grey ugg slippers Jessica White still missing after a week

purple ugg slippers Jessica White still missing after a week

A $2,500 cash reward is being offered for tips leading to the whereabouts of 21 year old Troy resident Jessica White, more than a week after she went missing.

White was last seen Saturday, April 23, in Hazel Park, police say.

According to White family, she was at a friend house and was supposed to come home that evening. She never showed up to a scheduled babysitting job the next day, officials say.

Kimberly Boothby Burnett said: have shared (and) will continue to share this until she is found. This is my way of helping I have friends all over the United States. Please god let her have a safe return. I have experienced the pain of not knowing where my child was, it is something I wouldn wish for anyone to ever go through.

ended up finding my son and I pray you have the same result with your daughter. Keep your faith strong, your other family members close and know that there are thousands praying for all of you. She also gave some insight into the kind of person Jessica is.

is totally out of character for (Jessica). . She started a babysitting job recently and she loves the family and they love her, wrote Karen. cousin/best friend just moved closer to us. They spend time together . just hanging out (and) maybe (going) shopping.

Jessica was last seen wearing a long sleeved black Nirvana T shirt with a smiley face on it, black yoga pants and gray Ugg boots.

When police contacted the home where Jessica was visiting, the homeowner said neither he nor his son knew her. Karen also said on her Facebook page that she has heard different stories about where Jessica was last seen or dropped off on April 23, as well, but police haven released many details, as the investigation is ongoing.
grey ugg slippers Jessica White still missing after a week