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Nothing craters an offense in a playoff game more than turnovers, and the Broncos finished with three that led to 17 Baltimore points, ending their season.

All of the matchups that worked so well in Baltimore last month weren ones the Broncos could win Saturday. The Ravens put up 38 points on the Broncos, the most by an opponent all season.

A missed field goal by Matt Prater was particularly painful just before halftime the Ravens scored a touchdown three plays later but Trindon Holliday two return TDs were historical.

The Broncos couldn find a way to get a key first down on offense to close things out and couldn stop the Ravens on third down when they needed to most.

KR Trindon Holliday Became the first NFL player to have a kickoff return and a punt return for touchdowns in the same playoff game.

RB Ronnie Hillman When tailback Knowshon Moreno left the game because of a knee injury, Hillman took the ball and finished with 83 yards. Ravens defensive gameplan simple wide receivers off the line, and get Manning on the move he has a hand in all three turnovers. To be given 14 points by your special teams, homefield advantage throughout the playoffs, HOF regular season quarterback, top 5 defense = SMH.

Where are all the any given sunday yahoo now? I am one that thought Manning wouldn pass on the opportunity to face Brady again in the AFC Championship game, but obviously, as many did, I game him entirely too much credit. There a reason he arguably the softest division in the league. Didn want to face Brady 2wice a season in the East, didn want to be considered a traitor or be booed in Indy in the South, not tough enough to play against defenses in the North want to face bro in NFC East 2wice a season compete with Eli for the top spot quickly fading into obscurity. This was his chance the defense he never had in Indy, better offensive weapons (which I don agree with) will always be considered average in the playoffs where history judges ones entire career.

If you think last season compares favorably with this season, you are deluded. Take your Tebow blinders off I like the guy and really want him to succeed but fans like you are incredibly frustrating to deal with.

The Elway hate as a result is moronic and that about as kindly as one can put it. This team was 2 14 two years ago and by drafting Von Miller and convincing Peyton Manning to come to Denver, the Broncos went 13 3, won the AFC regular season, and were a legitimate Super Bowl contender. The final result was incredibly disappointing as this team ultimately underachieved in the playoffs this year, but every single Broncos fan save the few Tebow faithful would take this season over last. In fact, 99% of the fans in this league would much rather have the season the Broncos had this year than the one the Broncos had last year.

How about this. I give Tebow the props he deserves for last season if you realize how you and fans like you are singlehandedly playing him out of the league because teams cannot afford to be patient with him like they could with a guy like Aaron Roger or others who needed time to adjust and improve. So congrats, I hope you like taking credit for turning Tim Tebow one of the best people in football into an NFL afterthought. He won say because he would never antagonize his fans, but somebody must. So good work!

Elway dumped Tebow brought in Manning and really didn improve on the team roster except through the draft. Elway obviously felt that last year team was Super Bowl ready other then at QB and he pulled the switch to dump Tim Tebow and bring in a tested veteran with questionable big game tendencies. If he had consulted with me I would have pointed out that last year team won because of Tebow and in spite of McCoy horrible play calling. Elway should have kept Tebow built the team around him and watch the victories pile up. Instead Elway mortgaged the future on a QB that will, in two or three years, retire as a Colt and the Broncos will continue to look for a QB and dwell among the lower AFC teams (the AFC west). Manning reputation will remain intact: Nice guy, knows the game and can direct an offense like no other but comes up short in big games.

Gotta love watching all the so called Fans scrambling like mad to jump off the broken bandwagon. Funny as anything I seen in years.

The biggest reason that teams lose like this is because of a sense of entitlement, just like the fan base. You all just expected to waltz to the Super Bowl and beat down everyone and every team just because you got the number one seed.

An 11 game winning streak is a ticking time bomb, and the Broncos knew it. Streaks like that happen rarely, and whenever they happen, the end is always ugly. The loss will always come at the worst possible moment. You all saw it happen to the Patriots years ago after they went undefeated. Why one earth did you think the Bronco situation was going to be any different?

Yesterday it was all is the greatest. Champ is the greatest. Miller is the greatest. The altitude is going to kill the Ravens. Etc,
best place to buy uggs 35 loss to Baltimore in double OT in Denver
etc. football, people. There no advantage. All it takes is a fumble here, a missed kick there, and one team wins and one team loses. Sports are a game of mistakes, period.

Some of you want to blame the officiating. Yeah, well you were actually watching the game, there were terrible calls and non calls on both sides. On both the punt return and KO return, there were things that the refs could have called on Denver, but they let it go. Same with the INT pick 6 for Baltimore. Stop complaining and stop your conspiracy theories. You know as well as I do that the NFL and the networks would prefer to have Brady/Manning instead of Brady/Flacco. If there was a conspiracy, you can bet we would have seen a lot more questionable officiating against the Ravens.

You embarrass yourselves. Many of you are not true fans, and shame on you.

^You right and could not have asked for a better game. I read a few articles on here this week and it was like everyone figured this was a bye, including Vegas. I heard there was a billboard announcing Ray retirement party at 2:30, you couldn have thought that was a smart move. We won because we wanted it more and played with confidence. We gave away 14 pts, but got stops when we needed it.

The calls we wrong on both sides but that football. Why Peyton didn throw more on 3rd down is nuts, isn that why Elway brought him in? Now I will say the D had a lot more pressure on him in the 2nd half but still I would take my chances with Peyton than running straight at a 2 time Defensive Player of the Year, 13 time Pro Bowler in Ray Lewis.

Can wait to hear all the excuses come Monday on 104.3 from Evans/Klatt, Drew/Scott, D Bag/Fat Albert.

The only person on that station that can be trusted to tell it like it is, is Sandy Clough.

I sure all the other idiots on that station will have excuses that range from officiating to how cold it was. Should be pretty funny to hear them crow on and on and on was going on and on Friday Ray Ray And Evans was talking about the game being Ray Lewis party it sure was a party, eh fellas? Yep. Sure was. Just not the kind you all were expecting.

Maybe that teach you hacks to not poke the bear.

Couldn have said it any better myself! Denver has never been big enough for more than one grossly inflated ego ask Dan Reeves. How Shannahan lasted so long is a mystery. What Elway did to a young man who DID WIN a playoff game for the Broncos was startling, to say the least! Rex Ryan must have listened very carefully to Elway after

Elway handed Tebow off to ole Rex Boy. Both of these people got exactly what they both deserved this year. Will be fascinating to read Woody take on this debacle later today/tomorrow morning.

Denver had a terrific season there are 30 other teams in the league that would have traded places with them for a 1 seed and home field advantage. And clearly, much of

the credit for that should be assigned to Manning, who according to his own teammates has pushed them to play harder and better, has gotten them to reach down inside and come up with more than they ever have. Kudos to him for being a leader and for performing extremely well at his own position. Sorry, Tebow fans, maybe one day he have the ability to do that but he doesn yet. He (from all accounts) a good guy who works hard, but he not an MVP, a Super Bowl champion, and a future Hall of Famer. Not yet.
best place to buy uggs 35 loss to Baltimore in double OT in Denver