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projects: semproj prototype n report, I research report, cpro2 program n report examine kurenai cos alittle more n such (sorry GSeed pple. i really don have neither time nor money to handle aisha by july. >_more quizzing nonsense amid the hassle of Open House 2004, missing things and missing people.

You are Sun Shang Xiang!

Being a tomboy, you feel most at home hanging with the boys. You as strong and brave as any man, and are eager to prove it.

Which Female Dynasty Warriors Character Are You didn cheat on any of the above, but i especially pleased with the 3rd result. especially after looking at the others laughs at the commentary on Xiao Qiao since i got a peek at the butterfly guy that karei was supposed to cos, and then got to see the rest of the data book when kakashi was assembling her team, i been totally wowed out by the character designs. and costume designs of course.

that page up there rawks, the main page that has a quiz branch the cosplay page has kaka, sakana, kuni kyoka and kris under kaka name, and pinky from the forums is there too. dayum but them pictures be nice and hilarious XD gotta thank pinky for the mention. ^ ^” more quizzes from e forum.
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