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70s TV for Grown UpsLast Update: November 12, 2004Just because I was a kid doesn’t mean I didn’t watch some of the less juvenile popular programs of the decade.

Commercials directed at adults

Remember this funloving Levis commercial? It was called Laffin’ Levis, and it starts out, “Good Morning, World!” and gets progressively sillier, until the guy is almost yodeling, “Le he he he he vis! Haw Haw!” The video for Laffin’ Levis is now available!

You’ll remember this famous Calgon commercial. “Ancient Chinese Secret, huh?”

Is it butter or Chiffon Margarine? It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature!

Chubby Checker tells you about an amazing record offer (The Greatest Hits of Rock N Roll), and you’ll love the 1973 price: $6.98 for 4 records, $9.98 for 8 tracks.

Here’s another record offer (not sold in stores!), this time it’s Elvis: His Great Hits. $4.98 for 2 records, $6.98 for 8 track. So you don’t forget, order before midnight yesterday. It’s not sold in stores, now find out why.

If you think amazing record offers were bad, check out this hilarious and unconscionably long ad for a book of sheet music featuring popular songs. Buddy Greco hosts. A very chatty seven year old DeeT hurriedly reads the names of the songs as they scroll by. In any case, ya can’t lose: just match the tags and the clothes will match.

Serta Perfect Sleeper. This is an absolute classic, featuring Joey Heatherton.

Local TV Ad for Superior Dairies. Unless you’re from Austin you probably never heard it. But the values expressed here are so retro (more 50s than 70s)!
ugg coquette sale 70s TV for Grown

I almost didn’t include this one. Please please don’t accuse me of being racist. This is a trailer for an incredibly politically incorrect but wholly genuine “blaxploitation” film named (forgive me) Nigger Charlie.

Here’s a much milder trailer for another “blaxploitation” film, Coffy. It starred Pam Grier.

Kellogg’s Rice Crispies, wakin’ up, wakin’ up. Sing along if you remember it.

Fragrance ads have always been very emotional and conceptual. This one is also very seventies! I’ll bet no one remembers the fragrance, Steven B., but its flowery jingle can now live on.

The time is right for Pepsi Lite. We put a little lemonnytaste in and tookout half the cal o reez.

You’ll remember this cute commercial for Playtex Living Gloves. Aw, Harry.

In the 70s, when a family was excited about eating Chef Boy Adree for dinner, they’d sing “Boy oh boy ardee!”. What would it be today “not again ardee”?

Hey! are you a New Freedom lady? This feminine pad commercial features a very pretty jingle. Hope I said that right!

Some ads are sheer poetry. Wipe off the grease, wipe off the grime, you’re out of the oven in record time! Easy Off makes oven cleaning easier.

This ad for Hold cough medicine is deliberately noisy and obnoxious, cuz when you’re feeling sick you can’t handle it.

Give me the Campbell Life (Campbell’s Soup).

This is a record (or cassette or eight track!) that I never would have bought at the time. By now it would be great fun to have, though. It’s Summer ’76 (with bonus Sweathogs poster)!

You’ll remember the distinctive psychedelic synthesizer sound used in this short TV Guide spot.

K Tel presents one of its best collections ever, Hit Machine.

This Cheerios commercial will give your memory a pow pow powerful good good feeling!

This is a great Happy Days outro, featuring announcements about upcoming shows. It really takes you back.

The Playtex Cross Your Heart bra will help you “cross over” to a younger looking figure. Lifts and separates.
ugg coquette sale 70s TV for Grown