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erin ugg boots 47 Thoughts on Super Bowl XLVII

1. Whether it was because of Ray Lewis or not, that Baltimore Ravens defense certainly stepped up its game in the playoffs. They hit harder than anyone else that helped to force turnovers and also keep receivers on their toes during their routes. That was obvious in Pats game, and showed itself once again with the LaMichael James fumble.

2. I just exhausted with almost all of the big story lines by the time the Super Bowl is over. I want to see Ray Lewis, Joe Flacco, or either Harbaugh for a long, long time.

3. I thought the holding in the end zone on 4th down in the 4th quarter could have been called. But it seemed like most of that had been going on all game, and really all playoffs the Ravens were getting away with it.

4. Flacco should been the MVP. Jacoby Jones had the two biggest plays of the game, but Flacco made some HUGE throws to Anquan Boldin in the second half to secure that victory. Flacco was great. and had an incredible playoffs.

5. Also. I give the slight edge to Boldin over Jones for 2nd place for the MVP. But I almost always go QB over WR in Super Bowls.

6. For instance, Deion Branch and Santonio Holmes don deserve Super Bowl MVPs. Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger should won those years.

7. I don blame the loss on Colin Kaepernick. Certainly, he was not prepared to audible when he saw blitzes, and there were times where he didn look comfortable getting to the hot read before the pressure got to him. Certainly Flacco played better. But for his 10th game in the NFL, he had some incredible throws, and played with great poise after the blackout. If you going to blame someone, blame the 49er secondary. Atrocious.

9. I HATED the call for the fake field goal. is a lot of yards for a kicker to run, and the Ravens all ready had ALL of the momentum. Take the 3 points, and keep pouring it on.

10. With more and more offenses gearing toward throwing down field, and the restrictions that defensive backs have playing wide receivers, this type of never over till it type of game is more of the norm. There are so many good quarterbacks, and the most agile players in the league are receivers so even a run first team like the 49ers can score 14 points in two and a half minutes.

11. Huge viewership numbers. I surprised that it was the most watched Super Bowl ever I thought fewer people would get excited about this matchup, but I was wrong.

12. And huge in Richmond 8th largest market in the country in terms of Super Bowl viewership.

13. If I New Orleans, I kissing my chances at the 2018 Super Bowl goodbye. The blackout was a nightmare. There will be a Super Bowl in New Orleans again. But I not holding my breath until the next time.

14. I heard a national reporter today say that Beyonce performance is “arguably the most talked about halftime show ever”. This could not be more false. JANET JACKSON! HELLO?!?!?!
ugg boot classic short 47 Thoughts on Super Bowl XLVII

15. That being said, I thought Beyonce was awesome. While I wasn all that excited about the Destiny Child reunion, the females in the room that I was watching it with certainly were.

16. Plus, I thought they used some real cutting age technology. When I watching a halftime show, I want to see something that I had never seen before. Her dancing with multiple Beyonces was very unique, and I really liked the perfomance as a whole.

17. And she didn lip synch. Which is fantastic because there has not been a story that has made me yell “NOBODY CARES!!!!” at the television screen more this year than the “Beyonce lip synched” story.

18. My favorite halftime show of all time? U2 in 2001.

19. New favorite Super Bowl food neighbor Katherine hooked us up with some crescent rolls stuffed with jalapenos, cream cheese, bacon and I can remember what else. Awesome.

20. New favorite Super Bowl beer “Shift” by the guys at New Belgium.

21. Always wanted to include a What Lincoln is Drinkin part of this blog. but it has not come to fruition yet. Maybe if there enough popular demand.

22. No, I have never covered a Super Bowl. While it is the biggest spectacle in all of sports. part of me thinks that while I there I would wish that I was instead sitting on a recliner with a Shift in one hand and a jalapeno cheese roll in the other.

23. There is a lot of vitriol on the internet spewed at Phil Simms. This is why it seems like he does zero research, and relies on the knowledge of the games that he called, and the games that he played. There is almost zero insight. He is awful.

24. Also, Jim Nantz has called a lot of big games over the years. There is a thought that a broadcaster needs to let the game speak, because people care about what they seeing, not what some broadcaster is saying. I totally disagree the viewer is watching a “broadcast” of the game. Nantz is our host. he is delivering this to homes all across the country. What I getting to, is I thought Jim was very bland. He bland. but I thought he was extra bland Sunday.

25. And was there a worse half hour of television than the time during the blackout? No joke, I actually changed the channel to the Puppy Bowl.

26. Yes, the Puppy Bowl with hamsters driving the blimp, and little hedgehog cheerleaders.

27. CBS studio crew is by far the worst on television, and it was ugly during the blackout. Why do we need all the same guys saying all the same things? Can you even name all the guys on CBS? With all the millions that are spent on NFL pregame shows, that money can go to a better place than Dan Marino pockets.

28. Lots of talk today about the best commercial,
ugg boot classic short 47 Thoughts on Super Bowl XLVII
and it seems the Dodge “God Made Farmers” ad was the best. It was not my favorite, but our room was totally quiet during its entirety.

29. Ones that I thought were clever the Bud Light Voodoo commercials. Clever, funny, and I liked the way they tied in New Orleans.

30. Doritos almost always has the best commercials. but I thought they were some of the worst of the day.