ugg boots 5 Blackburn Rovers fan groups to step up Venky’s protests

sparkle ugg boots Blackburn Rovers fan groups to step up Venky’s protests

Planned demonstrations include the 1875 Protest for the Sky live home clash with Wolves on October 29 in which organisers are asking fans not to take their seats until the 18th minute and to leave them in the 75th minute, to symbolise the year the club was founded.

Organisers are also asking supporters to Whistle Blow on Venky’s by bringing and blowing whistles before, at half time and at full time in the home games with Ipswich Town on October 15 and Nottingham Forest on October 18.

BRFC Action Group chairman Mark Fish said: “Since that ill fated day in November 2010 when Venkateshwara Hatcheries purchased Blackburn Rovers, this famous football club has been in a decline which the owners seem both unable and uninterested in halting.

“The supporters of Blackburn Rovers are issuing a vote of no confidence in the board of directors and the owners of their club and the only acceptable outcome for the supporters is for Venkateshwara Hatcheries to sell the club with immediate effect.”

Alan Birkbeck, of Ewood Blues, added: “The reason behind the 1875 protest is to get as many fans back in the stadium to show the owners what Ewood should be like and that is why we are taking up our seats after 18 minutes of play then leaving our seats after 75 minutes of play.

“This is to show the owners what it is like now. 1875 was the year this great club was born, it is also a message to the owners to look how much this town loves its football club.”
ugg boots 5 Blackburn Rovers fan groups to step up Venky's protests