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that means ur math is poorer than mine! GET IT INTO YOUR THICK NUMB SKULL quOted by fhs VP Mr Phor

Things i cAn’t live without : My Friends, My Family, My Lame jOkes, Laughter, Gatsby Hair Products, Myself, My Ego, My Pride, My Lameness, Music, Computer complete with an internet connection, fOod oh glorious food And Loving life everyday without fail and not be such a neurotic with lame jokes. but i cant help it. its in my genesSacarstic laughingThanks Mum! lOl.

My mOtto iN life : Making peOple arOund me lAugh nO mAtter my mOod i live to serve and i serve to live. providing u the everydae right amout of laughter u need. Fed Ex

peOple i usuAlly and like tO hAng oUt/chAt/gO out with b4/nOw :

1.[best friends]Frances And Junwei. actUally almOst all? music is my life. My Current Favourite Song is The Offspring Hit That. hAh SingsHe Saying!,
ugg usa sale Terence's Life
im on a row! with all the girls i know!i know u wanna hit that, i know u wanna hit that hit that!

fAvOurite quOtes : lOls , zz , PUCK!, hur hur, anything invOlving sacarsm. Alllite! vely bAd ar.? quOted by fHs principal Mr Ong Kian Choon. and he hAs another 1 . ‘Good morning BOYS and GIRL. [as if school got 1 girl only. lame dick? yea totally, man

mOst hAted phrase! : Eh BOY! Come here! quOted by Mr gOvin with his OhSoScaryIPissedInMyPants deep voice in fhs. regArding hAir problems i faced dUring sec sch

WishList :

1.)Finding the majOr ass whippin William Jr FOCKER who stole my adidas sneakers. Chi Bao mei Shi zhuo? steal my sneaker!
ugg usa sale Terence's Life
Causing me to waste money and buy another adidas sneakers and having no more mOney to buy skater shOes. Curse you, man.

5.)Punch Yvonne cheng’s Face. Whatsup with thOse tantrums and act cuteness and rUdeness in fHs[fuhuaSecondary] class 4f,man.