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The president of I 80 Equipment in Colona apparently was the target of an alleged threat by an employee Thursday.

After the incident, felony weapons charges were filed Friday in Henry County Circuit Court against Mitchell B. Crocetta, 23, of Buda.

Mr. Crocetta was charged with two counts of Class 4 felony aggravated unlawful use of a weapon, Class A misdemeanors of carry/possess a firearm, possession of cannabis, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon as well as Class C misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

On Friday, Judge Terry Patton set Mr. Crocetta’s bond at $50,000,
kids uggs 80 Equipment results in charges
and set a preliminary hearing for Oct. 30. The defendant said he would hire private counsel.

According to the charges, Mr. Crocetta carried a 9mm handgun that was uncased, loaded and immediately accessible. The second felony weapons charge alleges that while possessing the handgun, he was engaged in the commission of a misdemeanor, being disorderly conduct and/or aggravated assault involving the use or threat of violence against the person of another, being Erik Jones, president of the company.

A misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge alleges Mr. Crocetta acted in such a manner as to alarm or disturb Jordan Jones by loading a magazine or ammunition into a handgun and saying he was going to shoot Erik Jones.

Besides sheriff’s deputies, responding officers came from Colona, Geneseo,
kids uggs 80 Equipment results in charges
state police and conservation officers. Two employees were taken from a mobile office where the reported incident happened.