ugg scarf Black Friday spam hits Apple iCal

ugg boot cleaning kit Black Friday spam hits Apple iCal

MINNEAPOLIS Scammers appear to have found a new way to target shoppers this holiday season, hitting many Apple users with phishing spam that shows up on their iCal calendars.

“A calendar item popped up on my phone and it was for $19.99 RayBans,” said Ryan Plewacki, who received the spam invite on Black Friday.

“You know everybody gets junk mail, everybody gets junk email, the occasional junk text, but my calendar was something that just my wife is the only other person who has access to it,” Plewacki said.

Computer security expert Evan Francen, says receiving one of these messages does NOT mean anyone has accessed your calendar or other personal info, besides the email address linked to your calendar.

“At the end of the day, this is spam,
ugg scarf Black Friday spam hits Apple iCal
just like every other spam email that you get,” Francen said.

But the big difference with calendar invite spam is that hackers seem to have found a way around typical email filters, which also means responding to the invites in any way is a bad idea.

“If you choose accept or decline (the invite), the person who sent you the email is going to know that you did it,” Francen said. “So what you would expect, is if I did accept or decline, I would see an increase in future attacks, future spam.”

Plewacki says he simply deleted his invite.

Many people took to social media asking Apple to address the situation on Friday. While the company hasn’t released an official statement or remedy, support did reply to many users individually.

Some tech blogs, such as 9to5Mac found a solution: create a new calendar and move the unwanted invitations to it, then delete that calendar.
ugg scarf Black Friday spam hits Apple iCal