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Friday in the second floor RME Gallery.

Photos of local bands and musicians taken by Darren Schultz, Moline, Roberta Osmers, Davenport, and Paul Brooks, Muscatine, will be displayed through March 7, and the prints will be available for sale.

“Arts Build Communities” is a new 10 year initiative for RME to convene partners and expand the area cultural community. “It’s an umbrella term to hold all the projects like ‘Light and Sound,’ when we come out with new projects so people understand when you have music in your community, your community flourishes,” said Deb Sandry, CEO of the RME.

“Light and Sound” offers the opportunity for visual artists to show their work covering the local music scene in one of the homes of local music, according to RME. Saturday.

DeWitt native Evanny Angelene Henningsen will show her work in “Utah Colors.” After earning an associate’s degree at Scott Community College, she was trained in Florence, Italy, at Angel Academy of Art. She left to study under a contemporary master, Jeff Hein,
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in Salt Lake City, exploring multi figure painting.

She’s known for her portrait work, mainly using charcoal and oil paint. “Evanny is a natural born artist with an extreme gift,” gallery owner Pat Bereskin said. “We are honored to show her work, along with three of my talented returning students.”

Worksby Ms. Bereskin’s former students Ann Peters, Olivia von Gries and Amy Whiteman also will be exhibited. The first two study art at the University of Iowa, and Ms. Whiteman does biological pre medical illustration at Iowa State University. Ms. von Gries also has studied in Florence.

FORC to host frozen fat bike fest

The Friends of Off Road Cycling’s fourth annual Frozen Fat Fondo Festival will be held Saturday rain, shine or snow on the shores of the Mississippi River near the rebuilt Credit Island Lodge, Davenport.

Riders will test their mettle (and metal) on a three hour endurance ride over a route that winds through thick lowland forest and along the river’s shoreline. You can participate as a member of a three person relay team or solo, as long as you have an off road bike with tires at least 3.5 inches wide. Thursday. Registration on Saturday will cost $25.

All proceeds from the event will help FORC to continue maintaining and improving local trails.

“Sleuth” to open at Black Box Theatre

“Sleuth,” a 1970 play by Anthony Shaffer that won the Tony for Best Play, will open this weekend to launch the second season of the Black Box Theatre, 1623 5th Ave., Moline. Invited guest Milo Tindle, a young rival who shares not only Wyke’s love of the game but also his wife, has come to lay claim. Revenge is devised and murders plotted as the two plan the ultimate whodunit.”

“I am thrilled to have Pat and Phillip take on roles that Laurence Olivier and Michael Caine made famous in the movie,” said director/designer Lora Adams,
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who also is the theater’s co founder.