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Many of the people who live in upscale neighborhoods and drive luxurious cars do not have extreme wealth. Many people who have great wealth do not even live in upscale neighborhoods. The book gives insights on what you can do to become wealthy and how wealth is not what you spend but what you accumulate. The millionaires discussed in this book are financially independent. They can live for years without receiving one month’s pay check. Are you wondering who becomes wealthy in our society? The businessman owns a small factory and has lived in the same town for multiple years. He is a compulsive saver and investor. And he has made his money on his own. What would the prototypical millionaire in American tell you about himself?

Many of the types of businesses we own are classified as dull normal. Most Americans describe wealthy as an abundance of material possessions.

One way to define if a person is wealthy of not is by their net worth. Net worth is defined as the current value of one’s assets less liabilities. More than 90 percent of millionaires in America have a net worth between $1 10 million.

Another way to define if the household is wealthy or not is based on their expected level of net worth. The higher one’s income the higher their net worth is expected to be. The longer you are generating income the more wealthy you are likely to become.

Chapter 2: Frugal Frugal FrugalFrugal is defined as “behavior characterized by our reflecting economy in the use of resources.” The opposite of frugal is wasteful.

Being frugal is the cornerstone of being wealthy. Promoters often lavishly enhance the image of millionaires of lavish spender or wasteful people. Where in the real world most of the millionaires are frugal savers.

The lavish lifestyle sells in the entertainment business. People love to watch their peers win materials and money. People want immediate gratification. They don’t want scholarships or stocks. That is why the quiz shows do not offer them.

The average lifestyle of the American millionaire is not what the public perceives it to be. The average millionaire is well into his fifties, has been married to the same woman, and lives in a middle class neighborhood. The average millionaire is more likely to buy a $40 pair of shoes than a $500 pair of shoes although he has the money.

Another aspects of the millionaires in this country are their spouses. More often than not, the spouses of millionaires are more frugal than their counterparts. Most people will never become wealthy in one generation if they are married to people who are wasteful.

Why aren’t you wealthy? Could it be your defense and offense? You might have wonderful offense ($70,000 $100,000 income), but do you have good defense? Most of American’s millionaires can work both defense and offense to the max. Often their good defense helps them outscore their competition, or those who have superior offense.

Millionaires become “millionaires” because of budgeting and controlling expenses, and they maintain their affluent status the same way. This meaning that that seven percent of his wealth is subject to some form of income tax.

Income tax is the single largest annual expenditure for most households. It is tan income, not on wealth and not on the appreciation of wealth if this appreciation is not realized; that is, if it does not generate a cash flow.

Many high income households in America are asset poor. The reason being because they maximize their realized incomes, often to support their lavish lifestyles.

The typical American household realize about $35,00 to $40,000 or nearly 90 percent of its net worth. The American household pays 10 percent of its wealth in income taxes each year. The millionaires of America pay around 2 percent. That is how they remain financially independent.

Let’s say that you trade in much of your current and future income just to live in a house in a high income neighborhood. You make $100,000 dollars a year but you are not becoming wealthy because you are forced to maximize your realized income just to make ends meet. Living in cheaper areas of town will give you more money to invest and less to spend.

If your not yet wealthy and want to be someday, never purchase a home that requires a mortgage that is more than twice your household’s total annual realized income.

Chapter 3: Time, Energy, and Money Efficiency is one of the most important mechanisms of wealth abundance. They wealthy American households distribute their time, energy, and money so that it benefits their net worth.
dog ugg boots The Millionaire Next Door Summary