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As light filteredinto the woods, Hartley decided to sit at the base of a mature tree. The spot afforded views on the downward slope of a coulee, including a likely deer bedding area in a patch of dense vegetation.

Hartley sat on a foam cushion and leaned his back against the tree. He was dressed in a blaze orange coat and hat and camouflage rain pants.

His 25.06 rifle rested by his side.

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Having hunted the property multiple times over the last two years, including during the bow seasons, Hartley knew the property fairly well. It held good numbers of deer.

The hunters had agreed to let smaller bucks go. And to help with deer management, they wouldn’t hesitate to shoot a doe.

“I was surrounded by deer one time this year during bow season,” Hartley said. “I couldn’t make a move. That’s the first time that’s ever happened.”

He was about to encounter another first. Seconds later, an 8 point buck emerged about 20 yards away.

The deer had a smaller rack and was younger than Hartley intended to shoot.

In an effort to get the deer to move off, Hartley loudly clicked his rifle’ssafety. The buck jumped. But it didn’t run.

Instead, it looked at Hartley and, astonishingly, began to saunter over to the hunter.

Hartley, who wasn’t wearing any “doe in heat” or other deer scent, remained still.

The buck walked slowly within a few feet of Hartley and slightly past his location.

For a second, Hartley applauded his stealthy performance.

“I thought it was just going to walk past me and keep going,” Hartley said. “Then I heard him smelling me from behind.”

Moments later, the buck did more than sniff it pushed its nose directly into the middle of Hartley’s back.

“I thought, ‘Hey, what’s going on here?'” Hartley said. “Then he came around the front of the tree and put his head down toward my feet.”

Hartley remained seated as the buck began to work its antlers on his legs and boots.

As they are shedding velvet and during the mating season, it’s common for male deer to rub their antlers on trees.

An instance of a buck rubbing on a hunter has never been recorded, according to searches performed by theMilwaukee Journal Sentinel.
uggs baby point buck walk up to a deer hunter