leather ugg boots uk Boulder gets dishonored as the 40th worst

uggs mini Boulder gets dishonored as the 40th worst

The title isn’t surprising to most Boulder residents, like Madison Parker, 20. Originally from Vacaville, Calif., Parker said that Boulder’s style is less prissy and more comfy.

“People dress like granola,” she said. “But Boulder has its own style how can you judge it?”

“We’re like the least obese state in the country,” Parker said. “We are that way because we’re active, so we wear outdoor clothes. We wouldn’t be that way if we walked around in stilettos all day.”

The magazine acknowledges how fit local residents are, calling Boulder the “worst dressed city that looks the best naked.”

Some business owners have noticed the lack of fashionable options for the outdoors lovers, like Kim Walker, who didn’t understand why women couldn’t look good while being active. So in 2002, she opened Outdoor Divas, an active gear and apparel shop for women.

“Boulder might not be best dressed, but we’re cutting edge in active apparel,” Walker said.

At her store, she’s been working to provide functional designs that are also more fashion forward.

“It might not look good on Fifth Avenue, but it’ll look good on the hiking trail,” she said.

Whatever the reasons behind Boulder’s clothing options, there are still those few eclectic people who establish the city’s quirky reputation, said Alex Maxfield, 19, from Boulder.
leather ugg boots uk Boulder gets dishonored as the 40th worst