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“It’s like a full circle moment for me.”

Jenna Dewan Tatum is having a moment on set for her latest Danskin campaign. The actress, dancer and lifelong brand devotee has had a lengthy relationship with the retailer (it all started on her very first day of dance class when she was six) that has continued to blossom well into adulthood (there’s actually one piece of clothing she hasn’t stopped wearing since that day).

“I do have a very huge history with the brand,” Jenna claimed. “It was my very first leotard, I’ve said that before, but it was. When I was 6 years old I went to my first dance class in a black Danskin leotard. And it’s so cute because the other day I took [my daughter] Everly to her first dance class and she wore a pink one. I had a moment, a real moment.”

The main reason behind Jenna’s love for the leotard is its versatility that’s become, recently, incredibly important to her.

“I think day to night transitioning kind of became a necessity more than anything for me when I became a mom,” she said. I remember the days where I was like, going to wear heels during the day, even if I have a kid.’ And then literally day one of having a child and you’re like, never put on heels during the day ever again’ because I have a diaper bag and a baby and 14 milk bottles and it’s just not going to happen. So I thought, what’s cute that I can wear during the day that I’m comfortable in?”
ugg gloves sale Been Wearing This 1 Piece for 30 Years