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A parent and a teacher’s aide from Tampa were in the audience for Oprah Winfrey’s last big “Favorite Things” giveaway on the episode that aired Monday on WFLA, Channel 8.

Gaither High School exceptional education aide Diane Sangelo and Jeana Rago Blair (a mother who nominated Sangelo) were at the Nov. 16 taping where Winfrey’s favorite things included a 2012 Volkswagen Beetle.

The car, still under wraps until next year, was shown in silhouette but that didn’t stop the crowd from being whipped into a frenzy when they were all given keys.

Sangelo was among the audience members being honored for making a difference in a child’s life. Sangelo was nominated to appear by Blair, mother of student Isaac Rago. Sangelo has been Isaac’s one on one aide for seven years, since elementary school.

But the new Volkswagen wasn’t the only thing given to each audience members. The first gift bestowed, an Apple iPad, came down from the ceiling wearing angel wings. Winfrey explained that it is her “No. 1 favorite thing ever.”

She also gave the audience “the best popcorn on the planet” at $135 a tin; a set of $600 cookware; a $500 gift card from Nordstrom’s;
toddlers ugg boots Tampa women get gifts from Winfrey
a $500 cashmere sweater; diamond earrings; Ugg boots covered in sequins; matching leggings from Magaschoni (that she dubbed as “luxurious with a capital L”); Miraclebody Jeans by Miraclesuit, and a $400 patent leather Coach bag.

“It’s not really about all the gifts,” Winfrey said. “Although the stuff is really fun it really for me is about hope. It’s about knowing that something really magical and joyful and wonderful can happen to you when you least expect it.”

“It was truly a wonderful experience; one I shall never forget,” Sangelo said in a statement from the Hillsborough County school district. “I can’t thank Jeana enough for thinking so much of me and the work I do with Isaac and other ESE students.”

On Friday’s show, Winfrey welcomes former Tampa Bay Buccaneer Warrick Dunn and his Family Foundation charity.

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toddlers ugg boots Tampa women get gifts from Winfrey
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