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Introduction: Tie Dye Drop Coth Shoes

I need some kick around summer shoes and wanted to go with Chinese Mary Janes since they were my high school go to shoe. I had a hard time finding a pair and finallyfounda new pair on eBay. The price is right but the color was a boring beige so I tie dyed the shoes and make them more uniquely me. You can read the full tutorial How to Make Tie Dye Drop Cloth Shoes on my blog Condo Blues. I recommend you do this outside,
ugg boot outlet Tie Dye Drop Coth Shoes
even though the squirt bottles makes dying less messy than the big tub of dye method,
ugg boot outlet Tie Dye Drop Coth Shoes
it never hurts to err on the side of easier clean up. WEAR THE GLOVES THAT COME IN THE KIT. Unless you want blue hands. The dye is nontoxic so that’s not the issue. Walking around with Smurf hands until the dye wears off could be though.

Step 4: Salt Resist Tie Dye the Shoes

Squirt the dye on the wet shoes. The dye got through anyway. I also think having a less than flat surface interfered with the salt resist technique. The salt resist didn’t come out as well on my shoes as it did on my flat test t shirt. I like the texture I got on my shoes but I wish it was a little more pronounced like on my test project.

Place the dyed shoes in a plastic bag and allow the color to cure. The directions say to leave it in the bag 4 6 hours. I left mine in the bag overnight.

Step 5: Folding Tie Dye Technique

Fold the section of canvas drop cloth like an accordion while it is wet. Wrap the rubber bands that come in the kit around the folded fabric every 1 to 2 inches.