short bailey button uggs Brad cured our case of the Mondays and Britney wants you to make a video

uggs bailey Brad cured our case of the Mondays and Britney wants you to make a video

Bill Hauber / APBrad Pitt talks about his plan to build homes in the Lower 9th Ward Monday. Pitt is launching his latest project to build affordable, environmentally friendly homes in the area devastated by Hurricane Katrina. The hot pink tents represent where eco friendly houses will be built.

There’s so much going on this week! “America’s Got Talent” wants you to show off for them, you can give your child acting classes for the holidays, and Jack Black’s coming to Louisiana. Not to mention Brad Pitt cured our case of the Mondays and Britney’s latest assistant is a bit too shady for our liking.

Are you Romanian? If so, the Sci Fi channel is looking for you! They’re working on a show and need genuine Romanian accents for voiceover positions. You don’t have to have voiceover experience, but they would prefer older male and female voices. This is a half day job in Baton Rouge and you will be paid. If you’re Romanian and interested, send them an email.

NBC’s hit show, “America’s Got Talent”, is coming to New Orleans in February for an open casting event. The show is welcoming all professional and semi professional acts, whether you have an agent/manager/record deal or not, to email them to make an appointment for your audition. You won’t have to wait in line for hours to be seen and, if chosen, you will appear on a show with 13 million weekly viewers. Make sure to include in your e mail your name, contact information, a description of your act, and a picture. Go show America what kind of talent we’ve always know New Orleans has!

If your child is interested in acting classes, local actress, Megan Brown, is offering workshops to kids and teens. Megan will discuss topics like making and applying “actable choices”, listening, cold reads, and behavior. and will cost $50 each. You can call (813) 690 2230 to register.

Sony’s “The Year One” is seeking local actors and extras this Saturday, December 8 at a casting call at Louisiana Boardwalk in Bossier City. If you’re even remotely interested then you should definitely check it out as it almost promises to be a great time. Jack Black stars in the movie as does Michael Cera who was recently in “Superbad” and was in one of the best television shows, “Arrested Development”. If you can’t make it to the casting call, you can register here or give them a call at (267) 295 7838. Make sure to bring a head shot, but if you don’t have one, they’ll take one while you’re there. If you missed it, you must be living under a rock because Brad was everywhere. He was doing interviews on CNN, the Today show, the local news, everywhere. Whether you like him or not, you can’t be disgruntled with the fact that Mr. Pitt is trying to do some good and is keeping New Orleans on everyone’s minds. He’s even said that his acting is becoming less of a focus and that his primary goal right now is to rebuild New Orleans. Monday’s interviews were about the new Make It Right architectural project which hopes to build 150 “green” houses in the Lower 9th Ward. Only one of the houses has its roof on so far and the others, which are currently covered in bright pink tarps, will be completed once the $150,
short bailey button uggs Brad cured our case of the Mondays and Britney wants you to make a video
000 a piece is raised to complete the project. Pitt has already donated $5 million of his own money to the project. Driving tours of the pink covered dwellings are now allowed and encouraged. You can check out the Make It Right website to learn more about the project and to purchase merchandise that will help finance and promote such a wonderful mission. You can also check out the about the Make It Right Project and Brad’s visit.

Ellen Degeneres is also doing some charitable work this holiday season for Ugg Australia’s fifth annual Art and Sole Collection. The comedian has painted and signed a pair of Ugg boots that will be auctioned off by St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. 100% of the net proceeds from the auction will go to St. Jude’s. Other celebrities to paint a pair of the famous sheep skin boots are Matthew McConaughey, Jessica Simpson, Kelly Ripa, Liv Tyler, Miley Cyrus (the actress that plays Hanna Montana), and Eva Longoria. Each celebrity painted with the word ‘hope’ as their muse. You can bid on a pair of boots until December 14th here.

In other, less exciting news, rapper Lil Wayne of Cash Money Records was seen last Saturday in Beverly Hills at the grand opening of Ed Hardy’s, a tattoo inspired clothing and accessories store. Lil Wayne was seen drinking out of three stacked Styrofoam cups, which he’s been photographed doing often recently. Someone should definitely let him know that Styrofoam’s terrible for the environment and he should switch to a reusable glass!

Finally, as we do at the end of Snapshot, we come to Britney Spears. The pop wreck turned 26 this past weekend and spent her birthday partying with Paris Hilton and was photographed drinking late into Saturday morning. She then spent the day with her children. First off, isn’t she not allowed to drink within twelve hours of spending time with her kids? Why does nothing seem to happen when she breaks the court appointed rules? Secondly, I thought Britney was done hanging out with Paris! This is not a step in the right direction.

Speaking of a poor choice in friends, Britney’s latest assistant, Osama Lutfi, is pretty much a bad seed. Brit’s family is reportedly concerned because the film producer, who Britney calls “Sam,” has had two restraining orders filed against him for violent verbal and physical attacks. Sam has also been known to use several aliases and isn’t so much a film producer as a $350 a week assistant, according to US Weekly. Call me crazy, but I think that Britney’s poor choice in friends might just turn around and slap her in the face at some point.

Despite having shot her own music video last week for her new single, “Piece of Me”, Britney and MTV want you to take a shot at making your own video. All you have to do is go to MTV’s Video Remixer site and use video clips to arrange your vision for the new video. You can also check out some of the competition. If chosen, your video will premier on TRL on December 20th.

As for the video that Britney actually shot last week, her record label didn’t seem to have much faith in her. After Britney had rescheduled the shoot a few times and was having a conflict due to the fact that the final date she scheduled it for was a day that she was supposed to spend with her children, Jive Records came up with a backup plan named Samantha Jade. Samantha, an 18 year old former model and up and coming pop singer, is also on Jive Records. Because Britney’s video shoot was so expensive, Jive didn’t want to just scrap it if she didn’t show up. Instead, they had Samantha on standby and figured that, should Brit not appear, they’d just rework the set and dancers and film the video for Samantha’s latest single “Eyes on Me”. Upon hearing that a younger pop star was prepared to jump in at any time, Britney finally showed up to her shoot, though TMZ is reporting that she was twelve hours late. I wouldn’t have waited that long before I gave the shoot over to Samantha Jade.

For now, I hope that some of you help New Orleans by buying some merchandise from the Make It Right website and take a tour of the Lower 9th Ward,
short bailey button uggs Brad cured our case of the Mondays and Britney wants you to make a video
you don’t even have to get out of your car.