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The fourth series will irk of an inner city spray tan for no other reason than the fact it’s been glorified by a commercial network’s multi million dollar cheque book and the emphasis is on that word ‘commercial’.

When Kath says, “Look at me Kimmy! Look at me look at me!” Well, we’ll go to look and collide with a Kleenex Tissue ad instead.

The mug shot on my first Metway Bank ATM card confirms that I was somewhat of a bogan growing up. In my Reddy Dolphins jersey, the pre mullet mullet wasn’t a great look so surprisingly, I’m not a huge watcher of the show and I’ve got no idea why.

But that’s not the basis on which I sound the death knell.

At first glance Good News Week, The Fat, Club Buggery, Keeping up Appearances etc all lie wasted in an elephant graveyard. In a long black veil, only Aunty delivers dead flowers these days.

Even Fawlty Towers was sodomised by an unceremonious flirt with one of the taller TV towers. How can you bisect Manuel’s hamster and Basil’s Waldorf salad with an ad for Pepsi Max? Some shows just aren’t suited.

Now you might be such a dedicated follower of the foxy morons that you believe they’ll survive the frayed cord of the commercial curling wand, and maybe they will.

But if you ask me, I reckon their bums look too big in it.

Rupert can be heard as host of 4BC’s Sports Today program 6 7pm weeknights

Money as we know is the root of all evil and it is very disappointing to see Kath and Kimmy moving to commercial TV. The other stations who have been lacking a good Aussie program have flexed there muscles and outbid the ABC to secure K as their own. We all know that channel 7 at the moment has the market share of viewers with a fine line up of American shows. But for a show of this genre to be cut and discected by commercial breaks leaves me very concerned for its future. The one saving grace may be their loyal fan base, the ones who cling to their “sayings” and aussie “culture”. We can only hope that the ABC can secure another aussie program and help it climb to heights that Kath and Kim have reached.

I don’t really look down on anyone for wanting to improve their bank balance we’re all trying to do our best in that respect but to compromise the integral ingredients for success is a dangerous game. The question I ask is will the show survive? RMc

Kath and Kim tried to get another deal with the ABC, but good old Aunty wasn’t coming to the table. In the end the Kath and Kim production company began making the new series without a TV station to call home.

Good on them for going to channel 7 and it is just another poor decision by the ABC.

If it wasn’t for them showing the Qld Cup on a Saturday afternoon I don’t think I would ever watch a show on the ABC. The ABC have been axeing shows all around including the top rated show The Glass house with Wil Anderson, really bad loss that one. If the ABC dont be careful they will lose every high rated show to other networks.

Im just thinking if they are on seven now what are channel seven going to take off their network, and another thing ABC suits Kath and Kim not channel seven. But then again the money factor always comes into play doesnt it?

Its also a pitty the show also made Warnie miss you lovely poem at the Cricket Victoria awards. so sorry to hear bout that mate.

The perfect interchange swap would be Desperate Housewives (out) for Kath Kim (in) RMc

But rightly so the ABC would have been making bank on all the DVDs, merch (tea towels, aprons, etc) and overseas rights sales. So it is good seeing them being able to get some of the coin for the creativity and hard work that has gone into the characters for so many years.

Although I agree there is unfortunately a very well trodden path of commercial TV messing up great shows from the ABC. I don’t think you need to worry about Kath and Kim being “glorified by a commercial network’s multi million dollar cheque” at least not for the first season on Seven because they’ve already got at least half the episodes in the can and were shopping them around the networks.

The other aspect that I think will help maintain the original quality over the long term that made people fall in love with the show is that the last 2 series of K were not ABC productions and were produced directly by Gina and Jane. They already have that experience of working autonomously and not letting network interference get in the way of the on screen product.

Sounds like you’re into it Anthony. Thanks for your insight.

What a tragedy! In Kath and Kim’s own words I do not believe this was a ‘noice’ thing to do to the ABC. Apparently though, these ladies not do care about selling out for commercial profit and undermining the credibility of their show. Their also not above flaunting how little the ABC could afford with statements like, “They’re paying us literally hundreds of dollars per episode. (The ABC) could only afford $10.” What about the priceless opportunity ABC afforded them by taking a chance on their ‘little’ show when no body else cared too? This obviously does not hold much water these two, who, in the off season have been hawking their shows to America and Europe to make an extra buck. When are stars going to realise that the ABC commands a stauch and loyal following and by selling out they are only hurting themselves? I can’t speak for all of Australia, but this is one person who will definitely by looking at the tv guide before settling down with the foxy morons again.
toddler uggs Kath and Kim go looking for cash