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Chad Harris, a sergeant with the Roswell Police Department, was arrested early Thanksgiving morning and charged with simple battery, battery and two counts of cruelty to children. He was released from a Cherokee County jail on $4,500 bond and placed on administrative leave from the Roswell Police Department.

An incident report from the Cherokee County Sheriff Office reveals new details about the arrest.

According to the report obtained by the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Harris drank 10 beers, threw shoes at his children and left scratch marks on his wife neck. on Nov. 23 after his son called 911, according to the report. When deputies arrived, they could hear two people arguing, and coming from inside the home.

When the deputies approached to enter the home,
ugg boots uk cheap threw shoes at kids before arrest
the front door was flung open by a woman later identified as Harris wife, and looked as if (Harris) was pushing her through the front door, according to the deputies report. A deputy wrote in the report that the from the door being flung open coupled with the bangs and screams influenced the deputy to draw his weapon and aim at Harris.

The deputies told Harris to get on the ground, and they put him in handcuffs when he did, according to the report. This is when Harris told the deputies he was a sergeant within the Roswell Police Department.

The report notes that two victims, a 42 year old and a 17 year old, had visible injuries and were given medical attention. Harris told deputies he never touched his wife, but admitted to throwing the shoes.

According to the report, Harris told deputies he was a 15 year law enforcement veteran and that the arrest would his career. She would speak to Pozen on camera, but did say her account of what happened is different from what you’ve heard but she would not elaborate.

According to the police report,
ugg boots uk cheap threw shoes at kids before arrest
she said he got mad at her because he knows she is not scared of him. She said he is aggressive because he a police officer and able to play the part well