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I want to appeal for help in finding her. If Leanne is out there, I just want her to get in contact with anybody even if it is not myself just to let us know she is safe.

Ms Chambers had been on medication for depression for about a month and was worried after receiving a letter asking her to come into work for an assessment. She works for a car parts firm in Washington, Wearside.

She didnt want to go back because she didnt feel ready, said Mr Crossley.

The couple had gone for a meal on Tuesday evening at a pub in the towns Front Street, and bought a bottle of wine on the way home.

Someone fitting her description was captured on CCTV walking toward the town centre at 10.40pm.

Ms Chambers, who formerly worked as a sales representative for The Northern Echo, had a glass of wine at the Red Lion pub before heading towards Riverside Park.

A search was launched on Wednesday and continued on Thursday when Northumbria Polices underwater team was brought in. It drew a blank, but is due to return to the area on Monday.
short black ugg boots suffers from depression