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Clark State Community College will now be offering 24 short term state approved technical certificates, which will allow students to quickly enter the local job market.

The short term certificates can take anywhere from 10 to 15 semester credit hours, depending on the program. The Ohio Department of Higher Education approved the certificates earlier this month.

prepares people for the job market in a short amount of time, said Dr. Amit Singh, provost and vice president of academic affairs for Clark State. people who don have enough time, or need to get something quickly, can get some marketable skill under their belt and be ready for the job market. A typical associate degree takes about 60 hours to complete.

The cost to get a certificate will vary. Students enrolled in 30 credit hours per academic year will pay $4,179. The most recent enrollment figures show that Clark State has about 6,400 students.

The certificates were reviewed by the state agency to determine if the current certificates issued by certain departments could receive technical designation. The programs can be defined as technical because they typically lead to an occupation which receives a license or an industry certification.
office shoes uggs sale term certificates approved