mens ugg slippers uk New name for Partridge Creek seafood eatery may spark more litigation

mens ugg style slippers New name for Partridge Creek seafood eatery may spark more litigation

Operators of what was to be called Muer Table + Bar recently put up signs indicating the eatery s title will now be M s Table + Bar Hosted by David G. Muer.

That has the operator of Joe Muer Seafood considering contempt charges to filed in an ongoing lawsuit. A Macomb County judge previously banned the restaurant from using the Muer name in its title or implying it is affiliated with Joe Muer Seafood.

It was really surprising to us to see those signs on Friday after a judge told them not to use the Muer name, said Raechel Badalamenti of the Clinton Township law firm Kirk, Huth, Lange Badalamenti.

The firm represents Joe Vicari of Joe Muer Seafood of Detroit and Bloomfield Hills, which sought an injunction in May, saying the proposed name would infringe on trademarks he holds and confuse potential diners.

Macomb Circuit Judge Kathryn Viviano granted the injunction.

Karet Projects LLC, which is leasing the former Tin Fish nightclub building on Hall Road, continues working on the interior. Employees of nearby businesses at the mall say the managers have indicated they will open in the next couple of weeks.

Badalamenti s firm said attorneys for Karet Projects have been asked to affirm they will not use the Muer name or contempt charges could be filed this week.

Jonathan Frank of the Southfield based firm Maddin, Hauser, Roth Heller, which is representing Karet Projects, did not return a phone call or email seeking comment.

Karet Projects is made up of David Muer,
mens ugg slippers uk New name for Partridge Creek seafood eatery may spark more litigation
a relative of restaurateur Joseph F. Muer, who launched the well known seafood restaurant in 1929 on Gratiot Avenue in Detroit; restaurateur Thomas LeFevre; and Jerome Moffitt, the former deputy Macomb County treasurer.

Their attorney has previously said David Muer is legally allowed to open a business using the Muer name as long as he is not seeking to confuse consumers.

In February, The Macomb Daily reported David Muer is a cousin to the Muer brothers of Detroit seafood restaurant fame and worked as a maitre d at the original Joe Muer s restaurant in the 1970s. He formerly operated Blue Pointe restaurant on Detroit s east side for 32 years until 2015.

Last week, Judge Viviano dismissed a request from Vicari s attorney to order Karet Projects to comply with requests for information sought for depositions in the ongoing litigation.

The dismissal was in response to Karet Projects, which indicated they would comply with the request, according to Badalamenti.

Also Monday, Stephanie Mittelstedt, a development manager for the Sterling Heights Regional Chamber of Commerce Industry, announced on Facebook that she was leaving the chamber to become marketing and sales director for M s Table + Bar.
mens ugg slippers uk New name for Partridge Creek seafood eatery may spark more litigation

ugg bailey charm boots New murals raise questions about expression and commerce

kids uggs New murals raise questions about expression and commerce

The two most recent additions to the city’s growing collection of outdoor artwork provide a study in contrasts that illustrates the sometimes fuzzy distinctions that can come into play.”A Call to Balance,” which went up over the past week on the back of the SP Printing building at 252 SW Jefferson Ave., doesn’t advertise anything. The 27 by 17 foot mural depicts a towering great blue heron surrounded by a semi abstract mix of nature imagery and geometric designs in a muted palette of colors.It’s the work of Erica Greminger, who is employed as a commercial artist at the local Trader Joe’s store, where she creates hand lettered signs and large scale indoor wall paintings.Being commissioned to paint the downtown mural offered her a chance to stretch beyond the commercial constraints of her job and produce something purely artistic in a public setting.”I’m just excited to be a part of the mural project and to be able to share my vision and my art with the community,” she said. “I wanted it to be a colorful, vibrant mural that people can enjoy.”It’s the ninth mural created as part of the Corvallis Mural Project, which was launched a little over a year ago by local resident Jennifer Moreland. In addition to those “official” murals, Moreland’s initiative has also stimulated an outpouring of outdoor wall art by people unaffiliated with her project.According to Moreland, “A Call to Balance” came about after Bob Fenner, building and fleet supervisor in the Corvallis Public Works Department, approached her with a proposition: If she would arrange for a mural on the back wall of the SP building, which faces a city owned parking lot, the city would provide some fresh landscaping around the base of the wall.Charles and Lynnette Field, the owners of SP Printing, agreed to sponsor the mural, and Moreland contacted Greminger about taking the commission. The building owners wanted a nature scene, but Moreland was concerned it might look too much like some of the other murals around town.”I asked if it would be OK if it was abstract,” she said. “Some of the murals start to look the same, so I was trying to do something different.”Just around the corner from Greminger’s creation is another new mural that has a different purpose: advertising.Painted on the side of a building at Southwest Second Street and Adams Avenue, the eye catching creation depicts a giant armored robot holding a massive war hammer. Lettering in the upper left hand corner says “Overwatch” the name of a popular video game and “Join us.” The name of the company that makes the game, Blizzard Entertainment, appears in the bottom right.Building owner Enrique Semadeni said he was approached two or three months ago by Overall Murals, a New York outdoor advertising company, with an offer to pay him for the right to paint an ad on his wall.”They say they’re contacting different people in Corvallis that have buildings with open walls,” he said.Semadeni, who had been paying attention to the numerous murals sprouting up around the city, reviewed a sketch of the Overwatch ad and agreed to a short term deal. A two man team painted the mural in mid November and is supposed to paint over it in mid December, although the company has an option for a one month extension.”Honestly, I wouldn’t do it if it was to stay for a year or two,” Semadeni said.The Overwatch mural prompted an outpouring of comments on the Corvallis Mural Project’s Facebook page (even though it has no connection to the project), where dozens of people aired their views on the subject.Many of the commenters said they liked the visually arresting video game ad or supported the property owner’s right to sell ad space on his building, while others derided it as crass or offensive and called for the city to regulate commercial murals.According to Kevin Russell, development services manager in the Corvallis Community Development Department, the city does regulate signs but not murals.”In the city of Corvallis we don’t have a specific definition of what constitutes a mural (but) we do have a definition of sign,” he said. “The challenge is when you have art mixed with advertising of different types.”In fact, an entire chapter of the city’s land development code 22 pages is devoted to rules and regulations governing signs, not counting three pages of sign related definitions. While none of that language refers specifically to commercial murals, Russell believes it’s pretty clear that productions such as the Overwatch ad require a $68 sign permit from the city.”If you want to affix a painted sign to your building, that would require a permit,” he said. “I don’t see anything that differentiates those two at this point.”Russell noted that David Lin, the owner of the Tibet House at Southwest Fourth Street and Jefferson Avenue, asked the city if he would need a permit when he commissioned a controversial mural for his building. City officials concluded that the main mural, a highly political work of art that promotes independence for Tibet and Taiwan, did not need a permit, but a secondary mural that included the name of the business did.On the other hand, Russell said, he has no record of a permit being issued for the Overwatch mural or for a large mural on the Green Room dispensary on Northwest Ninth Street that includes the business’s logo.That may have something to do with confusion over the difference between artistic and commercial murals and the lack of any specific code language to regulate them.”We have pretty outdated sign standards,” Russell acknowledged. “When the mural project happened, it just happened organically.”For her part, Moreland says, she welcomes commercial murals such as the Overwatch ad, even though she can understand why some people might object to it.
ugg bailey charm boots New murals raise questions about expression and commerce

ugg ascot slipper New movie coming from

ugg tasmina flip flops New movie coming from

The leaders of Sherwood Pictures, the makers of the popular Christian themed film “Fireproof,” announced the name and premise of their next film, their fourth, on Sunday.

The movie is to be called “Courageous” and will focus on fatherhood, the leaders said.

Sherwood Pictures is an outreach ministry of Sherwood Church in Albany, Ga. The church’s senior pastor, the Rev. Michael Catt (at right) , along with the church’s executive pastor the Rev. Jim McBride and ministers Stephen and Alex Kendrick, made the announcement.

I’ve talked to Catt before for a column about the church’s movie making role, and spoke to Stephen Kendrick about “The Love Dare” book from “Fireproof” for a story. All seemed to be very passionate about the church’s venture into the arena of making movies with strong Christian content.

A news release was sent out about the recent annoucement. Alex Kendrick, the release said, briefly outlining the plot Sunday: “Four fathers who are all in law enforcement who protect and serve together go through a terrible tragedy,” he said. “They begin looking at their role as fathers . . . and they begin challenging one another to fulfill God’s intention for fathers.”

Catt said the single word title echoes God’s call for men to “rise with courage” in their homes and as leaders” at a time when numerous marriages end in divorce and more than one third of all children live away from their biological fathers.

“The statistics on fatherless children are devastating,” McBride said. “We believe God is calling men to rise up with strength and with leadership in their homes, with their families and with their children.”

All four leaders of Sherwood Pictures are husbands and fathers. Pastor Catt has two children; Pastor McBride has four; Stephen Kendrick has four; and Alex Kendrick has six.

Principle filming of “Courageous” is to begin in March 2010 in Albany. Like the previous three Sherwood films, the movie will be marketed by Provident Films. most people know of God and Jesus but very few really know the Holy spirit. I need to find and talk with the producers of these great movies. right now I’m out of work having had shoulder surgery and I’m touching as many lifes as I can throught Jesus Christ. I have been in several plays at our local church and have played the narrator for several of these plays. You can look me up on youtube in the search engine Dan Stone Bible or stoneauctioneer. I would love to be in your next film. Praying for God’s will. Recently I’ve become acquainted with a distant cousin. They are so special in many different ways. Stephanie and Jack have 2 biological children and have adopted 5 girls from Russia and Ukraine. They are so unique and they love your films. They have become followers of our Lord. I try to go visit with them 1 day a week. They thought they might be a good subject for a film. They asked me if I would write to you and suggest this. Thank you for your reading of this e mail. God bless you on all your further endeavers. In der Tat von einem praktischen Standpunkt aus gesehen,
ugg ascot slipper New movie coming from
wollen die grundlegenden Winter in Australien nicht unbedingt Schnee Stiefel. Melbourne, die sdlichste Region, im Winter mindestens eine Temperatur von etwa Null Grad Celsius auch. Wir haben gerade Ski fahren und wird in speziellen Operationen tragen. Allerdings waren diese lokale Tradition “, die weltweit warm” Stiefel, diejenigen, die japanische Mode Reise entdecken ging, Kurz Ugg als modisches Element vorhanden ist, zuerst in vielen japanischen Modezeitschriften auf der Strae schieen Bilder gesehen, dann eine Reihe von Hollywood Star der Verfolgung, und rasch zu einem Modetrend multipliziert. Und vielen Lndern begann Sternen emulieren, und dann in den letzten paar Jahren um die Staaten in der Wintermode Mdchen beliebtesten Modeartikel geworden. The following is an excerpt from The Christmas Cactus: “Chris was born in a typical Mid western town in southern Michigan in 1951. His parents, returning from WWII, began building a life with their two children. As he grew older, Chris was driven by a restlessness that denied him any measure of peace or serenity. After years of odd jobs and geographic moves, he slipped into a subtle disrepair, ultimately sinking into a near irrevocable insanity on skid row, surviving on drugs and alcohol, missions, blood banks and strange women. Existing for many years in a small room deep within an abandoned tenement building, there appeared to be no inspiration for change.”

Thank you for making films that truely inspire and uplift Christian values. It is all too rare to see something of eternal value at the local movie theater. We have some wonderful friends whose life story is the epitomy of inspiration and trust in our Savior. Perhaps you watched the Extreme Makeover Home Edition on May 16th about Jeremy Williams and his family. There have been several articles in the Atlanta Journal Constitution documenting his journey with ALS. His son is 6 and has spina bifata. He is a member of our church and his family has been long time friends of ours. He is the most courageous humble man I know. Prayerfully consider whether God might lead you to tell his story to the world.

I just want to say that God is really blessing you and all the Ministries that you have. It’s hard to find wholesome Christ oriented movies. Continue what you are doing. My husband and I both came from broken homes. We have two children and we want to raise them under Christ leadership. “Michael Catt said it well,
ugg ascot slipper New movie coming from
“We want to impact the world from Albany Georgia”. Thank you for the wonderful movies and my God continue to bless you. The Kube Family

are ugg boots waterproof New Monterey ordinance outlaws sitting

uggs ebay New Monterey ordinance outlaws sitting

“It’s just gotten to the point where the safety of people walking up and down our sidewalks is in peril,” Police Chief Philip Penko said.

Monterey law enforcers and leaders in City Hall said the new sit/lie law is necessary because an increasing number of “travelers” have been blocking sidewalks and aggressively panhandling.

City Council members said the “travelers” are mostly groups of young people who choose to live on the streets as they drift up and down California’s coast.

City councilwoman Nancy Selfridge said travelers passing through town, not Monterey’s homeless population, are the source of problems downtown.

“Our truly homeless people are invisible. They are not down on Alvarado Street, or on the Transit Plaza hanging out. They are willing to get help,
are ugg boots waterproof New Monterey ordinance outlaws sitting
” Selfridge said.

City leaders have discussed the drifter problem for months, but Penko said police will not use the sidewalk sitting and laying law to target any specific group.”I will not allow an officer to say ‘OK that person is deserving one (citation) because of their station in life or their socioeconomic status.’ It’s based on behavior,” Penko said.

MAP: Streets where sit/lie law will be enforced

No one will be cited without a 30 day warning first, police said. After that, repeat violators will be issued a notice to appear in court or issued a $100 fine.
are ugg boots waterproof New Monterey ordinance outlaws sitting

ankle uggs New Mexico School Shooting

asos ugg boots New Mexico School Shooting

(AP) A gunman in a deadly New Mexico school shooting had no drugs or alcohol in his system the day of the December rampage and an autopsy revealed a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head, bruised knuckles and faint ink markings on his leg that included a swastika symbol. Notes left behind by the 21 year old gunman detailed plans to “gear up” after making his way onto campus and then shoot up a classroom before killing himself, they said.

Atchison killed two students Francisco I. Fernandez and Casey J. Marquez at small town Aztec High School before firing randomly in a hallway and a computer lab, where a substitute teacher and students hid. He then killed himself.

Autopsy and toxicology results were released Monday in response to a public records request. The autopsy report details a gunshot wound that went through Atchison’s mouth and out the back of his head.

Brice Current, internal affairs captain for the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office, said the agency is investigating and has yet to review the autopsy findings.

Current said Atchison was shooting randomly and through walls and it’s believed his intent was on “destroying people” regardless of their race.

“With his manifesto and what the facts showed was that he simply hated everybody, everything, hated the town he lived in, hated life,
ankle uggs New Mexico School Shooting
” Current said. In one file, he wrote: “Work sucks, school sucks, life sucks. I just want out of this (expletive).”

Shortly after school started Dec. 7, Atchison was gearing up for the attack in a bathroom when Fernandez walked in.

Both victims were described by family and classmates as having bright futures.

The autopsy says the faint ink markings on Atchison’s skin included the letters “SS” and “AMOG” on his upper left thigh along with the swastika symbol. A marking that appears as “BUILD WALL” was above a knee and “your home” was on his groin.

The shooter did not have a criminal record, officials said. The only contact with law enforcement was what they described as a generic message on an online gaming forum in 2016 in which he talked about what weapons might be used in a mass shooting.

The posting was flagged, and the FBI talked with Atchison at his home in Aztec, where he lived with his parents. At the time, he did not own any weapons other than an airsoft pellet gun. He said he had no plans for an attack and just liked to troll sites online.
ankle uggs New Mexico School Shooting

ugg brooks tall New Mexico Legislative Session

ugg New Mexico Legislative Session

Apples, pears, cider, taxes: State senators on Tuesday voted 40 0 to lower the tax on cider made by smaller yield winegrowers in New Mexico.

The tax rate would fall from 41 cents a gallon to 8 cents a gallon on the first 10,000 barrels. Then it would be 28 cents a gallon for all sales above 10,000 barrels but fewer than 15,000 barrels.

The proposal, Senate Bill 32, also would alter the definition of cider. It would include cider made from pears as well as from apples. Lastly, the measure would increase the allowable percentage of alcohol by volume to 8.5 percent from 7 percent.

Sen. Mimi Stewart, D Albuquerque, is sponsoring the bill. It next moves to the House of Representatives.

Hoop totals: The annual basketball game between the Senate and the House of Representatives raised $32,255 for The University of New Mexico Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Senators won the game, 33 24. It was the Senate’s fifth consecutive victory in the series, leading to a good deal of speechifying about how smoothly Republicans and Democrats worked together on the court.

County by county: State law caps the salaries of county sheriffs, commissioners and other local officials.

This year, some legislators are arguing they should get a raise or at least a chance at a raise.

On Tuesday, a legislative committee approved House Bill 69, which would lift the maximum salaries for elected officials in some counties by 15 percent.

In Santa Fe, for example, that could mean a boost from $78,555 to $90,338 for the sheriff and $75,327 to $86,626 for the treasurer.

The Legislature raised these maximum salaries in 2013. But it is still be up to local governments to approve salaries for elected officials.

The measure, sponsored by Rep. Bob Wooley, R Roswell, heads next to the House Judiciary Committee.

Quote of the day: “It’s that part of the process where they rip your heart out and feed it to you for lunch.” Sen. Jeff Steinborn, D Las Cruces, smarting a day after a Senate committee killed his proposal to use nominating commissions to help select university regents. The governor now has unilateral power to appoint regents.

ArticlesIn suit, former employee accuses film union official of sexual harassment’An erosion of the culture of the acequias’Ohkay Owingeh: Reviving a crumbling puebloMayor’s first job should be dispatching city clerkCouple’s $4 million donation to Railyard museum project lands them naming rightsThe key to Webber’s win: Noble votersThere’s reason to be excited about WebberRoad to Diablo Canyon is rough rideWebber elected Santa Fe mayor in four round ranked choice electionMora man killed on freeway was driving to get married
ugg brooks tall New Mexico Legislative Session

ugg shoes New Mexico leaders will travel to U

childrens ugg slippers sale New Mexico leaders will travel to U

Supreme Court case, Texas v. New Mexico and Colorado on Monday.

In 2008, EBID and its sister district in El Paso entered into an operating agreement that provided El Paso with extra water to make up for those impacts of pumping here in the Mesilla Valley, Faubion said. Texas sued New Mexico in 2013, alleging a violation of that agreement.

made it clear at the time that if they challenged the operating agreement, that Texas would feel obliged to go to the Supreme Court, and that is exactly what happened and that is exactly why we here where we are today,
ugg shoes New Mexico leaders will travel to U
” Faubion said.

is a huge issue that could affect states all across the nation,” said Samantha Barncastle Salopek, General Counsel for the Elephant Butte Irrigation District.

Barncastle told ABC 7 that this could be a precedent setting case because the federal government has moved to intervene in the dispute among states.

the United States has said is that they have enough of a federal interest in this contract, that even though they have not signed on to it, they not a party to the contract, they should still be allowed to come into this case and litigate as though they were a party to the contract,” Barncastle said.
ugg shoes New Mexico leaders will travel to U

ugg navy boots New maps make it easier to visit Minnesota state forests

ugg outlet uk New maps make it easier to visit Minnesota state forests

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has produced six new, state of the art maps that will make it easier and safer for people to explore, hunt, and recreate in state forests.

“The DNR has updated six state forests with 53 more to go,” said Forrest Boe, director of the DNR Forestry Division. “This five year effort will include updating maps for all of Minnesota’s state forests.”

State forest users now have two maps options. A geoPDF map will allow users to download a map onto a mobile device using a variety of map apps and then track their location as a blue dot on the screen. The new user friendly, paper maps highlight the unique recreation features of each forest and include pop out maps for popular campgrounds and day use areas.

“The little blue dot that appears on the map on my phone goes with me whether I’m on or off trail,” said Laura Duffey, DNR state forest map project coordinator. “This feature lets people know exactly where they are in a state forest no more getting lost.”

The maps are also more detailed than previous versions and highlight the endless recreation opportunities in state forests, such as hiking, mountain biking, birding, berry picking, cross country skiing, hunting, and horseback, ATV and snowmobile riding. Many state forests also offer campgrounds, fishing piers,
ugg navy boots New maps make it easier to visit Minnesota state forests
boat launches, swimming beaches, and picnic areas.

The six new maps are available in time for fall hunting and cover more than 240,000 acres of state forest land and thousands of miles of trails.

New geoPDF and paper maps are now available for:

Paul Bunyan State Forest in Cass and Hubbard counties

Badoura State Forest in Cass and Hubbard counties

Croix State Forest in Pine County

Huntersville State Forest in Cass, Hubbard and Wadena counties

Lyons State Forest in Wadena County.

Chengwatana State Forest in Pine and Chisago counties

The Paul Bunyan and Badoura state forests are popular spots for hunters. Combined, they contain two campgrounds and day use areas, four off highway vehicle trails, five wildlife management areas (WMA), two ruffed grouse management areas, and four state game refuges. They also have hiking, biking, snowmobiling and skiing trails.

The Huntersville and Lyons state forests are popular with hunters. Each state forest contains four WMAs and several miles of trails and roads for off highway vehicles. Additionally, the Huntersville State Forest offers two campgrounds, a horse campground, and 24 miles of designated horse trails.

The St. Croix State Forest offers a variety of year round recreation opportunities. It has 20 miles of horseback trails and a horse campground with 56 campsites. In the winter snowmobilers can enjoy 42 miles of trails while in the summer mountain bikers can cruise 25 miles of trails. The Boulder Campground and day use area has 22 secluded campsites and access to Rock Lake for swimming, fishing and boating.

The Chengwatana State Forest contains the Snake River Campground and several miles of off highway motorcycle and all terrain vehicle trails. Three state water trails run through the forest: Kettle River, Snake River, and St. Croix River. Snowmobilers also use the Matthew Lourey State Trail,
ugg navy boots New maps make it easier to visit Minnesota state forests
which runs through the forest. The new maps also shows locations of National Park Service campsites along the St.

white uggs New Managed Accounts Exemption Opens Doors for Jersey Fund Managers

classic short chestnut ugg boots sale New Managed Accounts Exemption Opens Doors for Jersey Fund Managers

A new exemption from the requirements of Jersey Financial Services (Jersey) Law 1998 (FS(J)L) has been introduced which will enable Jersey regulated fund managers to service qualifying segregated managed accounts (QSMAs) without the need for further regulation in Jersey while continuing to benefit from Jersey 0% corporate income tax rate.

It is anticipated that the exemption, implemented by the Financial Services (Investment Business (Qualifying Segregated Managed Accounts Exemption)) (Jersey) Order 2014 (Order) will prove popular with many managers who are already seeing a boost in managed account business due to a combination of investor demand and the potential ability to provide investment management services to EU/EEA resident clients without the need for AIFMD compliance.

Previously, managers of managed accounts in Jersey were considered to be carrying on nvestment businessrather than unds services businessfor FS(J)L purposes, and accordingly these managers were potentially subject to a more onerous regulatory burden and the 10% rate of Jersey income tax.

Compliance with the Order will enable any eligible manager to take two simple steps which will trigger exemption from the requirement to be regulated for investment business when managing a QSMA first, they must file a notice (together with an initial fee) with the Jersey Financial Services Commission (JFSC) confirming that they will manage the QSMA and intend to take advantage of the exemption. Secondly, they must send a prescribed form of investment warning to each investor (receipt of which must be acknowledged in writing).

Once the exemption is triggered, there are some light ongoing reporting requirements and an annual fee must be paid, but there is no need to make any further notification or application to the JFSC when additional managed accounts are taken on. the account must be in the name of a single legal person save in certain scenarios where a) members of the same family or b) employees of the manager are jointly investing);
white uggs New Managed Accounts Exemption Opens Doors for Jersey Fund Managers

the account is managed in accordance with defined hedge fund strategies which replicate (or are comprised of material elements from) one or more hedge fund strategies currently employed by the manager in respect of one or more existing funds that they manage; and

the Jersey manager must the only manager of the managed account and cannot hold or otherwise have custody of the assets under management.

Which managers can use the exemption?

In order to trigger and maintain the benefit of the exemption, the manager must:

be regulated under FS(J)L for funds services business as a manager, investment manager, trustee or general partner;

be appointed to undertake the investment management of one or more hedge funds and either hold itself out as being a hedge fund manager or be generally perceived as such;

file a notice with the JFSC confirming that it intends to take advantage of the exemption together with payment of an annual fee;

report to the JFSC on an ongoing basis the number of QSMAs managed pursuant to the exemption and the value of the investments under management in connection with those QSMAs (reported as a single aggregated figure only). they are provided with infrastructure and support by a locally regulated administrator) can utilise the new exemption. This will enable many existing Jersey managers to start offering managed account services without the need for additional infrastructure or expense,
white uggs New Managed Accounts Exemption Opens Doors for Jersey Fund Managers
and new managers wishing to establish a presence in Jersey and utilise the exemption will typically benefit from a quicker and more economic set up process.

ugg suede boots New look not likely to give boost to Crocs’ investment outlook

ugg ascot New look not likely to give boost to Crocs’ investment outlook

Crocs (Nasdaq: CROX) is going retro, but unfortunately for investors, it not flashing back to its heady days of growing sales and soaring shares. Instead, it simply trying a new and purely cosmetic twist on the old Crocs.

The shoe company is touting its new Crocband style, which supposedly gives a little sneaker edge to the Crocs lineup. These new Crocs pretty much look like the old Crocs, except for their white with a stripe soles, which recall the classic look of Chuck Taylor All Stars, the signature sneakers of Nike Converse division. While imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, how many consumers are out there wishing they didn have to choose between Chucks and Crocs?

Fading fads can be painful. Like investors in Heelys, Crocs shareholders have suffered from the company plunging stock price. We see this winter whether Deckers Outdoors UGG boots, long the fluffy footwear of the hip and famous, can eke out another year of popularity. At least Skechers seems adept at constantly reinventing its footwear, albeit with designs that admittedly touch on elements of recent trends.

Some investors will always maintain their love affair with stocks that have exciting stories, no matter how poorly the businesses do. Consider steering clear of Crocs, though, as its recent superficial tweaks may not make any real difference.

Q: I about to begin investing. I read that when it comes to mutual funds, I shouldn waste my time in anything but a low cost index fund. An S 500 fund will instantly have you invested in 500 of America biggest companies. (Many of them have substantial overseas operations, giving you some international exposure, too.) You can go even broader with something like Vanguard Total Stock Market index,
ugg suede boots New look not likely to give boost to Crocs' investment outlook
which includes smaller and medium size companies, too. Look for index funds with low fees, such as ones from Vanguard.

If you want to try to beat the market, you might put some of your money into a few top notch managed mutual funds, where managers make lots of buy and sell decisions. Or invest in a few carefully chosen individual stocks. Index funds, though, are the easiest and will get you close to the market return, which is great for those without the time, interest or expertise to study funds and stocks. It simply the recent stock price divided by the earnings per share. A stock trading at $20 per share with $2 in EPS will have a P/E of 10 (20 divided by 2). If the stock splits 2 for 1, the shares will be priced at $10 and the EPS will also be halved, resulting in an unchanged P/E (10 divided by 1 is 10).

My dumbest investment

The Fool responds: It often good to place orders, which buy or sell at the going price, instead of orders, where you specify a minimum or maximum price. But it best to use market orders while the market is open, so you have a good idea of the going price. While the market is closed, big news can lead a stock to open later at a much higher or lower price, making market orders risky, as you learned. Shares of small companies can be especially volatile. Clearly, you weren the only one placing a buy order that weekend after reading about the company.
ugg suede boots New look not likely to give boost to Crocs' investment outlook