ugg classic short leather boots Former Hitmen star Alex Plante suits up for South Korea at Olympics

uggs shoes uk Former Hitmen star Alex Plante suits up for South Korea at Olympics

Learning the national anthem was just one of many steps for Plante an imposing blueliner from Brandon, Man., a former junior stud for the Western Hockey League Calgary Hitmen and a first round selection of the Edmonton Oilers in the 2007 NHL Draft on his path to becoming a citizen of South Korea.

Now in his third campaign with Anyang Halla of the Asia Ice Hockey League, the 28 year old will represent the host country in the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

couldn be any more thankful for the unique experience and opportunity, Plante said. has just given me a little fire, a kick start to really play competitive hockey again.

have that competitive edge back. the Saddledome, Plante is remembered as a surly shutdown specialist. He totalled 18 goals, 71 assists and 344 penalty minutes in 224 career contests for the Hitmen and was a key piece on their run to the WHL championship series in 2009. (That squad also featured San Jose Sharks netminder Martin Jones, Flames defenceman Michael Stone and two other 2018 Olympians Canada Brandon Kozun and Bostjan Golicic of Slovenia.)

In Edmonton, Plante is remembered as a guy who never lived up to his draft day billing the No. 15 overall pick in 2007. He totalled 10 appearances in the Oilers big league lineup between 2009 11, collecting two assists and dropping his mitts for one fight, but he was mostly stationed for four seasons with their minor league affiliate in Springfield and later Oklahoma City.

His next stop was with Dornbirner in Austria then L in Norway.

He was searching for another contract when an agent mentioned a job opening in South Korea. They were looking for a big body on defence, a right handed shot, a guy who hadn represented Canada in international competition.

Plante, who stands 6 foot 5 and tips the scales at 230 lb., checked all those boxes.

But wife (Fanny) was pregnant at the time, and I said, way. I was completely ignorant to the country of Korea, said Plante, explaining his better half is from Sweden and staying in Europe would have made it more convenient for her to travel home to deliver their second child. after a month or so, he kept asking me and other jobs just weren as appealing looking as this one. We actually contacted a guy that had been in Korea for eight years at the time him and his wife, they had a daughter and they had nothing but good things to say. So we were a little bit more intrigued.

at the time, they said there could be the opportunity to get a passport and play in the Olympics, but that wasn on the dotted line. It wasn come here and we give you a passport. It was more, come here and we see if we like you and maybe give you your passport. God for my wife for being like, let try it, even though she was pregnant. You know the song Gangnam Style? Everybody knows that song. Well we had our son (Noah) in Gangnam, Korea. I guess he a Gangnium. I don even know if that a real word. dad is now proud to represent South Korea, one of seven naturalized competitors on a national team that placed second in the IIHF World Hockey Championship Division 1A event last spring, earning promotion to the top tier.

Their go to goalie, Matt Dalton, hails from Clinton, Ont., and one night served as the backup for the Boston Bruins.

Like Plante, Bryan Young, of Ennismore, Ont., briefly patrolled the blueline in Edmonton.

South Korea preliminary round slate in Pyeongchang includes a Feb. 18 clash against Canada. Group A also includes the Czech Republic and Switzerland.

of our teammates, who also is a naturalized player, put it best it a job, and once you put that jersey on, it just like you get drafted to the Oilers that your team, Plante said. now, this is the country we playing for, and they done a fantastic job in making us feel welcome.

had enough time actually playing for Korea to have that feeling of, I a part of this. I a part of this team. They let me play for their nation. We lived here for three years. My family loves it. So there no weirdness. It not like I renouncing my Canadian citizenship or anything like that. They just presenting me with this great opportunity. And from my family point of view, my kids especially, this is their home right now. For their short lives, this is where they spend most of their time.

I will say, we played Canada in the Channel One Cup (in December in Russia), and they play the anthems. Standing on Korea blueline and listening to the Canadian anthem in the first time in it felt like forever I wouldn say it was a weird feeling, but it was definitely worth a chuckle for me. like he chuckle when he arrived home and heard his daughter, Ebba, singing the anthem of South Korea.


If you frequent the Saddledome, you recognize plenty of familiar names during the men hockey tournament at the 2018 Winter Olympics. These former Flames and Hitmen will be skating in Pyeongchang CONNECTIONS
ugg classic short leather boots Former Hitmen star Alex Plante suits up for South Korea at Olympics

where to buy cheap uggs for Immigration Law Enforcement support Trump

baby ugg boots for Immigration Law Enforcement support Trump

(WPRI) The organization Islanders for Immigration Law Enforcement are standing by President Donald Trump controversial executive immigration order, and say people shouldn be surprised the President is sticking with his rhetoric on the campaign trail.

While protesters gather across the country in airports and at the state house here in Rhode Island, Executive Director of RIILE William Gorman says he supports President Trump enforcement of strict immigration laws.

didn talk with President Trump, but that what it seems like, Gorman tells Eyewitness News. seems like someone finally listened. 2006,
where to buy cheap uggs for Immigration Law Enforcement support Trump
Gorman says his group has been advocating for existing laws to be better enforced. The group says the president executive actions are accepted by those who support tougher immigration laws and an extreme vetting process.

not against anyone, says Gorman. not against any particular group or anything like that. clarifies where his views differ from those of the president, saying he most concerned about the expense illegal immigrants pose on American taxpayers. He wishes President Trump would allow people already in transit to the United States be permitted inside the country, rather than detaining people at airports, then move forward with his executive order.
where to buy cheap uggs for Immigration Law Enforcement support Trump

chelsea ugg boots Former Tupelo police officer sues over her firing

leopard print ugg boots Former Tupelo police officer sues over her firing

ABERDEEN, Miss. (WTVA) A former Tupelo police officer is suing over her termination claiming it was in retaliation to complaints of sexual harrassment, uncompensated work and ticket quotas.

Jennifer Baker says she was terminated in March 2017 and is asking for her job back, lost wages and other damages.

Baker claims she had made a sexual harrassment claim against a person who was later promoted to sergeant. She says the initial complaint was made verbally in June 2016 and later put in writing.

Baker also claims she complained about uncompensated overtime and was told in a meeting with the head of patrol and the assistant chief she was a salaried employee and not entitled to the extra pay.

The U. S. Department of Labor also investigated, and the city was ordered to pay nearly $850,000 in overtime to officers in late 2017.

She says in January 2017, officers were reprimanded for not writing enough tickets.

The chief of patrol is also accused of sending an email in February 2017 saying officers were not writing enough tickets.

Baker claims she complied although she had problems with the policy.

She says she was suspended on March 2 and fired five days later for falsely claiming there was a quota, stopping more blacks and writing a ticket on public property. When she questioned the charges, she claims the chief told her she had also been rude during a traffic stop where a ticket had been given.

Baker’s lawsuit says reasons were a pretext to the fact she had filed a complaint of sexual harrassment and uncompensated overtime.

She claims the termination violates whistleblower provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

She claims sexual discrimination because male officers who complained about ticket quotas were not terminated and because of the sexual harrassment claim she filed about an officer who was later promoted.
chelsea ugg boots Former Tupelo police officer sues over her firing

green ugg boots Forest County Potawatomi tribe looks to emphasize commitment to community

ugg boots at office Forest County Potawatomi tribe looks to emphasize commitment to community

CRANDON When you think of the Forest County Potawatomi, what do you think of?

“We often just think about the hotel and casino operations in another part of the state,” says David Bertrand, the Forest County Potawatomi Health Division director.

“We’re really a primary care clinic, but really have taken that to another level in surrounding that primary care with other specialties,” Bertrand says.

Services include dentistry, optometry, pharmacy, and various therapies and it might surprise you to learn who is eligible for them.

“The Forest County Potawatomi has always been very conscientious about not only providing care to tribal members but really providing care to the surrounding communities,” Bertrand says.

In fact, about 60 percent of the patients at the center come from outside the tribe.

And the number of patients has been expanding. Since 2000, the center has nearly quadrupled its staff to handle the increase.

The original building, while still beautifully constructed and in great physical shape, simply isn’t large enough to handle the center’s client load anymore. A new expansion, set to open in March or April, will alleviate that problem. The additional 12,000 square feet will house the rehab and therapy departments.

“We really have outgrown much of the space that we currently have,” Bertrand says. “We really need to expand our services.”

The expansion will also free up room to double the dental care capacity of the center from the current seven up to 14 chairs.

“It is really kind of the first phase of a long term plan that we have to improve the health care, not only for our tribal members but for the community at large,” Bertrand says.

By doing that, the tribe hopes to convince even more people that its focus is much broader than casinos and gaming.

MILWAUKEE (AP) Milwaukee police say a 9 year old girl is dead after she was accidentally shot by her brother.

The girl was shot inside a home on Milwaukee’s north side on Saturday. Police say the brother is a minor and was taken to Milwaukee County Children’s Court Center.

Police say the girl’s parents, a 29 year old Milwaukee woman and a 32 year old Milwaukee man, were arrested on multiple charges. Police will present the case to the Milwaukee County district attorney’s office in the coming days.


Kevin Farias survived and is in critical condition Sunday. The Marion County Sheriff’s Office got the call Saturday morning after a motorist found Farias and 32 year old Jessica Johnson of Wisconsin, and their 1 year old daughter, lying in the middle of a remote clay road in the Ocala National Forest.

Roger Mosser wanted to comeback to his hometown to share his story.

Mosser started writing as a child.

He wrote his memoir Bar Talk about his childhood memories at his family’s bar and the stories he heard first hand.

He read passages from his book at the Merrill Historical Society Sunday.

Mosser family has ties to The Hub Inn, formerly Mosser’s Bar in Merrill.

“All of these folks [came] to listen to my poetry. The fact that there are even listening to poetry in this world of everything digital, is pretty interesting and fun for me,” said Mosser.
green ugg boots Forest County Potawatomi tribe looks to emphasize commitment to community

ugg boots usa prices founder Randy Grim sued for sex discrimination

uggs clearance founder Randy Grim sued for sex discrimination

ST. LOUIS Stray Rescue, the nonprofit known for saving stray dogs throughout the region, has been sued by its former executive director on allegations of sex discrimination.

The four count lawsuit, filed on Friday in St. Louis Circuit Court, also alleges claims of hostile work environment, retaliation, and breach of contract.

Stephanie Huth, who served as Stray Rescue’s executive director from 2014 to 2015,
ugg boots usa prices founder Randy Grim sued for sex discrimination
says she was discriminated against by the organization’s founder, Randy Grim. The lawsuit claims Grim made “offensive sexual remarks” in front of Huth while lobbing expletives and insults.

The suit alleges Grim said Stray Rescue employs too many women and that there are “too many hormones” at Stray Rescue.

Grim, who routinely makes headlines for his animal rescues, said on Monday he hadn’t seen the lawsuit. He wouldn’t comment on the allegations.

Huth claimed that after she complained about Grim to Mark Scott, Stray Rescue’s chairman of the board, she was denied a bonus.

She said Grim threatened her job after the complaints and threatened to assault her. Huth was eventually fired.

Huth was paid an annual salary of about $75,000, in addition to bonuses of 10 percent of the annual increase in the organization’s donations and grants. After her firing,
ugg boots usa prices founder Randy Grim sued for sex discrimination
Huth alleges Stray Rescue failed to make good on a severance agreement in her contract.

ugg leather boot Former inmate makes people laugh now

classic uggs Former inmate makes people laugh now

TRAVERSE CITY Christopher O’Non bounces out his pre show jitters like a boxer, channeling nerves and adrenaline to energize his entrance.

When the stand up comic and emcee takes the mic, he may crack a few prison jokes. Only his aren’t formed by pop culture and cliche his come from life experience.

“I tell people ‘prison is just like high school only you can’t leave and there are no chicks,'” O’non serves it up deadpan made goofy by his expressive eyebrows.

His delivery is light, but O’Non entered the federal prison system not long after he graduated high school, and emerged 10 years later to a changed world. His 2005 vision of “TV on the Internet” a then strange concept fusing college humor, social networking and online forums and videos was pretty well realized by the time his “contract with the federal government ended” in 2015, he said.

“I saw the market explode, and I thought, ‘I am not going to make this mistake again,’ ” O’Non said.

The Lake Leelanau man pleaded guilty in March 2006 to maintaining a drug house and selling drugs near a Traverse City elementary school. O’Non’s younger brother Matthew is serving a life sentence in a Michigan prison after being convicted of double murder in March 2005 for the shooting deaths of two men in a $30,000 drug dispute. Both of his parents served time for their roles in the investigation.

His family’s business is private, but the people who know them, support them and their efforts to move forward, O’Non said.

For him, that means bringing stand up comedy to Traverse City from his current home base in Sterling Heights.

O’Non’s production company Uncorrect Comedy partnered with Traverse City’s Events to Remember on a comedy showcase in ECCO’s event space on Front Street, and have brought several shows to the stage this month. Tate, a Cincinnati based comedian, appeared on “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson,” and is a regular opener for Doug Benson and Doug Stanhope.

Part of O’Non’s vision is to get big names in comedy to Traverse City at affordable ticket prices.

“It’s more about giving Traverse City some options people are hungry for it,
ugg leather boot Former inmate makes people laugh now
” O’Non said.

O’Non uses his grandfather’s last name “Xenakis” as his stage name, and often says a few words during the show.

“He is so funny,” said Madeline Begley of O’Non. She owns Events to Remember. “He just has this way with real life situations. His expressions.”

O’Non also wants to use comedy to “make a difference” with kids before they get into trouble, O’Non said.

December’s shows are both fundraisers for a program called SUCCEED O’Non’s effort to use stand up and improv comedy to deter juvenile delinquency.

“Having been in the court system, I know what it’s like to get trapped. I have a message and I want them to hear it through comedy. We’re not trying to tell them what to do and want not to do it’s more about the consequences of their negative actions. With drugs, its addiction, it’s an expensive habit, it’s stealing from friends and relatives . it’s different messages for different kids.”

There are two more shows booked in January, which includes a finalist from Last Comic Standing. Then O’Non and Begley will take stock on whether they’ll continue. So far the community support has been better than projected, they said.

O’Non said that he likes coming home, spending time with the family and catching up with friends, who like him, grew up in an idyllic setting of Lake Michigan sunsets.

Prison jokes aside, that was the one time in his life when his creativity all but disappeared. But he made a point to maintain his sense of humor, he said.

“If anything, prison kept that energy from me; it’s not stuff that inspires comedy,” O’Non said. “People say ‘wow, prison’ but most don’t understand the logistics or the realities of it and it’s hard to explain. But even through the time I spent incarcerated, I still woke up everyday with a smile on my face.”
ugg leather boot Former inmate makes people laugh now

ugg gloves for new VA clinic

ugg schuh for new VA clinic

“The reason I got out of service is because I’m unable to climb stairs or run or perform other physical tasks,” Taylor said. An injury during his service landed him an honorable discharge in 2014. Since that time, Taylor’s had 16 surgeries. Yet, when asked about a new VA clinic coming to Terre Haute, Taylor focused on older veterans, folks he says face bigger challenges.

“For those who are older or who have less physical abilities, it’s very difficult for them to have this obstacle in their lives in the form of the VA,
ugg gloves for new VA clinic
and it would benefit them entirely to have it closer to home,” Taylor said.

Right now, Terre Haute is home to a 7000 square foot outpatient facility behind Honey Creek Mall. The VA says the clinic serves abuot 4000. Plans are to put together a 67,000 square foot facility in Terre Haute that would serve at least 6000 veterans.

“For me, I want to do it with the highest quality and as quickly as we can so we can provide immediate service to our vets,” Senator Joe Donnelly told News 10.

It’s news Taylor and area veterans welcome.

“Location is everything,” Taylor said. “The readiness of each service provided to our veterans is entirely dependent on how close they are to that veteran.”
ugg gloves for new VA clinic

usc uggs Former UFC star Ronda Rousey joins WWE

uggs for sale uk Former UFC star Ronda Rousey joins WWE

(CNN) Ronda Rousey has laid the smackdown on the judo mat and in the octagon. Now the former Olympic judoka and UFC star is set for a new challenge in the WWE.

Rousey announced her arrival on the pro wrestling circuit with an appearance at the Royal Rumble event in Philadelphia on Sunday.

Rousey also told broadcaster ESPN that the WWE would be her “first priority on my time for the next several years” and that it was not a “publicity stunt.”

Rousey last appeared in the octagon in December 2016 when she lost to Amanda Nunes at UFC 207.

That defeat was her second on the bounce after suffering the first loss of her career to Holly Holm a year earlier.

UFC boss Dana White told The Associated Press last week he thought Rousey “won fight again” in a mixed martial arts contest, praising her impact in the sport and for creating “millions of female fans” around the world.

Rousey, 30, made a WWE cameo appearance in 2015 alongside Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and even adopted the nickname of WWE icon Rowdy Roddy Piper during her time in the UFC.

She first came to prominence as a judo star, appearing in the 2004 Athens Olympics as a 17 year old.

She would win gold at the Pan American Games in 2007 before becoming the first American to win an Olympic medal in judo when she claimed Bronze in Beijing in 2008.
usc uggs Former UFC star Ronda Rousey joins WWE

ugg boots for women Former ‘Glee’ actor Mark Salling dead at 35

ugg scuffette ii slippers Former ‘Glee’ actor Mark Salling dead at 35

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LOS ANGELES Mark Salling, who played bad boy Noah “Puck” Puckerman in the hit musical comedy “Glee,” died of an apparent suicide Tuesday, weeks after pleading guilty to possessing child pornography. He was 35. He was scheduled to be sentenced March 7, and prosecutors planned to ask a judge to send him to prison for four to seven years. The official said the actor death is being investigated as a suicide. Tuesday.

“I can confirm that Mark Salling passed away early this morning,” the actor attorney, Michael J. Proctor, said in an email to The Associated Press. He did not reveal the cause of death.

“Mark was a gentle and loving person,
ugg boots for women Former 'Glee' actor Mark Salling dead at 35
a person of great creativity, who was doing his best to atone for some serious mistakes and errors of judgment,” Proctor said, adding the actor family asked that its request for privacy be respected.

Salling had appeared in only a handful of projects before his breakout role in “Glee,” the popular Fox TV series about students in a high school glee club and their circle of family and friends. It aired from 2009 15.

“I put out a record before. It went triple cardboard,” he joked. “I was very excited about selling 125 units for that but you know this is something I been doing my whole life. It not something that I just decided to randomly do now. This is not the first. It won be the last. And I hope people enjoy it and have something to look forward to for the next round.”

He said he chose the album songs from 50 to 60 he had compiled over several years.

Salling character on “Glee” was a member of the school football team who ends up joining the glee club. One of his character friends was another jock turned singer, Finn Hudson, who was played by Cory Monteith.
ugg boots for women Former 'Glee' actor Mark Salling dead at 35

ugg mini boot founder Tony Crncich laid to rest

uggs sales founder Tony Crncich laid to rest

Big V Drug Stores co founder Tony Crncich viewed himself as a family man first, both at home and in the way he ran the 135 store chain launched in Windsor in 1962.

That perspective was verified by the former employees who turned out for his funeral Saturday in London alongside the business partners and acquaintances he made during his storied career in building one of Ontario largest pharmacy chains.

Crncich passed away Oct. 18.

he believed was if you treated people right and found out what they need, you be successful, said daughter Diane Padoin, the second oldest of six children raised by Crncich and his wife, Joanne.

was a pretty simple philosophy.

would do walkabouts at the stores. He just talked to everyone.

get a real feel for the store and the people. the 87 year old Crncich sold the Big V chain that he and his lifelong friend Mahlon Dyer built in 1996 to Shoppers Drug Mart, Padoin said the family was particularly touched by former employees still coming to pay their respects.

clerks from a London store came to the funeral, said Padoin, who added her father opened his first pharmacy (Lakeview Pharmacy) in Tecumseh in 1956.

told us they still call the store Big V and they never had a better employer.

was proud of the impact he had on people and being able to help so many folks. said her father was no different in his business dealings.

always ask the people he did business with about their families first before any business talk began, Padoin said.

was respected by the people he dealt with because he was fair and honest with them. He wanted to make sure in any transaction, it was beneficial for both of them or it wouldn work. the only child of Croatian immigrants, was born in Rouyn Noranda,
ugg mini boot founder Tony Crncich laid to rest
Que., in 1930. The family later bought a farm near Leamington and moved to the area in 1942.

Gifted in math and science, Crncich studied pharmacy at the University of Toronto.

grandparents wanted him to be a professional and it was first thought he be a doctor, Padoin said.

he learned about business on the family farm and he thought pharmacy allowed him the best opportunity to combine both. He had a real business mind.

had vision. He could see things coming in the industry. first pharmacy job was at downtown Windsor Pond Drug Store, which would later become part of the Big V chain.

After he and Dyer had accumulated four stores, the duo came up with the idea of forming a group of independent pharmacies that would give them better buying power to compete with the chains.

Big V was launched in Windsor in 1962 with 11 stores and continued to grow steadily.

just liked the name because they thought it would make for easy marketing, Padoin said.

liked the simplicity of it and they also were inspired by Winston Churchill V for victory gesture. one of Crncich innovations was convincing the province regulatory body to allow him to close the drug dispensary, but have the front of the store remain open.

what allowed the stores to become neighbourhood stores open all the time, said Padoin, who confirmed that all six of Crncich children worked in the family business at some point.

all went to Big V university, joked Padoin, who said her father still liked to dabble in the stock market daily.

where we learned the customer is right and our goal was to make sure we helped the customer over everything else.
ugg mini boot founder Tony Crncich laid to rest