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8:08 Bruce Miller returns the kickoff to the 49ers 22.

8:11 On first down Kaepernick drops back, throws a short pass to his left and Kyle Fuller picks it off. Kaepernick is flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct for inappropriate language. First and goal at the three.

8:21 Kaepernick throws to his left to Derek Carrier on third and 12. Guess what happens? Interception. Bears ball at the 49ers 42. Kyle Fuller picked off another one.

8:25 Ward gives up a 4 yard touchdown catch to Marshall. Third TD Ward has given up to Marshall today. Ward is a mark. 28 20 Bears. The touchdown was set up by a 29 yard pass from Cutler to Jeffery, who beat Culliver, who never turned his head to find the ball.

8:27 Remember when it was 17 0?

8:28 This is the worst game Kaepernick has played since two games ago.

8:34 Jonathan Martin gives up another sack to Willie Young. Third and 13 at the Bears 48.

8:35 Kaepernick scrambles for 7 yards on third down. The 49ers are going for it on fourth and six.

8:35 Kaepernick calls timeout as the play clock hits 3.

8:38 The Bears blitz. Kaepernick scrambles to his right and hits a wide open Crabtree for 9. Two minute warning.

8:41 Kaepenick hits Carrier for a gain of 14 then loses two yards on read option run.

8:43 Kaepernick is flagged for delay of game on third and 12 from the 20.

8:43 Kaepernick checks down to Gore for an 8 yard gain and the 49ers take a 30 second timeout. Fourth and 9 from the 17.

8:44 Crabtree drops a pass in the end zone and the 49ers turn the ball over on downs with 1:11 left. Ball flew right through Crabtrees hand. How did Roman not call a play for Boldin? No brainer.

8:46 Cutler takes a knee and the Bears win 28 20. Im headed down to the locker room, back at you shortly.

The coaches should be firedi know a new play caller and system may hinder kap but roman will ruin another season. vic its called a blitz on 3rd downs.5 minutes left and lets huddle. at halftime if you look at all the games the last 3 years they never make adjustments other teams do if its not working CHANGE THE CALLS. yuo IDIOT.

Coaching staff lost that game as well. As long as we continue to get conservative every time we get a 10 point lead, we run the risk of having the momentum switch and losing the game. We didnt learn anything from the Seattle game last year. We have to destroy teams when we have them down. We have to go ahead and step on them. Put the pedal to the metal. Harbaughs philosophy is loser football. We cant win a Super Bowl this way. We never have. We have to play the way that Steve Youngs team played when he won it. Beat teams by 4 touchdowns when you can. This staff does not understand that.

What a weird, strange, game. Our defense was on fire for the first half and then disappeared the second half. Worst game ever by Kaepernick. Not even sure what to say on some of those throws. Also, can we please fire Roman. I am so sick of the pistol crap. It is terrible and doesnt work 3/4 of the time and sets up back to 2nd 15 more times than I can count. What a sad effort by team. Really embarrassing in the 2nd half. Kudos to the Bears for sticking in there, they really arent that good, but looked like a world beater for 2 Qs.

Roman is horrible, Fangio fails to adjust, sloppy penalties/bad zebras, Kap looking remedial (ouch). The blue print is out now, use tall physical recievers in the slot against Ward. Fangio better get ready to see Ward getting exposed by Fitzgerald and Floyd in the slot next week. To think we could have traded up for Fuller to be our slot corner. I still like Ward better because he will eventually shift to safety. Got out classed by a hungier team and smarter playcaller vs. Fangio. Tresman dictated mis matches whereas Roman didnt. Where was the mismatch nightmare VD tonght? Total team fail tonight with a big assist from the referees!

Wow. What an inspiring effort laying a great steaming turd in your new home stadium in your first game that counts.

I can accept losing because the other team outplayed you. Or outcoached you. Or just had a good game.

Losing because you tripped over your own dick all night long Losing because you blew a 17 point lead Losing because, AGAIN, your team was simply not emotionally prepared to play and lost its composure, committing penalty after penalty Yeah. Not so much.

This team has very arguably one of the top two or three rosters in the league in terms of talent. Hell, arguably, maybe the best. So Im getting damned tired of them not being prepared and not playing up to that level. And that finger has to be pointed straight at Jim Harbaugh at this point.

Harbaugh has no killer instinct. Those who blame Roman fail to recognize that all plays go through Harbaugh, and the conservative nature of the team is its ethos, as cultivated by its head coach. Its not that they dont have the plays or the personnel; they do, the team is simply astray once it gains a lead of more than 7 points.

The sad truth is that the coaching staff will likely interpret Kaeps 3 INT game as proof that the team needs to get even more conservative.

This team will never win a Super Bowl with Harbaugh as its head coach; not unless Harbaugh takes heed of Crabtrees credo:
ugg beacon Bears live blog