original uggs police arrest second of two fugitives near Park Falls

knightsbridge ugg boots police arrest second of two fugitives near Park Falls

PARK FALLS After more than 12 hours of searching the woods, fields, and swamps near Park Falls using men, dogs, and airplanes, police now have both fugitives in custody in Friday’s multi agency manhunt. on County Road E just west of Park Falls. About eight hours earlier, they had taken the other suspect, 23 year old Adrian Luis Rodriguez, into custody.

Price County Chief Deputy Brian Roush confirmed Friday night that the search was over. A driver on County Road E had reported a man walking along the roadway, and when deputies determined it was Schoonover, they arrested him. Roush said he was cooperative and that deputies didn’t find a weapon or drugs on him. It said that two potentially dangerous men were on the loose and suggested people stay inside and lock their doors. The alert sent the Chequamegon School District’s Park Falls campus and the Flambeau Hospital and Clinic into lockdown.

Earlier in the morning, Park Falls police officers had tried to arrest Schoonover and Rodriguez, who are both from Florida. The two men were loitering on the sidewalk near the McDonald’s in Park Falls. Officers had gotten information to attempt a drug related arrest on the two men, but the men tried to flee into the woods behind the restaurant.

“A bystander did tackle the person,” said Park Falls Police Chief Scott Straetz. “The one suspect pulled a knife on the bystander but did not cut him.”

“I saw the cops running after the guy, and he grabbed his shirt,” said Kacey Dallmann, a clerk at the BP gas station adjacent to McDonald’s. “He just had him, then he grabbed the shirt, and the shirt fell on the ground.”

Both men escaped to the woods, which set off a manhunt. Forest Service got involved in the search. The hunt included men on the ground, K 9 units, and a plane circling in the air.

“[We called in] other agencies that have those resources K 9’s, airplanes, manpower,” said Price County Sheriff Brian Schmidt.

Officers with various types of rifles and bulletproof vests surrounded an area of about 1 square mile. The swampy, wooded tract offered ample hiding places,

Park Falls’ Scott Hilgart, who farms land about a half mile away through the woods, saw one of the fugitives on his farm.

“I was just sitting out here watching, seeing if anyone would come out of the swamp,” Hilgart said. “One of them did. He started walking up here toward the [farm] buildings. The fugitive saw the police officer, kind of looked at us for a while, then ran back in the swamp.”

Soon after, police took Rodriguez into custody.

“The individual that was caught out in the woods had a knife on him.

But Schoonover still remained at large.

“We do not believe he would hurt anybody intentionally, but he may try to steal your car. I would definitely take the keys out of your car, lock your car, keep the car in the garage, and keep your doors and windows shut,” Chief Straetz said at the time.

The next six hours found police guarding and searching different parts of the nearby woods, suspecting Schoonover was hiding in them. but were unable to catch him. He said the coming colder temperatures and darkness meant officers needed to go home.

Just minutes later, though, Schoonover was arrested. He will join Rodriguez in Price County Jail.

Schoonover, Rodriguez, and a third man were originally traveling to a music festival in Highbridge in Ashland County, Schmidt said earlier in the day. The third man was arrested Thursday night on drug charges. The other two were apparently waiting for a ride at the McDonald’s BP complex in Park Falls.

“They had their sleeping bags and tents, and bought some donuts and some liquor,” said Dallmann, the BP clerk. “They were just waiting. I thought they were waiting for a ride.”

When Dallmann sold the men the liquor, she found out they didn’t know where they were.

“They asked me, ‘What city am I at?’ I said, ‘Park Falls, Wisconsin.’ I had [asked to see their identification] for some liquor, and they were from Florida,” Dallmann remembered.

We’re still awaiting potential charges against the men.

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The Wisconsin State Journal reports that Dane County is seeking proposals from private partners to build the project on land just north of the Dane County Regional Airport. The project would generate 8 megawatts of electricity on 41 acres of airport owned property.

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original uggs police arrest second of two fugitives near Park Falls