ugg boots sale womens tying power lace trainers in 2015

authentic ugg boots tying power lace trainers in 2015

During Back To The Future II (1989), Marty McFly, played by Michael J. Fox, puts on a pair of Nike High Tops that automatically tighten and adjust to fit his feet using so called power laces, pictured

WHAT ABOUT THE HOVERBOARD?One of the most coveted pieces of futuristic tech seen in the Back To The Future franchise was the hoverboard a skateboard style device that can levitate.

Inspired by this board, a team of Australian inventors designed the Baja board a four wheel drive motorised skateboard capable of reaching 31mph (50kmh).

Elsewhere, California based Future Motion created a self balancing, one wheeled skateboard.

Called the Onewheel, the $1300 gadget can reach speeds on 12mph, and turn 360 degrees within the length of the board.

Aside from the time travelling Delorean and coveted hoverboard, the Back To The Future franchise featured another simpler, yet equally futuristic design self tying laces.

Nike released a limited range of McFly’s Nike MAGs with manual laces in 2011, and now designer Tinker Hatfield has revealed the power laces will arrive in 2015.

Hatfield made these comments because 2015 was the year Back To the Future II was set in.

Without giving a release date, Tinker confirmed that his team is working as hard as possible to deliver the Nike MAG in 2015 with Power Laces, but also reminded us all that we still have ’11 and two thirds months left in 2015, according to .

‘Are we going to see power laces in 2015? To that, I say yes.’

Rumours about the technology have been circling since 2010 when Nike applied for a patent for ‘automatically lacing trainers.’

Self lacing shoes EXIST: A Canadian Kickstarter campaign created Powerlace, the athletic shoes that automatically tighten to the wearer’s foot. And Nike in 2011 created mock ups of the cinematic shoes to be auctioned for charity. For 2015, the company has said it intends to create a version that actually lace themselves

Using an Arduino microcontroller, Bevin fitted a sensor to a Nike High Top.

When a person steps into the shoe, a force sensor reads the pressure of their foot and activates two servo motors, which apply tension to the laces, tightening the shoe.

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ugg boots sale womens tying power lace trainers in 2015