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when I checked the thermometer as my sister’s family and my own clan awakened in our hotel room in Crystal River, Fla. snorkeling excursion to swim with manatees.

“I’ve got good news and bad news,” I said. “The bad news is, it’s 42 degrees.” Everyone groaned at the thought of jumping in a river. “The good news is, we’re going to see a lot of manatees!”

As temperatures lower, the sea cows, many of which spend the hot months in estuaries and bays, migrate to Florida’s springs where the water temperature at the source is always a reliable 72 degrees. While there are many places in Central Florida to see these herds of West Indian manatees that congregate during winter months, the Crystal River Preserve State Park area is the only place in Florida where you can legally get in the water with them for the purpose of interacting.

I’ve snorkeled with manatees twice in Crystal River, located near the Gulf coast and about two hours slightly northwest of Orlando, and three times in nearby Homosassa Springs. The experiences are very different but similarly rewarding. The swimming area in Crystal River is a larger and deeper body of water; the outing can be paired for certified scuba divers with a guided dive into the caverns, which makes for a standout entry in a log book. The manatee meeting spot in Homosassa Springs is a shallow area of the river that is both intimate and serene.

I recommend American Pro Diving Center, a PADI five star training center and operator that also offers an add on Manatee Awareness course to learn more about the animal, its habitat and challenges.

The Florida Fish Wildlife Conservation Commission strictly enforces guidelines to prevent manatees from being harassed. The manatees’ grassy feeding areas, which are closer to shore, are roped off and strictly off limits to people and vessels. Swimmers may not pursue manatees or touch them with two hands. Snorkelers must stay on the water’s surface at all times. This way, manatees can choose to come to the swimmer for an interaction or move out of reach of humans. Volunteers patrol in kayaks and FFWCC personnel are almost always visible.

The colder the weather, the better chances swimmers have of seeing manatees. If this sounds like a freezy chilly outing, it is and it isn’t. The air temperature is cold, but the water is always balmy at 72 degrees.

Tour operators loan guests thick wetsuits, masks, snorkels and fins. Neoprene hoods, gloves and boots are also helpful and can be purchased at American Pro Dive.

The boats I’ve been on were all covered pontoon boats with thick plastic outer walls snapped on to keep the wind and rain out; hot chocolate helped keep us warm. The trick to staying warm is to bring along a towel to dry off with onboard and warm clothes that are easy to pull on after getting out of the water and peeling off your wetsuit. A hat, warm socks and some sort of slide on footwear (Crocs, Uggs or even slippers) are good to bring along, too.

Anyone who is comfortable in the water and able to climb up and down the swim ladder is able to participate. American Pro Diving sends a professionally certified dive master into the water with every group to provide assistance as needed.

The last time I went (with family), my daughter was not even 2 years old, so she and my husband stayed onboard and watched us from the platform at the bow of the boat. They saw plenty of manatees, too, and my husband was able to get some good pictures.

The captains and guides are knowledgeable about the animals, their environment and their behaviors and help prepare guests to know what to do and how to react when and if a manatee does approach them.

Manatees are curious and will often approach eye to eye. They love to be rubbed and scratched along their backs and bellies. A large manatee can be up to 15 feet long and weigh up to 1,200 pounds. It’s like swimming beside a minivan.

A guide usually gets in the water to take photos and videos, which are available to purchase. If this is important to your clients, advise them to just enjoy the interactions with the manatees and to buy the photo/video package afterward.

For travelers in search of unforgettable, even life changing, experiences, swimming with manatees delivers, and this is the time of year to do it.

I never leave the area without also visiting the Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park. It is committed to showcasing only Florida native animals (with one notable exception: Lu the hippopotamus, whose 58th birthday will be celebrated on Jan. 26) and does so in natural looking enclosures. Here, you are guaranteed to see manatees, black bears and alligators and in a setting that encapsulates the wild Florida experience. and have had amazing encounters every single time. This requires spending the previous night in the area. My first two trips, I stayed at the Last Resort, featuring mobile home style cottages and a restaurant located on the Homosassa River. It’s a quirky place and met our needs when traveling as a group. For instance, we enjoyed eating at the on site grill, then going back to our cottage to play board games.

Newer accommodations are available, including two Holiday Inn Express options. The Lecanto location is pet friendly, while Crystal River is not. Crystal River has some two room suites (where I stayed on the trip with my family). Both include free breakfast, which is helpful when you have an early start. The Hampton Inn Hotel in Crystal River is new since my last visit.
black ankle ugg boots uk Time is right to swim with the manatees in Crystal River

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ugg montclair TIME for Parents

There comes a moment in every parent’s life when they begin to suspect that they might have inadvertently brought into the world a human being who is just a truly horrible person. I don’t have any particular advice for those moments, except to keep putting one foot in front of the other, and cross your fingers that this too shall pass. Also, sometimes it helps to blame your co parent remember that you and the child’s other parent are in this together. Meanwhile, I’ve been getting a lot of great parenting conundrums from readers, which I hope to help find answers for and am encouraging more. You can also follow me on Facebook, if that’s more your sort of thing.

I’m not a huge fan of Mother’s Day. Kids should not be forced by custom nor greeting card companies to tell mothers they love them. I have relented a little over the years, however. I have a dyslexic kid and one year he wrote me a perfect card with gorgeous penmanship and no spelling errors. I was overwhelmed: “Yeah, our teacher told us you would probably cry,” he said. And I enjoyed doing this , from which you can figure out how much time you spend on various motherly activities in any given year. If nothing else, it explains where the time went. TIME

“Today, the national average annual cost of child care for an infant and a 4 year old combined is $17,852 ,” says a new report. That’s expensive for anyone, but completely out of the reach of low income parents. When our leaders do not invest in child care to support working families, many low income parents are essentially set up to fail.” Read the full report here: Center for American Progress

If your child isn’t on Snapchat, he or she probably will be. It’s one of the most popular apps for teens and tweens and the fastest growing of all the social networks. Why do they like it? Snapchat basically offers a Mission Impossible messaging system: any photo or video sent over the popular mobile app will self destruct within a few moments of viewing.

For parents, this can be a relief: it means that whatever crazy thing your kid is up to now won’t live forever on the Internet.

On the other hand, it creates a whole realm of communication for kids that is virtually impossible for parents to monitor.

So how can parents have start good conversations with kids about how to stay safe on Snapchat and beyond?

At any age, says Donna Rice Hughes, president and CEO of the internet safety organization Enough is Enough, parents need to help kids understand that the digital world is very much like the real one: it has lots of good places and people but also bad ones. Problems in the digital world arise, Rice Hughes says, because we don’t have “healthy boundaries instinctively in the digital world.”

So from elementary age, Rice Hughes says, parents need to help kids set healthy digital boundaries. Today’s elementary students were born into a world in which “the internet has become an extension of our physical lives.” So one of the most important things to get across to them, says Rice Hughes, is that “the internet has not always been here. We can live without it.” She encourages parents to encourage kids to unplug regularly, and to begin to use parental controls on all technology when they’re young, so that when kids are older, parental involvement in technology use like Snapchat just feels like a part of normal life.

Middle school is the age at which most kids are legally allowed to join services like Snapchat, which has an age limit of 13, along with many other popular apps, like Facebook and Instagram. But on Snapchat, Rice Hughes points out, that age limit isn’t verified, which means younger kids can easily lie and join. So even before 13, parents need to be diligent about monitoring what apps kids are using. Rice Hughes suggests that parents have the devices set up to get approval on all apps that children are using, which can be a good time to start conversations about why kids want to use an app and what they plan to do with it and to investigate security and privacy settings for each app together with kids.

High school students may be less inclined to talk with parents about their own lives. And it’s also important for parents to respect their privacy. So it’s a good age, Rice Hughes says, for parents to start asking what kids see their friends doing on sites like Snapchat and what they think about that. Those conversations can help kids form opinions about what they do and don’t want to do and about what might not be safe. For Snapchat in particular, Rice Hughes says, it’s important for parents to get the message across that “Nothing’s really private,” especially in a world of screengrabs and reshares. “Anything that is shared can always be reshared.”

It’s also crucial, Rice Hughes says, for parents to realize they can’t just “have that Internet safety conversation once,” because today’s kids are always online, and always finding new opportunities for good or ill. So conversations with kids about their digital lives should start early, and continue on a weekly or even daily basis.

And despite the daunting complexity of the digital world, Rice Hughes’ advice on how to be “a good cyber parent” is simple: “extend all their parenting skills to the online world.” by Carey Wallace
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ugg store Time for a power walk

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There’s a lot of ‘oomph’ in a step: up to 10 watts of power is lost as heat each time a foot hits the ground. Mobile devices such as phones and laptops use between 1 and 15 watts, so harnessing our ‘foot power’ would make a notable difference for consumers. So far, however, attempts to harvest this energy using vibrating plates or piezoelectric materials, which produce electricity when compressed or bent, have mustered only a few milliwatts.Using as their basis a system published today in Nature Communications1, mechanical engineers Tom Krupenkin and Ashley Taylor at the University of Wisconsin in Madison are now developing ‘in shoe technology’ that could generate up to 10 watts of power per footstep.Krupenkin’s inspiration is a technique called electrowetting, in which a conductive liquid droplet, placed on an electrode, is physically deformed by an applied electric charge. The technique depends on the use of a dielectric material which is usually an insulator but that can be polarized in an electric field to coat the electrode. When the dielectric is charged the droplet can wet the surface more easily, and deforms. In his system, Krupenkin runs this process backwards, using the changing physical form of liquid drops between dielectric coated plates to generate charge and therefore electrical power.To test his idea, Krupenkin placed patches of electrodes coated very thinly with the dielectric tantalum oxide along tiny channels a few millimetres wide. Using a resistor to convert electrical charge to alternating current, Krupenkin was able to harvest electrical energy from drops of either mercury or galinstan, a gallium based alloy as they were moved along these channels and over the electrodes.”If you run a motor in reverse you get an electrical generator,” says Krupenkin, explaining that this is the same idea.”Usually in electrowetting we apply voltage to move things. Here it is the other way round,” says Frieder Mugele, an expert in electrowetting from the University of Twente, the Netherlands, who was not involved with the work. “I would have liked to have had this idea myself,” he concedes.The amount of power generated increased in proportion to the number of droplets used. So far, Krupenkin has got up to 150 droplets, which produced a few milliwatts of power. But he has extrapolated his experimental data and calculated that in a device with 1,000 droplets, which would easily fit into an area of 40 centimetres squared, up to 10 watts could be generated.Ten watts would be enough to power a mobile phone, a military radio, a GPS device, even a small laptop, Krupenkin says. Which could mean an end to curtailed conversations on a phone with a dying battery. In your feet, you would have “a mobile electronic unit with you that is always ready”, says Krupenkin. He hopes a device like this could be useful in developing countries, where electricity isn’t always as plentiful or accessible as it is in more industrialized parts of the world.Neil White, an electronics expert at the University of Southampton, UK, says it will be impressive if the scaled up device really can produce 10 watts, adding: “I haven’t seen anything like this before.” White remains cautious, though, and would like to see more work looking at whether some of those 10 watts might be coming from the piezoelectric properties of the tantalum oxide, rather than from its interaction with the droplets.
ugg store Time for a power walk

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Timber Sales Available for Direct PurchaseDouglas County Forestry Department has the following timber sale tracts that are available for direct purchase. These sales may be purchased the counter on a first come, first serve basis. Policy dictates that sales that remain unsold after two public advertisements may be sold direct at the appraised values. Please note that prior prospectus offerings of these sales included the advertised values as the minimums, which are 15% lower than the appraised values. The appraised value minimums are included on the individual sale maps at the links below. These are the minimum values which must be met in order to purchase any of these sales.

For general timber sale contract purchasing requirements for these sales, please click this link: Douglas County Timber Sale Purchasing Requirements

(Please note that the information in this file covers bidding and bid guarantee bond requirements as well,
ugg bailey button bomber Timber Sale Program
which would not apply to these direct sales.)

Please contact the individual noted in each description below or our office if you have any interest in purchasing any of these tracts. All other normal contract requirements apply including; proof of insurance, current SFI training standard, 20% performance bond,
ugg bailey button bomber Timber Sale Program
and entering into a 2 year contract with Douglas County.

ugg chelsea boot Tim Sherwood says Harry Kane will leave Tottenham if they don’t win a trophy this season

black short uggs Tim Sherwood says Harry Kane will leave Tottenham if they don’t win a trophy this season

Former Tottenham manager Tim Sherwood believes Harry Kane will leave the club if they fail to win a major trophy this season.

The England forward has scored more than 20 Premier League goals in each of his last three seasons and already has six in all competitions for club and country in this campaign.

But despite his impressive statistics, the 24 year old has not won a major honour with Spurs and former player and coach, Sherwood, says that will need to change this season if they are to ward off interest from Europe’s biggest clubs.

“There’s only so much loyalty someone can show,” he told The Debate on Sky Sports.

“Tottenham have been a great club for Harry and he’s been paying them back tenfold. He’s been outstanding over the last couple of seasons, he grew up a stone’s throw from the ground and the kid loves the club.

“But that only lasts a certain amount of time. Then he starts seeing the pound signs and sees the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid or dare I say it Manchester United and then your head gets turned.

Harry Kane could be tempted by Real Madrid or Manchester United, says Tim Sherwood

“The only way they can keep him is to win something this year. That something might not be the Carabao Cup,
ugg chelsea boot Tim Sherwood says Harry Kane will leave Tottenham if they don't win a trophy this season
it might have to be the league or the FA Cup.”

Last December, Kane signed a new deal with Tottenham reported to be worth a week plus up to in bonuses until the summer of 2022.

However, those wages are less than half of what is pocketed by some of the Premier League’s top earners and former Arsenal striker Ian Wright, who was also on The Debate, believes money talks.

“What they don’t want to do is get Kane into a position where he’s got no choice but to kick on, simply because that’s what he wants to do,” he said.

“We’ve seen him do interviews where he says he wants to play in the Champions League regularly and be winning it, and win the Ballon d’Or. He’s a very ambitious player.
ugg chelsea boot Tim Sherwood says Harry Kane will leave Tottenham if they don't win a trophy this season

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uggs discount Tim Hortons franchisee suing company

Tim Hortons franchisee has closed two restaurants amid a dispute with the coffee shop company.

Show Me Hospitality LLC, a developer for Tim Hortons in the St. Louis area, is suing Tim Hortons USA Inc. for failing to meet its obligations.

The franchisee says after Restaurant Brands International Inc. (TSX:QSR) acquired Tim Hortons in 2014 it asked Show Me Hospitality to increase its obligations to develop Tim Hortons restaurants in the St. Louis area from 40 restaurants over five years to more than 200 restaurants over 10 years.

bailey button uggs Tim Hortons franchisee suing company
after Show Me Hospitality says it rejected the demand, it alleges Tim Hortons stopped approving locations for restaurants and failed to provide branding and advertising.

It also alleges Tim Hortons withheld approval of new partners and necessary capital investment and said that if Show Me Hospitality did not commit to the 200 restaurant program, it would terminate the area development agreement.

The allegations have not been proven in court.

The fight comes amid other disputes between Tim Hortons franchisees and Restaurant Brands.

In Canada,
bailey button uggs Tim Hortons franchisee suing company
the Great White North Franchisee Association has been looking to raise franchisee concerns including the use of advertising funds and cost cutting measures that it says impact product quality.

ladies ugg gloves Tim Day trades running shoes for bike at Whaka 100

ugg beacon Tim Day trades running shoes for bike at Whaka 100

Tarawera Ultramarathon race director Tim Day completed the Whaka 100 in just over eight hours, on a single speed mountain bike.

An incredible achievement when you consider he did it on a single speed bike and only went on three training rides in the lead up to the event.

While no stranger to mountain biking, the joint owner and director of NZ Trail Runs Ltd, which owns the Tarawera Ultramarathon, the Tarawera Trail Marathon and 50km walk/run and New Zealand’s largest trail run, the Waitomo Trail Run, knew the 100km ride would take him out of his comfort zone.”Tim [Farmer] and I help each other out a lot with our events and we’d been chewing the fat over this idea, doing each other’s events. It was a bit of a challenge: 100km on a single speed bike is always going to hurt a bit when you haven’t done a lot of riding.

“It’s what I ride all the time, I love my single speed. The Whaka 100 is genuinely one of the toughest events and for me you sort of go into the pain cage. It’s quite an alluring place to go to, that place where it hurts a bit,” Day said.

Speaking the day after the event he said there were a few muscles that he was not used to being sore.

“It’s a funny thing some of the muscles in my fingers from gripping and braking, the back of my shoulder blades and neck, because on a single speed you have to work the handle bars all the time to get up hills. It’s stuff you wouldn’t use when running.

“On a bike it’s hard work going up hills, and you’re probably faster going up hills when you’re running, but when you come down the other side you can sit there and roll, you that bit of reprieve to catch your breath again.”

He said Rotorua residents were “incredibly spoilt” with the range of running and mountain biking trails available to them.

“I’m very proud of the beautiful, flowing trails we have in Rotorua. You sort of lose yourself in the landscape and you tend to forget that the pedals are going crazy beneath you or your running legs are working hard beneath you. You just get absorbed in the environment and that carries you a lot of the way through the event.”

Day said he did not get as many opportunities to participate in events now that he was part of the team running them and the Whaka 100 was “really well organised”.

“They always are, they do a great job and they’re really professional. It’s a pleasure to go to someone else’s event. When I started off I was entering all sorts of events all the time, but once you’re the organiser of these things you spend a lot of time on the finish lines hugging people and congratulating them.

“I had no doubt that I would finish the 100km on my single speed yesterday, but it’s still a great sense of satisfaction when you do. It’s a real challenge, there were a few times when I thought ‘Why am I doing this?’ Even though I was having a great day it’s still hard work, so there’s always a real sense of achievement.

“Physically you’re capable, it’s usually mentally, you have to decide if you really want it or not, it’s very rewarding.”

For his part in the challenge Farmer had agreed to train for and complete a 100km running event.

“I’m not looking forward to it,” Farmer said. “But that was the challenge between the two of us. It was a pretty good effort doing it on a single speed, he was one of less than 10 people to actually go out there and do 100km on a single speed.
ladies ugg gloves Tim Day trades running shoes for bike at Whaka 100

house of fraser ugg boots Tim Burtons Movies

ugg booties Tim Burtons Movies

Tim Burton is in my top three favorite directors and producers of all time and I love his work and dark take on the world. Ever since his first amazing short film (6 minutes long) ‘Vincent’ I fell in love with his work. Vincent is an amazing short film which was narrated by the great Vincent Price and if you have never seen it I urge you to watch it on YouTube, you will not be disappointed and I hope one day Tim will return to this form of darkness.

Though Tim Burton has countless brilliant movies I do find it hard to choose from but it is my top five that I love and some will just have to excluded so here is the list and enjoy!

This was a crazy movie/musical only Tim could have directed and starred Johnny Depp as Sweeney Todd and Helena Bonham Carter as the charismatic Mrs. Lovett and centers around Todd as an English Barber who murders people by slitting their throats with his straight razor while Mrs Lovett helps him get rid of the bodies by ahem! Cooking them in to her pies and selling to the public, great stuff.

What a brilliant movie and would you believe made in 1988. Again, Burton at his best with crazy characters and weird camera work. With Michael Keaton as Beetlejuice and also starring Winona Ryder, Gena Davis and Alec Baldwin it revolved around the death of Davis and Baldwins characters who do not like the living people who have moved in to their home, so they hire Beetlejuice to try scaring them out of the house, a hilarious movie with some brilliant classic scenes (think the dancing and singing around the table scene)

No 3 The Nightmare Before Christmas

How I watch this every year and love it. Jack Skellington and the lovely rag doll Sally are two of my favorite Burton characters and this is a brilliant animation musical, hilarious and dark. Jack lives in Halloween Town (the characters in the town are outrageously crazy) and opens up a gate way to Christmas town where he is intrigued by Christmas and wants to take it over. It is a master of animation and great story telling.

Probably would be most people number one and is an amazing piece (genius if you want to say) of film making and story telling and the camera scenes (especially with the famous ice sculptures scene) are breath taking. Edward is an artificial man who was created by an inventor (Vincent Price, his final role) with scissors for hands (played by Johnny Depp) and he falls in love with a local girl Kim (Winona Ryder) but Edward is disliked by some local people and a dark love story unfolds here. It is a true masterpiece of a movie.

I adore this movie, Burton at his darkest best and full of funny moments. Another animation fantasy musical with my favorite Tim Burton character Emily (Helena Bonham Carter), just a brilliant loveable character who happens to be a corpse. Set in Victorian times and with again Johnny Depp as the excellent Victor and Emily Watson as his bride to be Victoria, it is such a brilliant piece of story telling, dark, creepy, funny, unforgettable characters and my Emily, this is why it is my number one.

I know I am leaving out Mars Attacks, Sleepy Hollow, James and the Giant Peach, Alice In Wonderland to name but a few but it is his dark animation that really draws me in and sticks out from other movies (Lets Hope For More).

Another great thing about these movies is the amazing Tim Burton movie Halloween costumes you get to choose from, just think of all the amazing characters and you get the picture why there is such a crazy choice, from Batman, Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands and even from his last movie Alice In Wonderland, just think of the great Alice characters from this movie.

He has truly giving us a lot Mr Tim Burton and I only hope he will give us more especially in the dark animation genre and try avoid the over the top 3D rubbish splattering our screens now. Which Tim Burton Movies do you like? And what do you think of this list? Feel free to comment below.
house of fraser ugg boots Tim Burtons Movies

knock off uggs Till set to run red hot as shoppers flock to annual sales

bailey button uggs uk Till set to run red hot as shoppers flock to annual sales

Myer Maroochydore manager Greg Hutton said the Boxing Day sales provided the opportunity for customers to jag some of the handiest bargains of the year.

He said the day was the beginning of the best period for retail spending for consumers.

While a lot of people will be keen to take advantage of some of the best deals on offer, Mr Hutton said customers should be aware that most sales would last until late January.

“Whilst there is the feeling that the early bird gets the best buys there is still plenty of time during the month of January to enjoy the offers.”

Mr Hutton said the sales experience would run a lot smoother if people came prepared.

“First thing is to wear comfortable shoes and plan which department you are going to go to,” he said.

“You can collect all your items together and go to one counter and purchase your items in one transaction.”

And with tensions sure to boil over at some point, Mr Hutton implored customers to shop with the Christmas spirit in mind.

“The thing we have to remember is we are on the Sunshine Coast,
knock off uggs Till set to run red hot as shoppers flock to annual sales
” he said.

“So casual living and casual lifestyle adds to the fact that we all want to enjoy the day.

“If we all remember the Christmas spirit, it will make that much more enjoyable.”

More than one million people across the country will visit Myer stores today

On Christmas Eve Myer stores remove more than 5000 Christmas trees and 13,300 wreaths to make way for the 14,180 stocktake sale banners

Myer will process around five million transactions today Related Items Boxing Day sales set to be the biggest in recent memory Small Business: Solo acts Wayne Jeffers UK homes left without power for Christmas VIDEO: Finn Smith parents thank Coast community Taylor on course to match it with the world’s best Leftovers can be a real treat Know your refund rights before you hit Boxing Day sales Know your refund rights before Boxing Day spend up Credit privacy concerns as credit rating snooping expanded

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knock off uggs Till set to run red hot as shoppers flock to annual sales

ugg classic short sale Tigers top the Huskies in H

cheap uggs uk Tigers top the Huskies in H

The Arcata boys tennis team continued to roll with a 9 0 win over Fortuna at Arcata High Saturday.

Leo Janzen and Spencer Olson took straight set victories at Nos. 1 and 2 singles for the 3 0 Tigers, and then teamed together for a victory at No. 1 doubles.

St. Bernard opened play with a 5 2 win over Yreka on Friday, before falling 4 3 to Oroville later in the day. The Crusaders then defeated Lassen 11 8 in the third place game on Saturday.

Garrison Finck pitched the win in game one, striking out nine, while allowing just three hits. At the plate, Caleb Ruiz finished 2 for 3 with a double and two RBIs.

In game two, Finck went 2 for 3 with a double and an RBI.

On Saturday, the Crusaders got some solid efforts from some of their younger players, with a pair of sophomores combining on the mound. Logan Petrusha pitched the win and his cousin Cole Petrusha recorded the save.

At the plate, freshman Bode Joyner was 2 for 3 with a double and an RBI, and sophomore Justin Hagler had a triple and an RBI.

really stood out today was the play of our underclassmen, St. Bernard coach Matt Tomlin said. young kids really played well. couple of seniors also contributed, with Isaiah Jimenez going 2 for 3 with two RBIs, and Finck 1 for 3 with two RBIs.
ugg classic short sale Tigers top the Huskies in H