office ugg boots Jimmy Fallon is upstaged by fellow comedians at tour kickoff

ugg short chestnut Jimmy Fallon is upstaged by fellow comedians at tour kickoff

“Welcome to Wrestlemania,” he joked. “And thank you for choosing me over watching the Cardinals.”

He described the evening as a quick tour introducing his favorite comedians, funnymen who’ve been featured on his current show, “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.”

Seth Herzog was up first and came dressed in a track suit he quickly stripped off to reveal a Wonder Woman unitard. As a sight gag, watching Herzog dancing in this unpleasant get up worked momentarily. “You are correct. That was very awesome,” Herzog said.

He addressed the government shutdown: “I hope everyone is having a good shutdown. I got my shutdown shopping done early.”

Herzog’s lengthy bit on seeing outdoor movies on the lawn of art museums and a riff on the Gladys Knight and the Pips song “Midnight Train to Georgia” were bizarrely unfunny.

“I apologize you had to look at his junk,” Fallon said of Herzog before bringing up Julian McCullough, who said “give it up for Jimmy Kimmel. I just got fired.”

His funniest bit was a rant against Kansas, where he says he performed recently (the crowd predictably booed the first time he mentioned Kansas). “If you have or haven’t been to Kansas, it’s the same experience,” he said.

He called Kansas an empty state, and said if you call it, the phone just rings and rings. He also said you can fall asleep driving in Kansas and hit nothing for hours.

McCullough crucified women who wear UGG boots or who tie squirrels to their feet, as he describes it. He also expounded on being a new father. “We had a girl . because you can’t pick.”

Nick Thune, funniest and most irreverent of the night, spoke in a deadpan fashion while strumming an acoustic guitar throughout. His musings: People who say “enough is enough” are saying the same word, and his wife hates it when he introduces her as his roommate.

His most shocking bit was when he asked people born from a cesarean section to raise their hands. “They should be dead,” he said.

A noisy concertgoer randomly shouted, “Go, Cardinals,” forcing Thune to lose his cool. He ended up cursing,
office ugg boots Jimmy Fallon is upstaged by fellow comedians at tour kickoff
a no no on this tour. “I’m docking your pay,” Fallon told him.

“The show has peaked,” droll and self deprecating Nate Bargatze said in his opening. “We’re really just trying to get through this part. It’ll pick back up when I get off.”

He said he took a cab to the Funny Bone in West Port Plaza for a recent performance, and the driver asked whether anyone popular was playing there. “I guess not,” Bargatze replied.

Bargatze, a new father, talked about raising a child who is constantly trying to kill herself, having a clown father and how great Walmart is.

He said one Walmart store caught fire and never closed. “People thought they were just selling fire.” K Mart, however, “never looks open when you’re in there.”

Fallon, who closed out the evening, showed off his new baby photos to a man in the front row before riffing on old plastic water guns, Mick Jagger’s attempt to use iPhone’s Siri and commercials for medications’ possible side effects.

His “Thank You Notes,” a bit from “Late Night,” included a note to St. Louis: “Thank you for having the only national landmark that looks like it was left by aliens.”

Fallon resorted to material he’d performed at the Bob Costas Benefit at the Fox Theatre in 2010, which meant a rerun of imitations of legends such as Neil Young and Bob Dylan taking on TV show theme songs.

He also repeated his homage to comedians he said had performed at the Peabody Opera House (formerly the Kiel Opera House) in the past. When he did the same thing at the Fox Theatre, he said they were past Bob Costas headliners, and included then, as they did now, takes on Chris Rock, Robin Williams,
office ugg boots Jimmy Fallon is upstaged by fellow comedians at tour kickoff
Jerry Seinfeld and Norm Macdonald that were dead on.