ugg tasmina Ten Major Characteristics of Servant Leadership

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What is Servant Leadership?

Robert K. Greenleaf first coined the phrase “Servant Leadership” in his essay “The Servant as Leader” (1970).

Greenleaf distinguishes between two contrasting leadership styles: a servant aspiring to serve and taking up leadership as a result and a leader wanting power to acquire material possessions. He denotes the first as the servant leadership style. Servant leaders are servants first who consciously choose to lead as a way to serve the development of others. is the capacity to know what the other person is experiencing from an emotional plane within the frame of reference of that other person. It is, in other words, to put one’s self in another’s shoes.

Servant leaders accept and recognize people for their special and unique traits, understand their requirements and maintain empathy towards them even if they cannot accept their acts.

Unlike the traditional leadership style that considers awareness as a source of power and providing solace, or the transformational leadership style that attracts subordinates through a high level of awareness and ethical conduct, the servant leadership style uses awareness to fulfill the needs of others and to persuade subordinates.

Commitment to Human Resources Development

Servant leaders are committed to the overall growth of people under them and other issues related to human resources. They believe that people have intrinsic value beyond their tangible contributions as workers.

The servant leader assumes responsibility of not just developing the subordinate to fulfill organizational goals, but also nurture the personal and professional growth of team members by taking a personal interest in their ideas and suggestions, encouraging their involvement in decision making and through other similar interventions.

Commitment to Building Community

In the pre industrialized world, the local community usually shaped an individual’s outlook and personality. Industrialization has led to large institutions replacing the local community as the shaper of an individual’s life. The servant leader understands this fact and identifies means to build a community among the team, members and other employees of the organization.

The servant leadership style is a relatively new approach to leadership, and the characteristics of servant leadership provide new insights to leadership theory and treat leadership from a hitherto unexplored perspective.
ugg tasmina Ten Major Characteristics of Servant Leadership