting winners and permittees were issued

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black classic uggs See Gosforth Academy leavers enjoying their special night in Newcastle

Every year we are impressed by how amazing everyone looks, the innovative photographs we receive, and most of all, the sheer joy in evidence as exam worries are forgotten on a great night out.The music in the video, Where do we go from here? comes courtesy of up and coming South Shields band Far Pacific. You can find out more about Far Pacific on their Facebook or Twitter pages.We have invited all schools in the region to take part and are looking forward to featuring as many as we can, online and in print over the summer holidays. But we are largely relying on schools and parents to send in.School proms 2016: See Red House Academy students enjoying their special nightYear 13s are welcome to send in with agreement from any friends featured in the photographs. Year 11s need their parents to send in on their behalf, as we need parental or school permission to publish.We hope you all have/have had a wonderful evening!Send in your photograph hereRead MoreProms 2016North East NewsCot death charity issues warning to parents about high street sleeping productsThe Lullaby Trust has warned parents to take care and issued a guide to help them make their choice for Safe Sleep WeekShoppingThe biggest brands in the UK revealed as ranked for quality, reliability and distinctionThe list is determined by consumers and is made up of many daily staplesNorthumbria PoliceKnife wielding thieves steal cash during two robberies at North Tyneside shopsA man brandishing a knife entered a convenience store in North Shields before another man, also armed with a blade, entered a store in LongbentonSunderland AFCChris Coleman: Hard to know what to say after Sunderland have given their all and lost againAfter his 21st match as Black Cats manager ended in another defeat, Chris Coleman admitted he is running out of things to say to his playersSunderland AFCSunderland AFC news LIVE Black Cats facing uphill battle; players refusing to thrown in towelAll the latest Sunderland news, views, analysis and opinion as the Black Cats fell to another defeat on SaturdayNewcastle upon TyneAppeal to replace musical squares for disabled kids at Paddy Freeman’s after thieves rip them upThe musical squares at the Newcastle park were designed for disabled children but have been stolen twice in two yearsStocksfieldWoman branded ‘gorilla hand’ by cruel school bully opens up about swelling conditionMolly Cuthbert, from Stocksfield, says her lymphoedema is what makes her different and ‘there’s nothing wrong with being different’Northumbria PoliceKnife wielding thieves steal cash during two robberies at North Tyneside shopsA man brandishing a knife entered a convenience store in North Shields before another man, also armed with a blade, entered a store in LongbentonEast CoastLondon’s King’s Cross Station closes for an hour due to a pro Kurdish demonstrationTravel disruption was caused after the major transport hub was forced to close as protesters marched against ISIS
uggs for babies uk See Gosforth Academy leavers enjoying their special night in Newcastle