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The caller posing as a lieutenant told the couple their daughter would avoid jail time if they sent the FedEx package containing cash to the East Parkwood Drive address. However, there were fresh tire tracks in the snow in the driveway and a local FedEx official confirmed the company had made a delivery there recently.

Two days later on Jan. 12, Burton police received a similar call from police in Texas. This time a couple had sent $8,600 via FedEx to a residence for sale at 2147 Thistlewood Dr.

A caller claiming to be a police officer told that couple their grandson had been arrested on drunken driving charges and he could avoid jail time if they quickly sent the money. However, the couple’s son interceded before the transaction was completed.

A Burton police detective contacted FedEx last week requesting notification anytime the company planned to make deliveries of similar items in the Burton area.

Burton police also contacted the FBI and Flint Area Narcotics Group, which continued the investigation.

Two hours after talking with FedEx, a company representative notified Burton police that a delivery was planned at 1177 Carman St. another vacant residence. Officers watched as the deliveryman placed an envelope between the door and screen door.

About 15 to 20 minutes after the delivery,
ugg shop manchester 4 men accused of defrauding elderly couples
a gold Mercury Grand Marquis pulled in the driveway and a man identified as Hassan got out to retrieve the envelope.

The envelope was not in the car when officers contacted Hassan, but they believe he tossed it out the window somewhere.

Moments after Hassan was arrested, FedEx called Burton police again about another delivery coming to 1331 Carman St.

Police contacted the driver, who was identified as El Atat, and two passengers Paquette and Cherfan. All three are residents of Quebec, Canada.

The Mercedes had more than $39,000 cash in the glovebox and a ledger showing transactions of some type totaling more than $200,
ugg shop manchester 4 men accused of defrauding elderly couples

During questioning on Jan. El Atat drove them around and Paquette was designated as the person to get out and retrieve the packages.