green uggs Types Of Garment Washes In The Textile Industry

ugg handbag Types Of Garment Washes In The Textile Industry

The Textile Garment Industry is a widely diverse one where a number of different techniques and processes are conducted in the production process. Washing of garments is one such process that is integral to the Industry. While the exactly moment in history when this process of washing was developed cannot be pin pointed, it is assumed that it began around the time that denim jeans were foraying into the market as more than just work wear.

Ask any Apparel manufacturer in India and you realize just how important the garment washing process is. However, washing does not involve only basic washing of products to make them cleaner and ready to package and sell. This process is one that is used to modify the look, appearance and comfort factor of garments. Here are some of the most widely used and known garment wash types

Normal Wash As the name suggests, Normal washing takes the cake for being the simplest type of washing processes and also is a process with lowest washing cost. This process is one of the most commonly used washes among the Clothing manufacturers in India as well as Clothing exporters in India. Normal washing helps get rid of starch (or starch like) materials present in the new garment and even unwanted dirt is systematically removed from the garment. This process leaves the garments softer and depending on factors like temperature, time and detergent quality, the garments get a different effect.

Bleach Wash This type of Garment Washing can be done on garments made of almost any fabric including woven knit garments, denim and so on. The main effect that is achieved in this case is of de colorization and the degree to which the color present in garments can be removed also varies on a number of factors. Bleach washing can also be done in a manner that patterns or designs are formed on the garment. This kind of washing is most widely used in the average Men bottoms factory in India.

Enzyme Wash This is the type of washing that garments made from denim and jeans materials are subjected to. The enzyme that is used in this type of wash is a cellulose enzyme and this is responsible for getting rid of projecting hairy cotton fibers from the garments. Enzyme washing techniques also lead to color fading of fabric and are used when this fading effect is desired.

Pigment Wash Similar to bleach washing, Pigment Wash techniques also aim at adding the effect or adding a weather look to garments. Pigment washing is done on garments that are made of pigmented printed fabric or are dyed with pigments. Apart from the fact that this process causes softness to be added to the fabric, it is also used to achieve buyer washing standards.

Stone Wash Probably one of the most popular processes that are known even amongst non professionals, stone wash is most commonly used when it comes to denim. This is why men apparel manufactures and even women apparel manufacturers that specialize in jeans prefer to make use of stone washing techniques. Through this process, irregular color fading effect can be achieved.

Acid Wash Another widely know garment washing process, Acid Washing involves the use of pumic stones to create an irregular fading effect on heavier fabrics. The main objectives of acid washing involve producing irregular fading effects, lending a softer feel to garments and to achieve a buyer washing standard. The most common pieces that are treated with acid washing include jackets and pants.

Sand Blasting Unlike all the previous types of garment washing we discussed, sandblasting is a kind of garment wash. This is a mechanical process by which heavy garments such as denim, canvas, twill, sometimes corduroy are given a faded or weathered look. Aluminium oxide is used for this process and since the chemical looks like sand, the process is aptly named blasting

Super White Wash This garment washing process is done mainly on apparel that is made from cotton grey fabrics. The process of super white wash includes three steps and leads to extremely white and clean apparel. This technique is widely used by Clothing Exporters in India when it comes to cotton apparel.
green uggs Types Of Garment Washes In The Textile Industry