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Five things I want is a PS4, an Xbox One, also, have Ariana Grande have a concert at my house, and MLB 14 for PS4. I want a PS4 because it has my favorite game called MLB 14. Xbox doesn have MLB 14. I want an Xbox One because it can do two things in one. I also want Ariana Grande to sing a concert because I love Ariana Grande, and I like her music. Last, I want MLB 14 because baseball is my favorite sport, and it has new rosters and also new graphics. That is why I want a PS4, an Xbox One, also have Ariana Grande have a concert at my house, and get the game, MLB 14.

These are five things I listed for Christmas. The first thing is a Lalaloopsy that poops charms for a charm bracelet. A Lalaloopsy is a baby with a diaper and pink hair. The next thing on my list is a Little Live Pet pink parrot in a cage. I saw it online and its name is Beauty Bella. The third thing is a Little Live Pet panda. They have it at Toys R Us. It has a bottle to drink from and when you shake its rattle it walks to you. The fourth thing is a Little Live Pet purple butterfly in a cage. It flutters when you press a button. The fifth thing is a Rock Star Barbie and a Wedding Barbie. Rock Star Barbie comes with a microphone and sparkly clothes. Wedding Barbie has a long, gorgeous white gown and a bouquet of flowers. Lastly, those are the five things on my Christmas list. I really hope Santa brings them. That would be magnificent!

Hmmm. This is what I want for Christmas! This year for Christmas I don’t want what you would expect. I already got what toy I wanted for my birthday so there is nothing out there I want.

One thing I’m asking for is “Elites.” Elites are a cool type of socks that are mainly for sports. I want these because they are comfortable to wear and go up pretty high on your leg.

Another thing I’m asking for is new high top shoes for basketball. I want these shoes called Jordans. They are for basketball and are super awesome.

Another thing I’m asking for is new Under Armour shorts. Under Armour is my favorite brand and has super comfortable clothes shorts and shirts which is another thing I’m asking for.

The last thing I’m asking for is, new snow boots. My snow boots right now aren’t even snow boots, they’re pathetic so I want to get ones that are more my type. Since my mom gave them to me they are kind of girly so I’m going to ask for green or orange ones.

This is what I’m getting for Christmas. I think that’s a pretty good choice!

One of the five things on my holiday gift list is a clarinet music book. I want this because I am very into playing the instrument and I want to learn more songs on it. The second thing on my gift list is a large bucket of Legos, so I can build a really tall Lego skyscraper. Another thing on my list is a shelf of science fiction books to read, because Sci Fi is my favorite book genre. Number 4 on my list is a very large Lego table, because I am always running out of room to build Legos. The last thing on my holiday gift list is a Mip robot. I want this because I think it would be cool to program a robot. In conclusion, these are my top five toys that I want for Christmas and with good reason.

The first thing I want is a controller for my game console. I want another controller so I can play with both my brothers. They want to play my brand new xbox one, but they can’t. I like when they play with me because I beat them every time and it’s fun. My second item is a game called Sunset Overdrive. It looks like a fun game when you try to avoid monsters who were infected by some energy drink. You have to jump on cars climb buildings and try your best to survive. You have to scan over the city to make sure you are safe.

My third item is some more winter boots. I just really want a good pair of boots because mine are only size two and my feet are size four. It’s hard to put them on and they hurt my feet. It feels as if I’m wearing a brick. My fourth item is a bird. I really want a bird so he could sit on my shoulder and tweet songs. My final item is an iPad. I have an iPod but it’s old and it has a broken button. The reason I want an iPad is because the screen is bigger and it could hold more data. These are five things on my Christmas list.

The first Christmas present I want is the iPhone 6. If I got the iPhone 6 I would be able to call my family in the Phillipines because I haven talked to in a really long time. Also, if someone tries to get on my phone I can lock it from the new feature fingerprint. I think that was really unique. Another Christmas present I want is a golden retrieve puppy. I want a golden retriever because I think they are really cute and very smart. The third Christmas present I want is a three $100 Apple gift card. I would want a $100 gift card because there are many new apps. The fourth present I want is the new Michael Jordan shoes. I want new Michael Jordan shoes. I want those shoes because they look really cool. The last present I want is beats headphones in the color white. I want these headphones because I think that it better than other headphones.

There are many holiday gifts I hope to receive this year. The first, thing I want is Uggs. I want Uggs because they keep my feet nice and warm. The next, thing I want is dance clothes. I would like dance clothes because I dance so much that sometimes I have no dance clothes that are clean! I also hope to get Taylor Swift concert tickets. I sure that she is a great performer. For the holidays, I would also like earrings. I hope to get new earrings because I love jewelry. Finally, I would really like to get some new clothes. As much as I love to receive gifts, I also enjoy giving to my family and to people who are in need. Have a great Holiday Season!

I would like to get a remote control Miss Gieco boat, Microsoft flight simulator, and an electric model of a car motor, a new computer, and custom shoes. I would like to get a Miss Gieco racing boat because they go really fast and are so much fun to drive. Also, I would hope to get is the Microsoft flight simulator because I like aviation. I also,
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would like it because you get to fly planes from the Boeing 747 to the Wright brothers plane. Next, I would like to get a new computer. I really would like this because ours is 6 years old and really slow. Additionally, I would like to get custom shoes. That would be great because I only have play shoes and basketball shoes. Also, they look very cool customized. Last, but not least, I would like a model 4 cylinder car motor. I am really interested in cars so I think that would be cool. I hope Santa Claus has enough room in his sleigh!

Oh my gosh it’s a. The holiday season is here and everyone is getting ready, but have you made your holiday list? Some people say you should be grateful for what you have, I think that too. Here are 5 things on my list this year:

First, what I want is a cell phone, and I have been trying to get one for years now but it never happened. This year it’s going to be different. The reason I have always wanted one is because I have gotten stuck in many situations where I needed one. For example, I have gotten left on our zip line twice. I felt like a stick stuck on a power line. Also, if I am at aftercare, an afterschool program, and I want to be picked up early I could always call my mom or dad. Second, in my house there is an empty room that was never finished so my family decided that it would be my “future” bed room. They are starting it this year and I am very excited! I want it to be finished for Christmas because my room is just way too small and I need my own space to work.

Third, I want a puppy. I want one because after our first dog, Lizajane passed away we never got another one because my parents were too emotional. If only they knew that I would take care of a puppy and love it too. I also would want to get a new winter coat one that is not too thick, and not too thin. One that is nice and fuzzy inside that will keep me warm. I would want it because I don have many good winter coats. The last but not least item that I would want for Christmas is a lamp for my desk. I want one because I wouldn’t want to be doing my homework in the dark.

I hope everyone has a happy and healthy holiday!

Merry Christmas. There are a lot of things I would like for Christmas. The first thing I would like is a new electric scooter because the one I have now is for little kids and I’m to big for it. The second thing I want is My Password Journal. I want My Password Journal because it has an invisible ink pen and a special lock that only opens to your voice. The third thing I want is the marker maker kit where you can make your own magic markers. Another thing I want is a real bow and arrow just like the one in the Hunger Games that Katniss uses. I definitely don’t want one of those plastic ones that can break easily. The last thing I want to spend Christmas and New Years with my whole family. Those are five things I want for Christmas.

Five things on my Christmas list are a Grow Your Own Pearl Oyster Mushroom Kit from Uncommon Goods, a new pair of Nike Hyper Elite socks, The Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan, a Make Your Own Chocolate Kit from Mindware, and money. I wanted the mushroom kit because I love to eat mushrooms and once these mushrooms grow my Nonna can cook them and we can have mushrooms at Sunday dinner. I desire a pair of Hyper Elites because I need a new pair for basketball; I am obsessed with the Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan so that is why I really hope I get his final book. I also got the chocolate kit last year and adore how tasty the chocolate is (I even made homemade Reese cups last year) and finally I would like money because I am saving for a car when I 17. Those are some things on my Christmas list, and I really hope I get these things this year!

One thing I want for Christmas is an awesome new Nerf gun. I want a new awesome Nerf gun because I have a collection and I have all of them, except that one. That is why I want a new awesome Nerf gun.

Another thing I want for Christmas is a new Lego Chima set. I want a new Lego Chima set because I absolutely love Lego Chima. Another reason is when I get bored of it I can give it to my sister or brother. And also when I have kids, I can give it to them.

Another thing I want for Christmas is a new Assassins Creed outfit. I want a new Assassins Creed outfit because my brother and I can have Assassin fights. Another reason why I want an Assassin outfit is because I can hide in the shadows and scare my brother. The final reason is when I take a mental health day, I can hide in my mom office and scare her.

The next thing I want for Christmas is a dirt bike. I want a dirt bike because someday when I get older I can ride it up a mountain. Another reason is I can go over my friend house, and we can ride dirt bikes together.

The last thing I want for Christmas is good time and quiet time with my family. I want a nice and quiet time with my family because every year it so loud. Another reason is when we watch movies, my sister is always so loud. The final reason is when we are opening presents, everyone screams their lungs out.

1. I want the new Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. I want it because they still have the classic fighters like Mario, Kirby, and Fox Mccloud, and they also have new ones like Pac man and Bowser Jr.

2. I want Goplus for my Goanimate account because I am tired of making 30 second videos. This also means that I can finally make characters in comedy word form and lil peepz form.

3. I was a new pair of headphones to replace my old one which have been broken and I don know how to fix them. It also doesn have sound in both ears and it doesn even fit in my iPad.
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