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Ladies, ever wanted to ask men candid questions about their innermost workings? What goes through their heads when they see a girl they want to approach? How do they feel about certain parts of a woman body?

On Saturday night, I, along with 20 other curious women, discovered answers to some of man biggest mysteries at a show called 5 Honest Guys, held in a somewhat grimy Bartending School in Kitsilano. (Note to organizers: find a better venue).

After a rather late start, and grabbing drinks from a bar short on selection, we were introduced to five regular dudes in their late 20 to mid 30 Brian (he definitely blushed), Peter (rugged Irish accent), Scooter (cute and flirtatious), Kyle (played the innocent card) and Lee (bearded babe). The women in the audience came in groups, pairs or solo, and appeared to come from all walks of life. Instead of asking embarrassing questions out loud,
classic short black uggs 5 Honest Guys
we were encouraged to secretly write them down. More bold participants were rewarded with a shot of tequila for voicing their queries.

The first question of the night, the best thing a woman can do in bed set the scene for what was to come. The general consensus was the fact that if a woman had shown up that was enough and ignore the balls As question after question was presented, we began to see a pattern the men answered almost each question the same way. There was no debate between them, and being the ahem more experienced and worldly woman I am, I found I could predict what most of their answers would be.

The guys were certainly entertaining, witty and intelligent, and I found myself laughing throughout the show, but perhaps the educational side of the performance would be better suited for a younger audience. I would absolutely suggest other women see the show for a good laugh, but it would be more interesting and insightful to see a discussion among a broader spectrum of men.

At the end of the show, the audience members were all invited to an after party at the home of one of the guys. Hmmm these men seem to have latched onto a great idea a captivated roomful of girls to enthrall and then hit on.

Our Lessons from 5 Honest Guys:

Lessons for the Ladies:

1. Men like a bit of hair down there; don wax it down to pre pubescent smoothness. Note: hairy arm pits are a deal breaker.

2. Men hate Uggs they make your legs look like tree trunks and they smell; but Lululemon pants are like Wonderbras for the ass.

3. Women in Vancouver have a reputation as being cold. Be more welcoming when men approach you and don tear them down with brutal rejection. In fact, why don you start doing the approaching yourself?
classic short black uggs 5 Honest Guys