ugg boots kensington Caroline Torie

ugg boots kensington Caroline Torie Caroline Torie

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Home Sweet HomeGreen ThumbCoaching With KerryEye on KidsMarket Basket MinuteMoms FirstEye on HealthPetsSick ObituariesMr. Food RecipesSenior Living

RadarClosings DelaysSketch the SkyMorning Drive Forecast7 Day ForecastFirst Alert Weather CamerasWeather AppWeather Maps

Notre Dame SportsPigskin PreviewCubsFriday Night Football FeverBURGER KING Outstanding Student AthleteHigh School Sports

Home Sweet HomeGreen ThumbCoaching With KerryEye on KidsMarket Basket MinuteMoms FirstEye on HealthPetsSick ObituariesMr. Food RecipesSenior Living
ugg boots kensington Caroline Torie

ugg australia bailey button Caroline Mulroney eyes running for PCs in Ontario election

black ugg shoes Caroline Mulroney eyes running for PCs in Ontario election

Caroline Mulroney, daughter of former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, is making her entrance into politics though she going the provincial route.

On Wednesday, Mulroney announced she seeking the Ontario Progressive Conservative nomination in the Toronto area riding of York Simcoe. Last fall she introduced Brown at a fundraising dinner.

have great confidence in Patrick Brown, Mulroney told the Bradford Times. understands what people here want and care about. has a home in Georgina, which is in the riding, and says she getting a sense of what local voters are looking for in the election scheduled for June 2018.

Overwhelmed by all the support today. People tell me that what matters to them is the rising cost of living the cost of housing, hydro rates, taxes the affordability. Ontario PCs have already gotten some advice from her father, who dropped by the Ontario legislature in April 2016 at Brown request to give some advice to the caucus on winning the next election.

Brown has previously said that he first decided he was a Conservative when, during grade school, he wrote a letter to then Prime Minister Mulroney about acid rain and got a response back. told my parents, think I agree with the Conservative party, he said in a 2015 Toronto Life interview.

Caroline Mulroney had long been rumoured to be considering a political run,
ugg australia bailey button Caroline Mulroney eyes running for PCs in Ontario election
though some speculated she might run federally. Her brother Mark, head of equity capital markets at the National Bank of Canada, had been talked about as a potential leadership candidate to replace Stephen Harper, though he stayed out. Her other brother Ben co hosts a national morning program on CTV.

Caroline studied at Harvard College, has a law degree from New York University, and has a long resume of experience at investment firms and philanthropic organizations. She is currently a vice president at BloombergSen, a Toronto based investment counselling firm, and is the co founder and chair of the Shoebox Project for Shelters charity, which collects gifts for women and girls in shelters or facing homelessness.

If she wins the nomination, she be running in a riding vacated by long time PC MPP Julia Munro, who is retiring. York Simcoe, located just north of Toronto, has been easily won by Munro in each election since it was created in 2007, and Munro has held a seat in the legislature since 1995.

Mulroney has received endorsements from Munro and from Conservative MP Peter Van Loan,
ugg australia bailey button Caroline Mulroney eyes running for PCs in Ontario election
who holds the federal seat for the riding.

skechers ugg boots Caroline Cakes founder dies

men in ugg boots Caroline Cakes founder dies

Caroline Ragsdale Reutter, who went from baking her family’s southern caramel cake in her Annapolis basement to shipping those treats and others worldwide, died Saturday. She was 66.

She died surrounded by family at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston where she was being treated for ovarian cancer.

Caroline’s Cakes grew out of the house and eventually into a large space in a shopping center by the Bay Bridge before she decided to move back to her native South Carolina in 2012, and start baking there.

Production continued at the Route 50 location, along with a small gourmet shop two doors down, until May of this year. Sons Richard and Charles work in the business, too.

There are legions of Caroline’s Cakes addicts, from Hollywood’s Julia Louis Dreyfus and Sidney Poitier to hordes of obsessed unknowns to whom she ships some 50,000 cakes each year. Thousands more are sold annually at Caroline Ragsdale namesake shop on Route 50, a mile from the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.(Iris Krasnow, Correspondent)

“Mom always believed in serendipity,” her son Richard said. “She was born March 13, 1951. on Saturday.”

The idea to plunge into the bakery business came after she served her first caramel cake at son Richard’s christening luncheon in 1982.

So many guests commented on the concoction, which can take hours to prepare because of the precarious caramel preparation, that she started to make it for friends, then to sell at the Anne Arundel County Farmer’s Market.

Soon she was making cakes full time in their Hillsmere home. A few years later, they build a new home near Wild Rose Shores on the South River with an open basement that was turned into a commercial kitchen.

“People around Annapolis would come to the house to pick up their cakes,” said her husband of 43 years, Charles “Chick” Reutter. “If we were busy in the basement or she was on the road at a food show they would pick them up out of the freezer in the garage and drop their money into a red cake tin.”

He said they used the cake tin for close to 18 years, “and in all that time no one every walked away without paying. It shows you something positive about human nature.” The Big Red Tin as it was dubbed is on display in Spartanburg.

The company’s big break was a dash of serendipity itself.

In 2000, a call came from a Palm Beach financial services company asking if she could bake cakes for them to use as holiday gifts for clients of three southern Florida offices.

“She asked, ‘How many do you need?’ They said 2,000,” her husband said. “Now this was a woman making about eight cakes a day at the time. But she had the good sense to say, ‘Sure.'”

The business grew and grew. In recent years they have shipped more than 50,000 cakes around the globe. Not just caramel cakes either, there are over 50 varieties lemon, coconut, carrot, chocolate, blueberry lemon, and more, in four or seven layers.

Another huge break came when her caramel cake was featured in the 2011 movie, “The Help.” It wasn’t a fluke, it was guerrilla marketing.

It seems Reutter sent 16 cakes, with press kits, to executives at Dreamworks Studios. The taste did the rest.

That spun into numerous appearances on national television, the Today Show, 20/20, and the like.

The rich and famous are fans. Julia Louis Dreyfuss, Sidney Poitier, even Oprah.

“Though we moved to South Carolina we have never lost our love for Annapolis,” son Richard said. “Caroline’s Cakes would be nothing without the friendships, relationships, acquaintances and support from the Annapolis community.”

“What she cared about was people, she loved the relationships, talking to people. She never met a stranger. And a bright spot in everybody’s day.”

One bright spot provided here in Annapolis came when, after the diagnosis last November, the decision was made to stop production in Annapolis and find someone to take over Caroline’s Gourmet Take It Away shop.

They turned to one of the employees, a Honduran emigree, Lidia Rodriquez and her husband, George.

Lidia had worked for about five years there, first in the bakery production side then moving to the deli.

“It is so sad. I must say thank you to Caroline. She gave me the opportunity and the time to learn the business,” Rodriguez said.

“She was a great example. How she raised her family, how she treated the employees. I will remember her every day when I turn the key to open the store.”
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ugg trainers with fur Carolina Hurricanes

Can’t believe that I planned for this shindig for MONTHS to fly in from Kansas City and then for all practical purposes, MISS all but 20 minutes of the tailgate party! aaaaaaaugh!

This is what happens when I’m trying to meet with “all my people” on the same day. I was in Wake Forest from noon to 3:30 at the dog park where I was having fun with a big group of my owners (some of you will remember that I breed basenjis and do the ‘show dog thing’ on the side) who’d come in from down past Charlotte and over by Greensboro and then all over central Carolina. Had a BLAST but then when my hosts and I hightailed it back to Cary so I could change clothes and get the peppers, I was looking at the clock they’d already turned BACK an hour. SHOOT ME NOW! Thought I would die as I had my poor chauffeur racing through traffic to get to the RBC. Amazing how they let you through all the mess when you toss out, “We’re just dropping someone off!”

Glad to get to meet my fellow Irish, “IrishGuy” and his guests. We had a mini ND funeral (made worse when I stopped at the Locker room on the way in to watch the rest of the ND Navy game that was in its THIRD overtime and they still managed to lose by not scoring the 2pts post touchdown. sigh. Thank doG for ND hockey !!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Thank you to the blessed soul who saved me that gigantic fabulous brownie. I got none of 300’s cookies. Got a couple of my peppers, but having not eaten all day, I ended up snagging a messy Mama Mia sandwich and a cold Bud during the post 2nd period break. Goo!

Thank you billions to Dogbutler who drove me back to Cary after the game where my hosts could pick me up. I wish the game could have lasted for hours and hours. It is so good to be “home”, and then to be seeing hockey IN PERSON again. I never wanted the night to end ! Great seat in 102, and on the aisle. Loved it! and great folks around me who cheered and were very into the game.

See y’all in 2 weeks for the back to back home stand on Fri/Sat night against the Trash and the FL ash. Wish we were ‘gaiting again.

I want to start off by saying how much I enjoyed meeting those of you I can remember: 300Section, 300Sectionjr., IrishGuy, IrishIce, AirforceCaniac, wardsaysno, it’sSTAALgood12=], dogbutler, and i know there are a few others I met that i just cant seem to remember at this point.

once again, thanks to everyone that made this afternoon and evening wonderful!!

What a blast last yesterday . I had so much fun seeing you all again and meeting new people from the boards. I managed to get a deviled egg, brownie a few to die for stuffed peppers. We fired up the grill after the game grilled a few more hot dogs, toasted the left over subs and warmed up the peppers OMG! We talked hockey and drank Guinness untill they turned the light out on us and then ate and talked some more. What the heck it was only Sunday morning. I brought four peppers home to my wife, she wants the recipe. There is a ton of left over supplies for the next tail gate party knifes, forks, spoons garbage bags, napkins and catsup like four bottles. I have someones red table cloth too. Oh my friend John that arrived late and Gary the english guy wanted me to tell everyone thanks for the wonderful time. They truly enjoyed everyones hospitality and conversation.

Kim wanted the special sauce for the chili burgers so here it is I hope you do not mind me posting it here.

The Sauce: 1 Tablespoon olive oil

Find the large jalapeno peppers, fresh. You’ll need about 25 30 of them. WHEN PREPARING THE JALAPENOS AND THE ENTIRE DISH, THE PERSON WILL HAVE TO WEAR LATEX GLOVES. Otherwise, the oil from the peppers will seep into the skin and any part of the person’s body they topch will also get oiled. You can imagine what would happen to the face. I heard the horror stories.

Anyway. have 4 5 of the eight ounce boxes of Philly cream cheese, softened. DO NOT USE THE LITE grade, or any other brand. You need a cheese that is thck and will stand up to the cooking. Cheese running out of the peppers is not the goal here.

A pound of Neese’s sausage, cooked an d drained and crubmbled into tiny pieces. I favor extra sage,
classic tall ugg boots on sale Carolina Hurricanes
but if you decided to feed a crowd, you could do the medium or the hot and make a couple batches ahead. We used to use the hot for our cajun dishes. A little much for my taste, but then I’m not even a pepper person, either!

A pound of fresh grated parmesan.

Preheat oven to 350. Put foil on the cookie sheets.

Pepper prep: Slice the peppers long wise, in halves so that they resemble boats. Thoroughly scoop out all the seeds. Leave none behind unless you are planning on killing someone acidentally on purpose (like the opposing hockey team or scholarship players not giving $38,000.00 worth of effort!)) but as usual, I digress.

Lay out the pepplings on the cookiee sheets in 3 lines. In a large bowl, combine by hand/spoon the cream cheese and the sausage until well blended but not over stireed. Still want that cheese to “stand up”. Add the parmesan. You might want to have some of the Kraft grated parmesan on hand to sprinkle over the finished goodies later but that’s optional.

Stuff Ye Olde Peppers. Bake for about 30 minutes, or until the cheese (parmeson) is looking toasted. You don’t want the crm cheese running. It’s betst served onto serving plates straight out of the oven.

Ideal: Hot pepper appetizers and ice cold beer. Oh and these things are almost a meal in themselves. I’ve had them before a steak dinner and I truly was too full to do justice to my meal. NHL, the NHL Shield, the word mark and image of the Stanley Cup and NHL Conference logos are registered trademarks of the National Hockey League.

kids ugg boots clearance Carol Owen named chief counsel

roxy ugg boots Carol Owen named chief counsel

KNOXVILLE TeamHealth, a leading clinician services organization, announced the appointment of Carol Owen as the company’s chief counsel for revenue payment integrity. In this role, Owen will provide valuable expertise in complex litigation. Owen will also work closely with the TeamHealth general counsel and compliance team in areas related to revenue cycle management and payor engagement.

“Carol has extensive experience in providing counsel to healthcare clients on complex commercial litigation, which has become increasingly important in the managed care arena,” said Phillip McSween, TeamHealth executive vice president, general counsel and corporate secretary. “Her depth of experience, proven leadership abilities and professional integrity will continue to strengthen TeamHealth as a comprehensive healthcare solutions organization that values and empowers clinicians and expects reasonable payment for quality medicine.”

Prior to joining TeamHealth, Owen served as a shareholder at Baker, Donelson, Bearman,
kids ugg boots clearance Carol Owen named chief counsel
Caldwell Berkowitz and a partner at Waller Lansden Dortch Davis, LLP, in Nashville, Tennessee. As a trial lawyer, Owen represented healthcare, financial services, manufacturing and aviation clients in complex litigation matters in federal and state courts across the country. In addition, she advised these clients on risk management, compliance and operations issues. She began her practice as a law clerk to the Honorable Robert L. District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee.

Owen has been recognized for her career long commitment to pro bono and public service work, which includes 25 years as a trustee of Telluride Association and seven years as a trustee of Deep Springs College. She has performed extensive pro bono work on behalf of victims of human trafficking, and she is a life member of the Sixth Circuit Judicial Conference. In 2013, she received national recognition from the Litigation Counsel of America as a recipient of the Peter Perlman Service Award. Owen has been named among Woodward/White Best Lawyers in America since 2012. She received her bachelor’s degree from Yale University and her law degree from Vanderbilt University School of Law.
kids ugg boots clearance Carol Owen named chief counsel

ugg stores Carnation Investigation

kensington boots ugg Carnation Investigation

Speech to Text for Carnation Investigation

Below is the closed captioning text associated with this video. Since this uses automated speech to text spelling and grammar may not be accurate.

i’m craig ford. and i’m emily leonard. back in december , we told you about two buildings at the old carnation milk plant in tupelo that were apparently demolished by accident. now, w t v a’s wayne hereford is live at the site where that property is getting more attention. thank you. wtva nine news has learned that two state agencies, one dealing with historic sites and the other with environmental issues ,
ugg stores Carnation Investigation
have been contacted about what happened. city workers tore down a storage building and the manager’s office on the property that is on the national register of historic places. city of tupelo chief operations officer don lewis later apologized for ordering the demolition. but jim woodrick of the state department of archives and history saysthat a letter has been sent to the city reminding them of their obligation under the state antiquities law. that law requires owners to file notice with the department before work is done on public historic properties. he says thenotices are required ,to allow his agency to inspect properties to determine if they should be saved. the state law does provide penalties for violation, but woodrick says he is not sure if those are warranted in this case a spokesperson for the mississippi department of environmental quality says they are investigating whether the buildings contained asbestos. he says the agency was notified about the demolition last week and began to look into the building. reporting live from tupelo, i’m wayne hereford wtva nine news. the public service commission
ugg stores Carnation Investigation

ugg mittens sale Carmen Anthony Closes Restaurants In New Haven

ugg classic mini navy Carmen Anthony Closes Restaurants In New Haven

Update: In a statement released Tuesday afternoon, owner Carmen Anthony Vacalebre confirmed that he has listed his New Haven and Waterbury restaurants for sale. “I am deeply saddened by the fact that I had to close these two restaurants and feel deeply sorry for my approximately 70 employees that have lost their jobs in these two restaurants,” he said. The Woodbury location will remain open, saving approximately 40 jobs.

“For the last 2 years, I have had to struggle through ‘the perfect storm’ to keep my businesses open,” he said, noting the Chase Avenue road construction in front of the Waterbury restaurant and the cold and snowy winter months of 2015. “I had to close my businesses for 4 1/2 days during these storms and the additional snow removal costs added to my financial burden. We have worked very hard to keep our doors open; I have hung on as long as I can. Now is the time to stop the hemorrhaging of the financial losses.”

Vacalebre says he will focus all of his energies on the Woodbury fishhouse. “We are revamping our menu to include many of the steakhouse menu item favorites. I will personally be overseeing the day to day operations of the Carmen Anthony Fishhouse of Woodbury and look forward to serving our loyal customers and meeting our new guests.”

The Carmen Anthony Restaurant Group, which once owned and operated five steakhouses and seafood restaurants in Connecticut,
ugg mittens sale Carmen Anthony Closes Restaurants In New Haven
has closed two more of its locations in New Haven and Waterbury. The Woodbury location remains open.

An employee who answered the phone at the New Haven restaurant Tuesday morning confirmed that the eatery’s last day of service was Easter Sunday. A recorded voice message at the Waterbury steakhouse stated the restaurant was “closed until further notice” and directed callers to the phone number at the Woodbury location.

The Woodbury fishhouse is now the sole location listed on Carmen Anthony’s website. An employee who answered the phone at that restaurant Tuesday morning directed The Courant to owner Carmen Anthony Vacalebre, who did not immediately return request for comment.

A lifelong resident of Waterbury, Vacalebre has been in the industry since 1969, according to the restaurant group’s website. He opened the Waterbury and New Haven steakhouses in 1996 and 2004, respectively.

In May 2012, Vacalebre sold his Avon restaurant to the owners of the Grist Mill in Farmington. At the time, he told The Courant the sale “gives me an opportunity to strengthen the other four restaurants.”

Just over a year later, he closed the Wethersfield fishhouse on the Berlin Turnpike in July 2013, citing economic downturn and weather as contributing factors.
ugg mittens sale Carmen Anthony Closes Restaurants In New Haven

ebay ugg boots size 6 Carmel prioritizes crackdown on illegal short

how to clean uggs Carmel prioritizes crackdown on illegal short

The beautifully appointed 2,000 square foot home built in the 1930s in Carmel is just steps from Ocean Avenue, and can be anyone’s home for a minimum of two nights booked on Airbnb anyone with $795 a night. Those nights may be numbered now that city officials are on a “high priority” mission to bring such short term rental scofflaws to justice, says Community Planning and Building Director Marc Wiener. Officials expect to take several offenders to court in January or February.

This year, a team of three city employees have scoured Airbnb, VRBO, Homeaway and other similar vacation rental sites for 20 to 30 hours each week, hunting down rentals advertised for less than 30 days, which is illegal in Carmel.

“One of the problems in Carmel is we don’t have numbered addresses, so they have to go out to neighborhoods and compare photos,” Wiener says. “It takes a lot of time.”

Once they find homeowners in violation, they send letters explaining the ordinance; some voluntarily comply by changing their listings to a minimum stay of 30 days. A handful have ignored repeated letters, according to Wiener and City Attorney Don Freeman.

Freeman wrote the city’s ordinance banning all rentals for less than 30 days in 1989, and successfully defended it in the 1991 case Ewing v. City of Carmel by the Sea. The city won at Monterey County Superior Court and state appellate court levels; the plaintiffs appealed to the California Supreme Court, which let the lower court ruling stand.

The cost of chasing offenders could be high Freeman told City Council in April it could be as much as $250,000 to pursue court cases against repeat offenders. Freeman estimates the cost of challenging the current group of repeat offenders will be much smaller, about $30,000.

City Councilmember Bobby Richards, who also owns the Lamp Lighter Inn, lists a litany of problems he sees with short term rentals: He says they push out families and employees who need long term rentals, and result in the loss of transient occupancy taxes, which are charged to hotel guests, creating a challenge to funding city services like police and road maintenance.

Some listings have been known to advertise that landlords will charge for the transient occupancy tax, but there’s no mechanism for the city to collect.

“In what form can they pay the city drop the money off at the front door? The city has no way of taking it,” Richards says. “It’s really a problem.”

Freeman says the city can’t collect taxes from short term rentals; they’d be legitimizing the very practice the city declared illegal.

Editor’s note: This story has been updated to reflect the following correction. The story previously sited and example of a short term rental outside of Carmel city limits, and therefore not subject to the city’s new policy. This post now sites a listing within city limits.

Short term rentals have ruined family life in Pacific Grove, especially during the school year. It is uncomfortable to have our children subjected to risks from all the strangers in our community. Short term rentals directly compete with our motels, so there is an off set to claimed revenues from short term rentals. They violate every principle of zoning and land management, but are deemed necessary to pay for union salaries and about $160M in pension debt for which this council is totally responsible.

CommentedA case involving allegations of sexual harassment, retaliation and corruption has Monterey City Hall on the defense. (3)As the push for development continues on Fort Ord, concerns about its water supply go unheeded. (3)As NeverAgain sweeps the nation after a school shooting, local students get on board. (2)Squid wonders who in Carmel counts as a member of “the community.” (2)Monarch butterfly numbers continue to shrink, prompting Mark Stone to introduce legislation. (2)County crotch shots become the subject of a criminal investigation. (2)Squid watches mayors punt the issue of homelessness back and forth. (2)Mark Stone re introduces a bill that would require bottle caps to be leashed. (1)Cachagua General Store to be reborn at Douglas Ranch. (1)Soledad farm contractor fined $168,000 for ‘inhumane’ laborer housing. (1)
ebay ugg boots size 6 Carmel prioritizes crackdown on illegal short

ugg boots short Carmel groups examine how men are raised

australian ugg boots sale Carmel groups examine how men are raised

Carmel >> There an unwritten law or rule that says boys or men aren supposed to show strong emotions, especially in eye of the public. But the Carmel Public Library Foundation is teaming up with the Carmel Unified School District to show that it not really the case at all.

Casey O Carmel Unified School District chief student services officer, said the movie follows boys and young men as they struggle to stay true to themselves while negotiating America narrow definition of masculinity.

all have connection, one way or another, to boys and to men. So, it an issue for everybody. And I think it super important if you raising a boy to be a man, O said.

O said he thinks it crucial to have a conversation that gets rid of gender stereotypes that exist in the United States for boys and men.

sensitivity, emotion: these things are seen as feminine at times and not manly, O said. that not accurate, those are human characteristics. And so, we need to help boys and men be who they already are. And that is empathetic, sensitive people with emotion.

Alexandra Fallon, who is the executive director at Carmel Public Library Foundation, said the library tries get the most interesting topics that are current and are relevant to parenting and education. In particular with young children and teenagers.

particular film, I think it very pertinent because I think that we as parents in our community are always looking for that deeper understanding in today youth culture, Fallon said. because there are so many more challenging complexities like technology, social media and cultural pressures.

Fallon mentioned there been a lot of focus on issues with young women and teenage girls, but said she thinks the film and discussion should be an interesting look at what boys are also going through nowadays.

as parents, looking for a greater understanding to how to help kids navigate some of us and how they can help themselves, like what tools can we provide so that they can navigate through this culture, Fallon said.

Dr. Adriana Galv who is an associate professor of psychology and faculty member of the Brain Research Institute at UCLA, stopped by last year in September to talk about the effects of daily stress on the adolescent brain and behavior. Galv talked about how teenagers don get enough sleep, which triggers poor decision making and a lack of clear cognition.

O said he wants people to walk away with tools and feels it important to have a panel discussion go further in depth with a topic rather than just watch a movie.

film does a good job . giving ideas about the next steps if you a parent or coach or teacher and how to dispel some of the gender stereotypes that are inappropriate of what it means to be a man, O said.
ugg boots short Carmel groups examine how men are raised

ugg boots usc Carlisle taxi driver furious after FIVE tickets while picking up disabled passenger

ugg shops uk Carlisle taxi driver furious after FIVE tickets while picking up disabled passenger

He told the News Star: “It’s a 60 fine so that’s a total of 300. I’ve done this journey for the last five years in the same car park and I’ve never had any trouble until the last few weeks.

“I don’t take up a car parking space. I merely pull over to the side by the bingo and leave the car to go and collect my passenger.”

A spokesman for Smart Parking, which is based in Birmingham, said: “At the car park we use a state of the art ANPR parking management system that records the time all motorists enter and exit.

“For those people who do not pay the correct tariff they should expect to receive a charge.

“In the case of Mr Bray he has never paid the correct tariff, so rightly received charges.

“When entering a private car park we would remind motorists to always check the terms and conditions first before deciding to park.

“There are numerous signs at the car park that clearly highlight terms and conditions of use and the vast majority of motorists have no problems using the system.”

6 tickets in three weeks? And he continued to go there after the first ones were issued? Oh my lord. The thing is, if taxi drivers are exempt from this charge, isn’t it open to misuse? Also there is a ten minute grace period. Can the pick ups from that location not be timed a bit better? 30 secs from entrance to bingo entrance x2, 9 ins waiting / loading time. What;s the problem? If that’s not suitable don’t go there others will. I’m sure other taxi drivers manage pick ups perfectly fine from that location and will continue to do so if Mr Bray doesn’t. The rules are there to be read and then you decide whether you break them or not, In Mr Brays case, 6 times in three weeks.

Smart Parking are a disgraceful company. My wife received a fine after she entered her number plate incorrectly but paid the due amount. After paying the fine she then found the original ticket and even though we evidenced the correct fee had been paid, they refused to refund the money. They referred back to their terms and conditions but contractually my wife had paid for parking and ought not have been fined. Surely they should be using discretion. The mistake my wife made was paying the fine in good faith. Chris Bray has taken the right action by refusing to pay while disputing the charges. This sort of inflexibility is driving people out of our towns and cities.

My partners daughter recieved a private parking charge reciept from this cowboy outfit, the writing on the letter is that small it is bearly readable and it actually doesnt even say what offence she has commited. This company is intimidating vunerable people who feel pressured into paying even though the company cannot justify what the offence that has taken place. Apparently dozens of these PPCN (Private Parking Charge Notice) have been sent out in the last few weeks, if you get one read it carefully and just see if what offence you are getting charged for.
ugg boots usc Carlisle taxi driver furious after FIVE tickets while picking up disabled passenger