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ugg outlet the NFL waits on the other shoe to drop

BOCA RATON, Fla. >> The National Football League gathered on Monday at the sleek Boca Raton Resort for its annual league meetings. And for the first time in more than 20 years, the 32 owners making up the most popular sports league in North America aren looking quizzically at each other wondering how in the name of Pete Rozelle and Vince Lombardi and Deacon Jones the second biggest media market in the country is without a team.

you can certainly sense the excitement growing, offered New York Giants owner Steve Tisch, a resident of 44 years in Los Angeles and one of the leading proponents to get the NFL back to Tinseltown.

And with that, the league can return to other pressing issues. Like expansion and global growth and player safety and what in the world actually constitutes a legal catch.

still another domino to fall, a high ranking league official said. even a couple of them. the Rams officially back in place in Los Angeles they arrive for good in early April upon closing up shop at their Earth City, Mo., headquarters it easy to forget an entire chapter of the NFL back to Los Angeles saga remains unwritten. relocation on that historic night in Houston two months ago, with the Chargers getting first dibs pending the outcome of their stadium push in San Diego. or perhaps Las Vegas or San Diego on the Chargers and San Diego coming together on a downtown stadium plan.

hopeful, said Chargers owner Dean Spanos, who is counting on the support of the city and county of San Diego, the downtown hoteliers and labor leaders to create a unified front and the necessary momentum to push the plan over the top in a November vote. opens up for the Raiders.

ultimately in the hands of the people, a league official said Monday. know what at stake. They know the Chargers have a guaranteed spot in Los Angeles, a safe landing place should a vote fail. worst case scenarios go, it really not a bad spot to be if you are the Chargers. and eying a 2019 opening of the stadium they hoped to build with the Raiders in Carson. But the NFL spoke loud and clear last January in Houston, and the message was they preferred the Inglewood site.

so much more than just a stadium, Tisch said.

The key was protecting the interests of Spanos, which were insured when fellow owners put a Rams/Chargers Inglewood option onto the ballot to oppose the Raiders/Chargers Carson bid. option to either seize or use as leverage to prod San Diego into a new stadium.

Or, as one owner said Monday: got a confirmed seat on the plane. It might be a coach seat, but it confirmed. with the Chargers in the batter box, the Raiders stand in the on deck circle. Maybe for 10 months. Maybe for two years.

It all depends on what happens in San Diego.

going to give Dean and the Chargers the space and time they need, said Raiders owner Mark Davis. not frustrating, it just part of the process.

Davis said Monday there is nothing new to report in Oakland.

have to get the A the buy in, Davis said. right now, their stance is, do what you guys have to do, we do what we have to do.

Which is why Davis waits patiently on the Chargers next move, at which point his options will emerge. if the Chargers stay put barring a viable stadium plan in Oakland, the Raiders spot in Los Angeles is guaranteed there is growing intrigue within the NFL on the stadium plan Las Vegas is putting together to potentially lure the Raiders.

a very, very intriguing and exciting plan, said Davis, who met two months ago with Las Vegas Sands chairman and CEO Sheldon Adelson, who is proposing the $1 billion domed stadium on the UNLV campus.

If Adelson plan comes to fruition, it would essentially be a free stadium for the Raiders.

it hard to ignore $800 million, a league official said.

Yes, there are concerns with placing a team so close to the temptations of Las Vegas which Tisch alluded to on Monday but others in the NFL see things differently.

With the Raiders in Las Vegas, the NFL can use the open spot in Los Angeles and the Bay Area for that matter as leverage to help build new stadiums across the league.

think it would be a mistake to just write Las Vegas off, a high ranking league official said. all predicated on getting the financing in order, but if they do, considering the Raiders brand and how well it could play in Las Vegas and all the various other dots that can be connected, the Raiders would have a very compelling argument to make.
ugg tall the NFL waits on the other shoe to drop

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I was speaking to Vic a few days ago, one of my favourite people from school whom I’ve taken countless modules with and had many great HTHTs with. (She also introduced me to the best pho in Singapore at the Vietnamese restaurant in Joo Chiat for which I am eternally grateful for.)

“What if this is me just thinking I can do things I can’t? . It’s like when you listen to people whom you don’t think will accomplish what they want talk about what they want.”

It’s less than 2 weeks to the end of the semester, our final semester in SMU. I have had many conversations with my friends about ‘the next step’. What are your plans? Have you found a job? Are you thinking about post grad?

Four years of cramming for exams and prepping for presentations culminated in this one question: What now?

Vic and I are psychology majors, and like every other psychology major, we face two big challenges when looking for jobs: one, we aren’t specialised enough to practice, and two, we aren’t scarce enough for employers to be willing to invest in training us.

It isn’t as if we didn’t know this is what we were signing up for. That’s the problem when you’re someone who is driven by interest and curiosity struggling to make it in a world that rewards practicality. The initial idea was to study something that we wanted to learn more about, and figure out the rest along the way. Neither of us had some big elaborate game plan pinned up on our bedroom walls, we just knew we wanted to change someone’s life in some small way in the work that we did.

Turns out that having vaguely outlined (pencilled and smudgy, no less) life trajectories can be highly problematic. Saying “I’ll cross that bridge when I get there” through the course of our college lives has led us to this point where we have to ask ourselves if we can really make it across. That bridge being post graduate education, of course.

Powering through on the borrowed mantra from The Little Engine That Could will no longer suffice. “I think I can” must now translate to “you bet I made it”. And even then, to channel confidence and passion in an application essay is only one variable in the complicated equation that is acceptance to a Masters or PhD programme of your choice. What about GPA, what about research or clinical experience, publications, paper presentations? What have you got to prove you made it?

The questions that loom over us now are “at what cost?” and “for how long?” and “is it all going to be worth it?” taking gamble after gamble in hopes of just getting to the very starting point of that very simple life goal of enacting change.

It’s funny how people always say, “In the end, you’ve got to be pragmatic.” Like clinical psychology, or educational research exist on some idealistic plane entirely removed from reality. The fact is, these fields are essential for a fast paced, competitive nation like Singapore, and they can offer so much. They lend support to disadvantaged segments of society, they help to make life better for those who are in need. They serve the interests of the next generation, they seek solutions, answers to very real and prevalent problems. Why do people act like we’re idealistic in wanting to pursue our interests within these fields, and then complain of all the social ills that plague our society today?

Some days, I find myself adopting that view, that this is someone else’s problem to fix. That I can’t afford to have these lofty goals when my immediate needs aren’t going to be satisfied. But maybe my fear really stems from the belief that I will be happier with the “pragmatic” choice that isolates me from all the troubling issues that piqued my interest in education and developmental psychology in the first place, than going down a research path that I end up dedicating my entire life to with the risk of achieving nothing of substance.

It’s scary to stare at the long road ahead of you and wonder what is waiting for you at the end. And I guess in that sense, every person goes through this stage of life, psychology major, Singaporean, or otherwise. At the end of the day, will my life be meaningful?

But if you could know what was at the end of that road, there wouldn’t be much point in taking that journey, especially if you don’t like what you see. I think maybe what makes the human experience so wonderful is the ability to embrace uncertainty and imagine all the endless possibilities, to remain hopeful against all odds.

So, the only answer I have to the question, “What now?” is, “Who knows?” And I’m okay with that. I say, I’ll take one step at a time and play it by ear. I’m sure all of us will invent a tune we can jive to.

Hi friends, so some of you know that I was working on a 100 Days of Creation project last semester, and did most of my writing offline. I decided I would post some of the stuff that I wrote during that time up here, according to the dates that they were written. You’ve probably already read some of them. I’ll post them anyway just in case. Hahahaha xoxoxoxo okay buhbye love and peace!

And God created all the beasts of the earth and the creatures of the sea and sky and saw that it was good.

But then He had a bunch of bones and a wad of flesh leftover so He decided to see what He could come up with under those constraints (they say limitations are what turn creativity into innovation,
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after all). He had used up all of the iridescent scales coated on the backs of fish and run out of the magnificent plumage. He’d endowed on the peacocks and parrots. Every last quality thread that He’d spun had gone into the regal, soft coats of rabbits and zebras and alpacas. Powerful muscle tissue had gone to horses and cheetahs, fearsome jaws to the sharks and crocodiles, agility to hummingbirds and rodents, acrobatic skill to lemurs and flying foxes.

So the best He could come up with was a scrappy, pasty looking thing, looking naked and completely useless and wobbly balancing on those two stick like, sorry excuses for legs, with that pathetic tuft of fur on its head (God negotiated with the baboon and managed to borrow a small patch of fuzz from off his bum).

He felt kind of sorry for the poor defenceless being, and decided He would tell it that it was made in the image of God Himself, just so he wouldn’t be made fun of by all the beasts of the earth and the creatures of the sea and sky.

Then He decided that it probably needed a companion with whom it could feel some sense of affiliation (in case the upward social comparison between itself and all the other animals became too much to take). But of course this version was a great improvement because you should always strive to be better and God made another scrappy hairless creature that was still pretty useless but far superior to the first model.

And God saw everything He had made, and knew He would soon regret boosting the egos of these two idiots who now thought they were super special just because they thought they were made in His image (pfft yeah talk about self deceptive optimism); for He also saw that they would eventually go on to perpetuate this form of anthropocentrism by destroying the environment (probably should have left the sloths in charge of Eden) and exploiting all His other creations and generally being assholes to everything else on the planet, and it was not too good.

Then God said, sigh I need a sabbatical.

(Day 11 of the 100 Days of Creation Project)

If you’ve got a sore throat it also means that you have an excuse to go for your morning run. It serves as a form of distraction from your killer haze induced headache, as well as the giant pile of work you are supposed to finish by the end of the day. Everything you put in your mouth tastes like plastic, which means that even if you eat terrible tasting food, it’ll taste only as bad as plastic. In fact, why bother to eat at all? What a perfect way to lose weight!

Made plans? You finally have a great excuse to stay at home in front of the television and feel sorry for yourself. How often is that behaviour even remotely socially acceptable!! Don’t worry about being bored; you’ll be in too much discomfort to feel idle. And you can toss productivity right out the window. Deadlines are so much foggier after half a dozen paracetamols. (Also, there is no better occasion to experiment with over the counter anti inflammation pills and painkillers!) Today, get your Monopoly Deal “JUST SAY NO” card in hand ready for real life application!

While you’re languishing at home, take a minute to smell the roses! It may hurt to sneeze, but sniff away anyway because at least your nose isn’t clogged up yet (and if it is, congratulations! You can finally walk past the dog without cringing). Forget about picking up the phone today, you sound like an ageing horse with throat cancer. This also means you won’t have to speak to anybody, no matter how many times they say “Huh?” when you make wild gestures in an attempt to communicate without language. Waving your arms and shaking your head vigorously in frustration is a good form of exercise, too.

Don’t fret if swallowing hurts, haven’t you always wanted to try using a spittoon? As a thought experiment, try to come up with as many creative ways to rip your tonsils out as you can. If you’re a little braver, try them out! Learn self restrain by putting on your favourite earworms that you’re dying to sing along to. You’ll find that BF Skinner was spot on with his theory on operant conditioning and negative reinforcement, because the croak that escapes from your lips will be enough to give a child nightmares for days. By the end of it, you’ll never want to hear your own voice again!

When you go to bed, remember that when you wake up, you’ll probably feel the same dry soreness in your oesophagus. Try to relish that tiny glimmer of hope that you’ll miraculously heal overnight before your eyes shut. It’s always good to hope, even if you know it ultimately amounts to nothing and you will continue to suffer in the same way you did today. On the bright side,
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you’d have plenty of time to come up with things to add to the great list of benefits to having this strep throat.

Some times I think I might secretly have superpowers and just not know it and then I think about what kind of superpowers I might want to have and I know I definitely want to be able to flip the pages of books using the power of my brain waves because then I don’t have to look like an idiot on the train trying to maintain my balance while turning to the next chapter and dropping my concession card in the process and then elbowing a toddler in the face while trying to pick it up but maybe it would be easier if I just invested in a Kindle instead so maybe I’d want the super ability to purchase things that are not available in local stores but then I’d probably end up buying a munchkin cat because munchkin cats are much more desirable than Kindles but then I might get bored of the cat so I think that maybe I’d want to be able to talk to cats because that’d make owning the munchkin cat slightly more entertaining and also that seems like a very cultured sort of superpower a la Haruki Murakami that might help me attain a level of sophisticated higher pleasure that Mill might approve of but then I remember that I am not particularly fond of cats because they have suspicious eyes and destroy furniture so maybe I think I might want to have the ability to fix scratched up fabrics instead because then I’d probably never have to buy new Converse sneakers ever again which would be great but if I wasn’t wrecking my shoes in the first place then I wouldn’t have to get new shoes ever either so maybe it would be a good idea to just to wish to be able to fly you know like ordinary people.

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As a rock star and activist, Peter Garrett has always managed to stay above the dirty business of politics. But if he succeeds in entering Parliament as a member of the ALP, will his passion be diluted by a desire for power? He spoke with Peter Wilmoth.

It’s a long way from a floodlit stage and the

Garrett is standing in a shopping strip in Sydney’s Maroubra with its surfshops, pizzerias and “unisex” beauty salons offering Spray Tans. He’s left his just established electorate office, a former Thai restaurant where the walls need a lick of paint and an overflowing ashtray out the back needs emptying, and he’s out listening to the locals.

People stop like shot rabbits when they see Garrett walk towards them. It’s the power of celebrity, charisma and height. In this suburban shopping centre, with his lanky frame, bald head and Living National Treasure status, the man is hard to miss.

“I live in public housing,” a young woman says quietly. “What’s happening with housing? Can we get more funds?” Garrett listens carefully. “Mark Latham has announced a $400 million package,” he tells her. “It’s a good start.”

An older woman walks up. “My daughter is

owed several thousand dollars. She had to go without family support for weeks.” Garrett refers her to Laurie Brereton, the sitting (and soon to retire)member for the safe Labor seat of Kingsford Smith and orchestrator of Garrett’s move into it.

“The old people are frightened,” says another

older woman. “They are robbing the old people.”

A man pushing a supermarket trolley full of

slabs of Coke says: “Fix this country up! It’s in a mess.” Garrett snaps into politician mode. “Labor has the policies to fix it up at the federal level.”

One man shares an analysis of Garrett’s work in the electorate thus far. “Well played,” he says, referring to the early campaign hiccup where Garrett’s candidacy was met with considerable resistance from some locals. “F the lot of them!”

Garrett is then engaged by an older man who is up for a long chat. He’d better get used to this, the voluble voter. The man goes on and on as Garrett stands still, listening politely. Finally, the man says, “I hope you come round here more often”. “Oh, you’ll see me,”

The meet and greet is almost over. But some of the locals are still confused about why Garrett wants to go to Canberra. He walks past a hair salon where the staff are gathered in the doorway. He stops to say hello. “I can’t believe you gave up rock ‘n’roll for politics,” a young woman says.

Over the 25 years we have known him, a

thousand images of Peter Garrett have

formed in the national psyche: peacearticulate spruiker for the natural world. But the main snapshot is of a long streak stomping around on a stage with hands splayed and arms wheeling windmill like, neck protruding like a manic rooster, sweat pouring off his bald cranium, the huge sound of Midnight Oil pumping away behind him as he snarls the band’s political messages towards an adoring crowd.

Today, in a cafe in Maroubra, it’s a different Garrett we’re seeing. He’s the politician in every respect, with a day of back to back appointments, a trilling mobile, a staff passing on messages. In conversation,

there’s a cautiousness you don’t naturally

associate with him. But then he is trying to get

elected, and the Garrett For Canberra campaign did not enjoy the smoothest of starts.

Within days of his announcement on the beach

at Maroubra with Mark Latham that he would stand

for the safe Labor seat of Kingsford Smith, the

shine was taken off the “Labor coup” story by the response of angry locals who saw him as nothing more than a celebrity vote winner being imposed from above. Soon reports surfaced of Garrett’s own patchy voting record. It was a quick initiation into a new world of dirt units, political opponents who play for keeps, and ramped up scrutiny from a media on the lookout for pre election “gotcha” opportunities.

But Garrett quickly recovered. “It was a speed bump in the road, which we’ve moved on from,” he says of the voting glitch. “I took responsibility for it but also recognised that the complexities in those sorts of issues are very difficult to communicate instantly to people.”
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ugg coupons The Next Season of My Life

Bah Humbug! As tired as I was when I stumbled into bed last night, I woke up at five this morning and soon realized I wasn’t going back to sleep. Bill came out at six and said, “I thought you were tired,” to which I replied, “That was last night.” Admittedly, it was not my intention to crawl out of bed quite that early today! I’m quite amazed that I got through the afternoon without running out of steam. Nadine and I headed off for Sew Expo right on time yesterday morning. We were zipping right along until we got on into Tacoma. All of a sudden the traffic on Hwy 16 slowed to a crawl. Fortunately we were able to exit and cut across to Puyallup taking city streets. Later in the day Nadine heard folks talk about running late because of a five car pileup so I don’t know if that was the backup we saw or not. When we got to the Puyallup Fairgrounds, I dropped Nadine off at the front gate and went across the street to the parking lot. I was able to find a spot in the handicapped section up front and then I went in and found Nadine. I called Deanna but didn’t reach her. My first class was at 9:30 so I just had time to make a quick walk down one aisle of the vendor area in the Pavilion and sign up for the big Friday door prize. The class “You Can Quilt with an Embroidery Machine” was all the way at the back of the ShowPlex building so I got a peek of vendor booths as I sailed through there. When I discovered the teacher, Janice Stewart, does heirloom stuff I wondered if I made a mistake signing up for the class. But I got some good information. One good tip if you have a slippery surface on your sewing table and you need to work on a quilt buy a flannel back vinyl table cloth and put it on the table under the sewing machine with the flannel side up. Then the quilt won’t slide off giving you all that drag on the fabric. A neat idea! I heard from Deanna when I got out of that class and we agreed to meet up after her 11:30 class. I used the time to cruise through about half of the ShowPlex booths. There were over 200 vendors between the two buildings but I didn’t really find that many places where I spent much time. I bought a couple of wall hanging patterns, a cute baby quilt pattern called Jungle Babies, and a pattern for a penguin, alligator and monkey that could be put on tee shirts or whatever. I also got a glitzy “Dance” with a ballet shoe to put on a tee shirt for Reign and a small hummingbird for me. I bought a cute piece of Noah’s Ark flannel, a fat cute with little sheep, a piece of fabric with music staffs, and a piece of sea shell theme fabric which I’ll share with Nadine. I think the only other thing I bought was a book for Bill The All American Cowboy Grill: Sizzlin’ Recipes from the World’s Greatest Cowboys. I must confess that the main reason I bought it was because it had a recipe from John Wayne for a dish made with grits. Bill always gives me a hard time about grits. And now he finds out that one of his all time favorite movie star heroes also ate grits! When I met up with Deanna and her sister Janice, they were not ready to eat yet so we parted company again. I tried to call Nadine and we eventually found each other as well as a table inside where we sat and ate the lunches we brought. Then I was off again to class “Fearless Beginnings to Free Motion Quilting.” I’m afraid free motion quilting is still to be feared. Between this and my next class I made it through the vendors in the Pavilion. My 2:30 class was “The Quilt as You Go Advantage.” She did a strippy quilt which didn’t impress me. However, the trapunto block quilt raised some interesting possibilities. Not for the trapunto part but for how she put the blocks together after doing the quilting on each block. I decided not to spend $17 on the pattern. Through the course of the day I saw all the vendors who had been at Madrona Philosopher’s Wool, Seattle Yarns, Great Yarns, and Gita Maria. Fibers, Etc., donated a door prize, was also there. Nadine is one of the volunteers who works with Sew Expo and she was there doing her thing on Thursday. Interestingly, she was in Ann Bourgeois’ (Philosopher’s Wool) room. She asked Ann if she was at Madrona and when Ann said yes, she told her she was my friend. When I talked to Ann and mentioned the “helpers” she said they had been great which I passed along to Nadine. While at the Philosopher’s booth I bought a book that Barbara wanted. I was also supposed to keep my eyes peeled for Ott lights but I didn’t see any of those. Debi wanted me to look for needles for her but I didn’t find them either. I got to my last class at 4:30. It was supposed to be “Teach Your Embroidery Machine to Piece Quilt” with Martha Sherif from OESD. She was to show you how simple and creative we can be using designs we created with simple lines or how to make paper piecing a breeze using our embroidery machine. The operative word here would be WAS to show. It seems that since the class was scheduled Martha had left OESD. So they replaced her with someone who spent 45 minutes telling us about all the great and wonderful products they were selling in their booth. Phooey! And the one thing she showed us was done with a particular brand of embroidery machine and its software or else another brand of software which I don’t have and don’t intend to get. That was VERY annoying. The only good thing in that class was the fact I was joined by two of my friends from Eastern Washington, Julie and Dianna. I knew they were coming as I talked with Dianna on Messenger on Wednesday before they headed over this way on Thursday. I ran into them in the first booth I went into yesterday. A lady was standing there and I said “Excuse me” so I could get past her and it was Dianna. Another funny thing that happened was when I sat down on the back row of one class and realized that the gal in the chair next to me had on my same fleece jacket in the exact same color. Talk about a small world! Nadine kept herself entertained. Since she works for them she could visit classes if they weren’t full so she sat in on two yesterday afternoon. One was “Why, When How to Use That Serger!” and the other was “Pati Palmer on Fitting Sewing.” I think she also visited a class with Jenny Haskin’s son Simon because I remember her saying he started the class by showing pictures of his new baby. I found Nadine about 5:30 and we went to the Food Court in the ShowPlex and got some soup and salad for dinner. It took several tries before I reached Deanna and they were already in line for the evening’s stage show. She said there were a gazillion folks in front and behind them but they would save us a seat. We finished our dinner and made our way over there. It was upstairs in the Pavilion. I made the sad mistake of not stopping by the restroom on our way over. After we stood in line and finally found our seats yes, you guessed it. I had to be escorted by one of the workers downstairs, out the door and down to the restroom! That was a tad annoying but the show was great. Called “Kick it Up a Stitch,” it featured Nancy Zieman and Mary Mulari. They would show a sewing project, then BAM, they kicked it up a stitch with saucy alternatives to basic patterns like sweatshirts, bags, aprons, etc. Then they fixed up some of their favorite easy recipes. The four guys in the music group got to sample all the food they fixed Newfangled Caviar, 10 Minute Lasagna and Espresso Pie. The whole thing was a hoot and at the end a lady from Spokane won a Babylock Ellissimo. We made our way out of there just after eight, said our goodbyes to Deanna and Janice and hit the road for home. Ok, we made ONE little detour to the Dairy Queen where I had a chocolate/strawberry sundae and Nadine had a twisted cone. It was after ten by time Nadine dropped me off. I was too pooped to do more than let you know I was home and I soon fell into bed. I made four bibs today to reacquaint myself with my embroidery machine. I started embroidering and wondered about the slight clacking noise. Then I realized I forgot to change from the sewing to the embroidery foot. Oops! Sometime later I broke a needle. I also tried to start knitting a hat from the top down on Size 6 needles. I am all thumbs when it comes to starting something on double point needles but I persevered. And then I realized that I was doubling all the stitches every second row instead of increasing the two stitches on each side of the markers (8 stitches). I ripped it out and started over with Size 8 needles. I got going again and then stopped to write up the journal before I run out of steam. I decided that even though I didn’t seem to feel tired, I obviously wasn’t up to snuff to be making those particular boo boos! Oh well And now I’m off to make a mini bag of popcorn. I’ve eaten what seems like a good bit of food today but I still have 8.5 points left that I can eat. And the popcorn is only 1 point. I don’t know if I can make it through a movie tonight or not so maybe I won’t even try since the yawns seem to be setting in.

If there seems to be no way out of your despair, remember that God specializes in managing our messes to good and glorious outcomes. Thankfully, He is both capable and faithful. So, when your life is a mess, remember who your God is! Joe StowellStand back and watch the Lord manage your mess into a glorious outcome.
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Staying in shape can be hard work, but a new range of smart clothing promises to give you a helping hand. Clothes or shoes fitted with fitness devices are set for explosive growth as they move from the test lab into professional athletics. Keen amateurs are sure to follow.

Fitness is already a growing market for tech companies. Research firm Gartner forecast shipments of fitness focused wearable devices will top 68 million this year, and the industry is branching out from wristbands into shoes and clothing.

Smart bands, popularized by Jawbone and Fitbit, are the most used exercise trackers. Smart watches like Apple’s (AAPL) new offering are expected to muscle into the market in a big way in the years ahead.

Related: 13 things to know about the Apple Watch

But the biggest growth is expected to come from smart garments.

Gartner expects shipments of these products to hit 26 million units in 2016, up from just 100,000 last year.

Indian start up Lechal is one of the companies hoping to cash in. Originally designed to help the visually impaired with navigation, its shoes and insoles vibrate to tell the wearer to turn left or right. Users can set a custom route and the footwear will buzz to keep them on course. So if you’re trying to break the 4 minute mile and your pace drops, a buzz from the shoes will tell you to speed up.

Related: Fitness trackers reviewed

Lechal’s fitness metrics are quite basic: they track distance, calories and steps, which are stored and downloaded to an app after exercise. The shoes start at $200 and the insoles at $150. stores later this year.

Glofaster is also trying to take fitness wear into the future. It makes a running jacket fitted with a “gizmo” that collects performance data. Users set goals like speed or heart rate level, and lights along the sleeve will flash to give feedback like get moving! The idea is one quick glance will help you boost your workout.

But the jacket is not cheap it costs 285 ($418) including the sensor. The hefty price tag reflects the company’s conviction that weekend athletes are willing to fork out big for sophisticated fitness devices.

Australian start up Sports Performance Tracking is hoping to ride that wave too. Catering to the “sub elite” athlete, the firm makes tracking devices that measure and compare performance of a team.

Players wear a sports vest containing a GPS which picks up data like speed and distance. After the game,
uggs for sale uk The next big fitness craze
the computer crunches the numbers to tell you how each player stacked up. By measuring how much stress is on the body, the device can also tell users if they’re risking injury by pushing it too hard.

That’s the “holy grail” of sports tracking devices, says SPT found Will Strange. “People are spending millions if not billions to try and find it, and no one has it right,” he said.

Players in the NFL, NBA and Europe’s Champions League use similar products, but at 299 Australian dollars ($228) SPT’s devices are much more affordable.

CNNMoney (London) First published March 20, 2015: 7:22 AM ET

Most stock quote data provided by BATS. Market indices are shown in real time, except for the DJIA, which is delayed by two minutes. All times are ET. Disclaimer. Morningstar: Morningstar, Inc. Factset: FactSet Research Systems Inc. . Chicago Mercantile Association: Certain market data is the property of Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc. and its licensors. Dow Jones: The Dow Jones branded indices are proprietary to and are calculated, distributed and marketed by DJI Opco, a subsidiary of S Dow Jones Indices LLC and have been licensed for use to S Opco, LLC and CNN. Standard Poor’s and S are registered trademarks of Standard Poor’s Financial Services LLC and Dow Jones is a registered trademark of Dow Jones Trademark Holdings LLC. All content of the Dow Jones branded indices S Dow Jones Indices LLC and/or its affiliates.
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Jurors in the bribery trial of Sen. Bob Menendez didn’t think the government’s case was strong enough to convict the New Jersey Democrat and a wealthy friend, according to interviews with members of the panel after a mistrial was declared Thursday.

Jurors said most of the group was for acquittal but that a few holdouts forced a hung jury, giving Menendez a reprieve from the criminal charges for now.

Attorneys for both Menendez and co defendant Salomon Melgen never let jurors forget about the pair’s close friendship, which began in the 1990s. Menendez attorney Abbe Lowell began his opening argument on Sept. 6 discussing that friendship, and in his closing argument last week mentioned the words “friend,” ”friends” and “friendship” more than 80 times.

The defence also showed jurors evidence that Menendez made numerous trips to Melgen’s Dominican Republic resort on his own dime, seeking to blunt charges that other trips paid for by Melgen were part of the alleged bribery scheme.

Prosecutor Peter Koski reminded jurors that friends can engage in bribery a fact bolstered by the judge’s instructions that gifts “given both out of friendship and a corrupt intent” can be illegal. But not enough jurors bought it.

“They are friends,” said Evelyn Arroyo Maultsby, a juror who was excused last week for a pre arranged vacation. “If I was rich and if I had a lot of money and I want to take my friend somewhere, why can’t I?”

The prosecution’s case was built around connecting gifts from Melgen including private jet flights and trips to luxury hotels in Punta Cana and Paris plus his contributions to Democratic political action committees to actions by Menendez. These included communications between the Democrat and his staff, and accounts of meetings with executive branch officials including then Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

What the case lacked was a blockbuster witness or “smoking gun” email that crystallized the alleged scheme. Instead, jurors were left to draw conclusions about meaning and intent from emails, flight logs and pictures of Melgen’s Dominican resort and a $1,500 a night Paris hotel.

Some of the government officials who met or spoke to Menendez characterized him as becoming angry or exasperated when his efforts were rebuffed, but defence attorneys were able to focus on the fact that Melgen’s name wasn’t brought up at the meetings. Supreme Court ruling that overturned the conviction of former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell. Courts have used it retroactively to overturn the convictions of at least three other politicians including former Democratic Louisiana Rep. William Jefferson. District Judge William Walls’ instruction to the Menendez jury used language taken directly from the McDonnell ruling.

“We didn’t see it,” juror Ed Norris said Thursday when asked if he and his fellow jurors felt Menendez’s actions crossed the line. “I don’t think there was anything bad that he did.”

The Department of Justice, which began the investigation of Menendez and Melgen about five years ago, said Thursday it was considering whether to retry them. The Senate’s Ethics Committee said Thursday it is resuming an inquiry into Menendez that started in 2012 and was deferred a year later because of the criminal investigation.

Menendez is expected to officially announce he will seek re election.

Daniel R. Alonso, a former federal prosecutor in Brooklyn and currently managing director at global compliance firm Exiger, said that while a retrial can be like “putting on a wet bathing suit” for attorneys, it can provide an opportunity as well.

“A hung jury doesn’t necessarily have any kind of magical meaning for a case,” Alonso said. “They happen all the time, and typically the prosecution will retry the case, and typically a retrial favours the prosecution.”.
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It began in 2006. Tauqeer Dar, a scion of Pakistan’s most celebrated hockey family which has contributed to the country’s all three gold and three silver medal wins at the Olympics, established an academy to nurture hockey talent at the grassroots level. In fact, the academy is a brainchild of late Munir Dar.

There were just seven boys in the beginning. Problems were bound to occur as the founder president was resolved to run it without any help from the government or the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF). The academy doesn’t charge any boy a single penny. Everyone wishing to learn hockey is not only welcomed but also provided with sticks and shoes. Tauqeer withstood all the challenges and the sponsorship began to arrive.

Boys are scouted from outside Lahore as well, not only from the far flung areas of the Punjab like DG Khan, Pir Mahal, Gojra, Pattoki and Mailsi, but also from other provinces: there are lads from Bannu and Swabi districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Sindh’s Hyderabad.

Outstation colts are given free board and lodging as well as school education. Coaching staff has always been led by some decorated Olympian/World Cupper and training is imparted at the astro turf of national hockey stadium.

The boys play for their school teams. From 2009 to 2012, the cream of the academy played for the Model High School, Lahore. They dominated the Jaffer memorial tournament, the oldest and most prestigious school event of Punjab, winning the title thrice in four participations.

In 2013, the academy boys switched to the Divisional Public School, Tauqeer Dar’s alma mater. The success story was repeated here too. The DPS completed a hat trick of the Jaffer Memorial titles (2013 2015). The younger boys have been playing for the Govt High School Wafaqi Colony and they also mounted the podium at the tournament mentioned above.

Nobel Hockey Club, Lahore, consisting entirely of academy boys participate in local and outstation club tournaments and have won a number of laurels.

Nobel Club have been victorious at the Lahore district club championships a number of times in recent years.

The increasing strength at the Dar academy has necessitated the formation of another club.

The academy’s boys are picked up by the departmental, city and provincial sides for national senior and age group championships. All the four semi finalists in the last four national senior and the last four national junior championships had boys from the Dar academy.

In order to provide international exposure, in 2008, the first foreign tour was undertaken. The academy side participated in the All India Maharaja Ranjit Singh under 15 tournament in Amritsar and returned victorious. gaining selection for the Pakistan teams, the victorious national side at the Under 18 Asia Cup. And there has been no looking back. Not a single national age group team has left the shores of the country without a Dar HA boy since 2009.

Today, Europe and Oceania form the hockey power base. In 2010, Tauqeer arranged a tour of Europe’s three leading hockey nations, Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Since then the academy has made three more tours of Europe.

In 2012, the academy achieved another aim. Khalid Bhatti made the academy proud by becoming the first academy boy to don the national senior blazer. Four more have gained the honour since then. These include Arslan Qadir, who was Pakistan’s top scorer at the South Asian Games early this year, where Pakistan won the gold medal defeating India in the final. Arslan also won the hearts of the nation when he scored two goals in Pakistan’s memorable 4 3 win over India in the latter’s backyard in the semi final of the Champions Trophy 2014.

That victory enabled Pakistan to reach the Champions Trophy final for the first time in 16 years. This has been indeed a Herculean task.

The academy’s founder president Tauqeer Dar says, “Pakistanis donate generously for a just cause. Edhi Foundation and the Shaukat Khanum Hospital are prime examples. Realising the sincerity as well as success of our efforts, the sponsors are increasing all the time. We have merit as the sole criterion. Almost all our boys, especially the star players, come from the lowest social strata: currently, we have more than 15 major sponsors, including big business houses such as the Servis Industries, Pepsi, Shezan International and Diamond Paints Group of Industries.”

It might surprise many that the academy has gained patronage even from outside Pakistan. These include expats who attended matches during academy’s Europe tours. During all its four European tours, the Netherlands remained one of the destinations. The academy’s hosts in the Netherlands have been greatly impressed by the boys’ talent.

In December 2012, ‘Flying Dutch Veterans’, a team including many past Dutch Olympians visited Pakistan on a special invitation from the Dar Academy. They sent a container to Pakistan carrying around 1,200 hockey shoes, 600 high quality hockey sticks and 24 goalkeeper kits.

The academy distributed the equipment among its own colts and players of other academies and clubs all over the country.

A few months ago, Tauqeer started under 12 hockey on Sundays to attract families who yearn healthy activity for their wards.

Hockey’s decline in recent times has resulted in a lack of interest among the kids of former stalwarts. So it was very heartening to see former captains Dr Atif Bashir, Rehan Butt and Saqlain bringing their sons.

Likewise, hockey at the private schools had almost become extinct. Dar HA’s under 12 hockey has lured boys from schools such as Beacon House and Lahore Grammar School.

It has been a long journey. The Academy, now boasting over 100 trainees, celebrated the completion of 10 years of its existence at a simple function at the National Hockey Stadium.

It was attended by the Dar HA colts and its management led by the founder president Tauqeer, who asked the youngest academy trainee, aged seven, to cut the 10th birthday cake.

Dar Hockey Academy has been a great success story of our times. It stands as a role model for any sporting discipline.

Dar Family at the Olympics: Munir Dar Olympic gold (1960) silvers (1956 64), Tanvir Dar, Munir’s brother, Olympic gold (1968) silver (1972), Taqueer Dar, Munir’s son, Olympic gold (1984).
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“This was ourbiggest fear, is that she was going to disappear,” said the missing girl’s mother. “She’s very easily manipulated, and she wants to fit in. She got on the school bus to come to school, she never showed up at school.” (SOURCE: WECT)According to the sheriff’s office, 16 year old Alexandria “Allie” Adams was last seen in the 2700 block of Castle Hayne Road. Her parents said they last saw Allie as she was getting on the school bus Wednesday morning.According to Allie’s parents, she has mental illness, including bipolar disorder, and had not taken her medication since she went missing.The sheriff’s office erroneously announced Friday morning that Adams had been located.Friday afternoon, her parents placed flyers on public spaces with their missing daughter’s information.”This was our biggest fear,
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is that she was going to disappear,” Joy Brown said. “She’s very easily manipulated, and she wants to fit in. . She got on the school bus to come to school.Gun classes for teachers hopes to prevent school shootingsGun classes for teachers hopes to prevent school shootingsUpdated: Monday, March 12 2018 12:01 AM EDT2018 03 12 04:01:17 GMTTeachers learn to carry their firearms properly in the 8 hour course (Source: WLOX)Teachers learn to carry their firearms properly in the 8 hour course (Source: WLOX)Some educators are adding a new lesson to their agendas. Gun Ho, a shooting range in Pass Christian, is offering a special eight hour concealed carry course to teachers.Some educators are adding a new lesson to their agendas. Gun Ho, a shooting range in Pass Christian, is offering a special eight hour concealed carry course to teachers.McDaniel considers options after Cochran announcementMcDaniel considers options after Cochran announcementUpdated: Sunday, March 11 2018 10:45 PM EDT2018 03 12 02:45:56 GMTSenatorial candidate Chris McDaniel speaks to supporters at Faith Baptist Church in Gulfport on Sunday.Senatorial candidate Chris McDaniel speaks to supporters at Faith Baptist Church in Gulfport on Sunday.WLOX News This Week: Allytra PerrymanWLOX News This Week: Allytra Perryman You are being asked to enter the 10 K Challenge. Here to explain why this challenge is taking place and just who could win, East Biloxi Community Collaborative Program Director Allytra Perryman.You are being asked to enter the 10 K Challenge. Here to explain why this challenge is taking place and just who could win,
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East Biloxi Community Collaborative Program Director Allytra Perryman.

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It’s official. The newest Kobe Bryant shoes are set to release in another colorway of the Kobe VI. As we all know, a week can’t go by without one. And this just isn’t your average colorway. The latest and greatest of perhaps the most creative line of Nike shoes for basketball will be in 3D. You heard me correctly, three dimensional shoes. And glasses are not required! Wow! If you think about it, it does truly make sense. Kobe, Los Angeles, Hollywood, movies, and 3D! A perfect combination for an epic signature sneaker.

This future release of the Kobe VI , titled “Lakers 3D” will not disappoint. The snakeskin upper of the Kobe VI will now take on a 3D like scale. This works peferctly with the unique texture of the upper to make the shoe “come to life”. This visual effect is truly eye catching. This shoe won’t be popping off your television screen in 3D, but it will be popping right off the court. This sneaker is done up in a the classic Laker colorway. White and grey provide the main colors of the shoe with accents of purple and gold used on parts of the outsole, heel counter, and the laces. Each shoe has it’s own lace color,
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one purple, one yellow. To finish off this soon to be masterpiece, a translucent forefoot outsole is used.

As usual, this new Kobe VI colorway is going to be released as a low cut, high performance basketball shoe. For the last three years Kobe himself has insisted on wearing a low cut shoe, something that most basketball players have refused to wear in the past for fear of ankle injury. In addition Kobe, unlike most players wearing signature sneakers, with their name on it, participates quite significantly in the creation process of his shoes. Being a fan of soccer, he wanted to be able to translate the high performance of a soccer shoe over to the basketball court in the form of a low cut sneaker. As a result, with the help of Mr. Bryant, Nike and designer Eric Avar created the Nike Zoom Kobe IV in 2008 and the low cut basketball shoe has taken the sneaker world by storm.

It is ironic that,many of the same NBA players who refused to lace up a low cut shoe have now been seen sporting these shoes in a variety of colorways and models in games on the hardwood. In fact, Kobe Bryant shoes and the man himself have started a trend that will probably continue for years to come. Low cut basketball shoes and the high performance and quality that is built into them are going to continue to be produced in large numbers.

In the meantime, be prepared to have your senses assaulted in full 3D effect by the newest Kobe Bryant basketball shoe. I can’t wait!
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“Man those Jordan hybrids are trash!” How many times have you heard a sneakerhead utter that phrase? More than a few times I am sure. Jordan purists just won’t accept shoes like the Jordan 6 Rings, the Spi’zike, the Dub Zero, or the newest hybrid, the 6 17 23. I just don’t understand why. Is it that only the Jordan Retro’s represent Michael Jordan. Or is it that they believe a hybrid is lazy design because a few Retros were combined to make a new shoe? I have heard these two complaints among others. I still don’t understand the distaste these sneakerheads have for the Jordan “hybrids”.

Most Jordan Retros, in my experience, do not perform at a high level on the court. The technology that was used to make Retros is almost 20 years old now. Sure, you can still ball in them, but the newer Jordans, including the Hybrids, offer the highest specs that technology has to offer. The quality, design, and performance are state of the art and provide the most stability, comfort, and lightweight pair of Nike shoes for basketball that the market has to offer.

The newest pair of 6 Rings will drop on September 17th and uses a carbon based fiber on a black based upper. White fills in on the midsole. Grey takes care of the outsole and heel counter. Finishing it all off is a black Jumpman Logo which is located at the back of the heel cup. Another great addition to the best Jordan “hybrid” going.

The Jordan 6 Rings incorporates several different elements of the shoes Michael wore in each of the 6 NBA championships he won. The Air Jordan 6,7,8,11,12,13, and 14 are all used to create the best Hybrid Jordan. Perhaps the best element of the Jordan 6 Rings is taken from the Jordan 13 outsole. The Jordan 13 outsole was created by the legendary Air Jordan designer Tinker Hatfield and recreates the image of a panther’s paw. Fitting, due to the fact that one of Michael Jordan’s nicknames is the “Black Cat”. The outsole and midsole provide one of the most stable , supportive, and cushioned rides you can take in a pair of Jordan shoe for basketball. The Air Jordan 11 upper and the lacing system of the Jordan 6 complete the 6 Rings and provide some of the most stability found in a Jordan Hybrid or any Jordan shoe for that matter.

Hyrbid Jordans are not for everyone, I understand this. However, the Jordan 6 Rings, among all of the hybrids is the best basketball shoe to hoop in.
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