knock off uggs Till set to run red hot as shoppers flock to annual sales

bailey button uggs uk Till set to run red hot as shoppers flock to annual sales

Myer Maroochydore manager Greg Hutton said the Boxing Day sales provided the opportunity for customers to jag some of the handiest bargains of the year.

He said the day was the beginning of the best period for retail spending for consumers.

While a lot of people will be keen to take advantage of some of the best deals on offer, Mr Hutton said customers should be aware that most sales would last until late January.

“Whilst there is the feeling that the early bird gets the best buys there is still plenty of time during the month of January to enjoy the offers.”

Mr Hutton said the sales experience would run a lot smoother if people came prepared.

“First thing is to wear comfortable shoes and plan which department you are going to go to,” he said.

“You can collect all your items together and go to one counter and purchase your items in one transaction.”

And with tensions sure to boil over at some point, Mr Hutton implored customers to shop with the Christmas spirit in mind.

“The thing we have to remember is we are on the Sunshine Coast,
knock off uggs Till set to run red hot as shoppers flock to annual sales
” he said.

“So casual living and casual lifestyle adds to the fact that we all want to enjoy the day.

“If we all remember the Christmas spirit, it will make that much more enjoyable.”

More than one million people across the country will visit Myer stores today

On Christmas Eve Myer stores remove more than 5000 Christmas trees and 13,300 wreaths to make way for the 14,180 stocktake sale banners

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knock off uggs Till set to run red hot as shoppers flock to annual sales