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Timber Sales Available for Direct PurchaseDouglas County Forestry Department has the following timber sale tracts that are available for direct purchase. These sales may be purchased the counter on a first come, first serve basis. Policy dictates that sales that remain unsold after two public advertisements may be sold direct at the appraised values. Please note that prior prospectus offerings of these sales included the advertised values as the minimums, which are 15% lower than the appraised values. The appraised value minimums are included on the individual sale maps at the links below. These are the minimum values which must be met in order to purchase any of these sales.

For general timber sale contract purchasing requirements for these sales, please click this link: Douglas County Timber Sale Purchasing Requirements

(Please note that the information in this file covers bidding and bid guarantee bond requirements as well,
ugg bailey button bomber Timber Sale Program
which would not apply to these direct sales.)

Please contact the individual noted in each description below or our office if you have any interest in purchasing any of these tracts. All other normal contract requirements apply including; proof of insurance, current SFI training standard, 20% performance bond,
ugg bailey button bomber Timber Sale Program
and entering into a 2 year contract with Douglas County.