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When I first saw the Walking Company, I imagined it a store exclusively for mall walkers. When I window shopped the store, at Apache Mall in Rochester, I knew it must be something more. I spied Uggs, stylish boots, and booties with heels.

According to Angela Johnson, head of retail marketing for the Walking Company, they carry footwear for “Anyone who wants to walk in comfort in any aspect of their life: running a 5K, dress occasions. Cute stuff you can wear while on your feet for 8 to 10 hours. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style.”

When I entered the store, I was greeted by store manager Joseph Gorka. As he finished helping another customer with her shoes, I had the opportunity to browse their selection a little closer and noticed a couple of Pink Ribbon exclusives in the Ugg and Dansko lineup.

Through Oct. 31, the Walking Company will donate a portion of proceeds from purchases of their exclusive pink ribbon products to research, prevention,
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detection, and treatment of cancer.

Gorka then introduced me to the Walking Company experience. First, he had me walk across a mat that digitally scanned my foot. The 3D image told us that I put less pressure on my left foot, and that my arch is neutral on both feet and what sort of orthotics they might benefit from. As Johnson had explained, the 3D foot analysis system is “a really nice roadmap of our customer’s feet.”

Gorka had me type in my e mail address and my analysis was sent to me for future reference. A copy is kept in store just in case we need it for next time. My mind insisted that with an adorable kitten heel and fun metallic leather straps, the sandals couldn’t be all that comfortable. Once I started walking around the store in them, I didn’t want to take them off. With every step I felt as though my heels were being massaged right in the center, where they tend to hurt the most.

Those with high arches can expect shoes or inserts with metatarsal support and those with low arches, medial post support.

Posh Love is a new boutique about to celebrate its two month anniversary at Apache Mall.

“We do have junior high girls all the way to senior ages shopping here,” said Posh Love store manager Casse Ramirez. “They love it because the styles and prices are amazing.”

“These go so fast,” Ramirez said as she adjusted a pair of black knit leggings that retail at $7.99.

Oversized cardigans carried at Posh Love are unlike those Ramirez has seen in other stores, with their fringe and Aztec prints. The look for winter she has been seeing is leggings paired with an oversized cardigan and boots.

Hers is hosting a Not Your Daughter’s Jeans “Fit Party” at its University Square location on Thursday.

NYDJ’s fit expert Jayne May will be providing insider tips on find the best style, fit,
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and wash. She’ll also explain the technology behind NYDJ’s ability to make you look and feel a whole size smaller.

For more details visit Hers’ Facebook page or stop by the store. University Square is at 111 S. Broadway.